02/04/1970 Amy's Nightmare

Amy tells Ruth she is worried Nick is going to blackmail her, as Ted suspects he will. Amy is worried Nick will tell Linc about Phillip.

Ted is at work at Valley Motors when Nick shows up wanting to make a deal with Morgan. When Nick introduces himself to Ted, Ted says he already knows everything about him. Ruth shows up and Nick realizes she and Ted are married and asks about their son, and says he looks forward to meeting him.

At dinner, Phoebe wonders why Tara is more interested in Phillip than Chuck. Amy defends Phillip. Phoebe expresses her excitement about Nick's dancing classes and charity balls and says she wants Amy to be involved, but Amy doesn't want anything to do with it. Linc asks Amy about Nick.

Later, Ted growls about Nick coming back to town to extort Amy, but Ruth says she doesn't think Nick has any idea about them adopting Amy's baby.

Amy has a nightmare where she is put on trial and found guilty of murdering Phillip.