02/22/1984 Brooke Tries To Prove Gil Is Guilty

"It wasn't another hotel he found he likes better, it was another woman." - Phoebe

"What were you doing with somebody like that anyway? He's a slime, a nothing, anybody can see that." - Tad

"Friendly advice? Friendly advice from the guy who lied to me, who cheated on me behind my back with my own mother?" - Liza to Tad

"Oh shut up! This happens to be his journal, where he writes down all of his ideas - those brilliant ideas of his that never get published. Well, we'll just take a look. We'll just see what kind of research he's been doing in Washington. All right, we'll oh no. It's blank! There's not so much as a chicken track, look at that! It's blank, totally blank. It's empty, empty just like my marriage! Oh!" - Phoebe

"Mr. Chandler allows no one in the West Wing, not even his prospective brides." - Joanna to Erica

"Brides? How many have there been?" - Erica

"He is the kindest, most wonderful man ever born, and he also happens to be the fifth richest man in this country. Adam Chandler, I'm gonna marry Adam Chandler." - Erica

"Well your attitude doesn't really surprise me. If I were married to somebody as shrewish as Brooke, someone with such a wandering eye, well I'd feel just as crabby as you. She tried to seduce Mark again, didn't she?" - Erica To Tom

"I called the library of congress, sweetheart - and they've never heard of you!" - Phoebe to Langley

"As for calling the library of congress, oh honestly darling - they have more to do than to try to track down itinerant scholars and deliver messages from jealous wives as to where their husbands are." - Langley to Phoebe