10/17/2008 Zach Turns Back

"After Jesse and Natalia narrowly escaped having their secret uncovered by Angie, Jesse was saved further sputtering when the door to The Comeback was blown open. He ran over to help JR move a machine in place in an attempt to keep it from happening again. He then checked in with the dispatcher and got updates about where the tornado had touched down. After he ordered everyone in his squad to take cover, he updated everyone in the bar the best he could. Then, as Natalia paced the floor while she tried to make a connection via phone, Angie surmised that the young woman should be pitied because of how she'd been abandoned by the man in her life. Jesse felt it hit too close to home, responded harshly, and said that they couldn't pass judgment without knowledge of the other side. They were interrupted by another call from the station, and when he heard that two more clouds had touched down, he realized that the report wasn't something the children should hear. He walked away from the group and Krystal and Babe suggested that they all have a party to help get them through. Kathy suggested a wedding and everyone thought that it was a good idea. Krystal took the children to the back to help prepare and Babe professed that she would marry her man anywhere.

Jesse rejoined the group when he finished his phone call and was on board when he found out that the staged wedding would help the children to be less afraid of the storm. He was tapped to be the minister, and everyone else got ready and took their places. JR quietly asked his bride if the setup had been everything she dreamed of and she told him that despite all that had happened, she still wished that her father – and his – could have been there to share the moment. JR acknowledged that he felt similarly but felt they could manage without those particular guests. The ceremony got underway and after the bride and groom reached the mock alter, Jesse began to deliver his lines in his normal dash-of-humor style. He settled down and asked Babe if she would take JR as her husband, but before she could answer, thunder boomed again and the lights went out.

JR and Jesse ran outside briefly and found that all the power in the vicinity had been knocked out. A car drove up and Annie flew toward them and begged for help. Jesse reamed her for driving around in the storm when he explicitly told her not to but understood when she told him that Emma had been kidnapped. She also informed him that she'd found Zach trapped in his car and asked Jesse to send out help for both cases. He told her that he would do so when it was safe enough to be outside. Just then, the wind died down, but they were still on alert because the sirens hadn't stopped. They heard the telltale sign of a cloud headed directly for them and ran into the bar to tell everyone to take cover. They all did the best they could but several of them had trouble hanging on.

When the worst was over, Krystal found that she and Kathy were mostly unscathed. She moved a piece of plaster that had landed on them and they crawled out into what was once the main part of the bar. They had a clear view of the outside as the walls had been torn away. They called out for others and one by one they started to appear. Angie first, then JR followed by Jesse. After he reunited with his wife, Jesse went to find his daughter. Randi reappeared next, and was glad to see Angie. Soon after, Jesse found Natalia and saw that she was unconscious, so he called his wife over to check for her vital signs. At the same time, JR found Babe and once she regained consciousness, she told them that Little A had been beneath her when the storm hit. JR found his son's hand but realized that he wouldn't be able to extract him from the rubble without moving a beam that had landed on Babe. Jesse rushed over to help but before they could move it, Angie noticed that Babe had lost a lot of blood and that the only thing that was keeping her with them was the pressure from the beam. Babe cried out and insisted that they think of her son first.

Aidan placed a desperate but unanswered call to Greenlee's cell phone, unaware that she'd dropped it at the gazebo where she and Ryan had stood moments before. At the same time, Greenlee and Ryan rushed into a shelter and she expressed how grateful she was that he had saved her from the tornado when he pulled her into a ditch. He said she could offer thanks later, after he warmed her up, and set about looking for matches. In the interim, she went up to the window to witness the storm, but wasn't conscious long enough to regret that decision, as the storm slammed back into the building and collapsed the wall on top of her. He managed to dig her out of the debris and she regained consciousness a short time later. He used his shirt to staunch the flow of blood from her wound as she mildly lamented the fact that she'd become the classic girl in distress. Ryan told her not to worry about that, as he would always be around to save her. He continued to look for matches but when he returned to her side, he revealed that he was only able to find an extra blanket. Then, as he checked her arm, Greenlee voiced that they had been selfish when they said that the tornado was a response to them still loving each other, despite the fact that the storm had hit all over town. Ryan agreed, and tried to convince himself that everyone had made it through as well as they had.

Kendall checked on her incessantly ringing doorbell but found that the storm outside was the culprit. As she closed herself back inside with her boys, she turned on the TV and found out about the tornado. She immediately got on the phone with Zach, who had just heard about the storm and had already turned and headed back in the direction of the house. She urged him to be careful, but he assured her that things weren't so bad since the winds had died down. Moments later, he looked out of his rear window and saw that a funnel cloud was close behind him. Unable to outrun it, he was helplessly sucked up into the spiral and tossed aside like garbage. Kendall called out his name but it was to no avail, as Zach lay unconscious behind the wheel. She hung up the phone and tried to call him back repeatedly but found that all of the circuits were down. Frustrated, she threw her phone to the side but then dialed back her outburst so as not to scare her sons. She assured them that Zach would be home soon, as the man himself started to come to in his totaled car. He felt his way around and found that as a cut wire sparked around him, exiting the vehicle would be harder than he thought.

After she watched Adam's attempt to use brute force to budge the door that had them locked in the tunnels, Erica asked for a chance to try. Adam moved out of her way, filled with disbelief that she could do a better job. She dug a hairpin out of her coif and set about trying to get the lock to release. Adam continued to fire words at her and spoiled her concentration, which caused her to lose control of the pin. They gave each other grief for a few moments, and then entertained several scenarios that could explain the mysterious occurrences in the house. Adam wondered if the stalker had been after Annie the whole time, but Erica reminded him that all of the clips the uninvited person had saved dealt with Babe.

Annie ran back out into the movie lobby and asked an usher if he'd spotted Emma. The usher told her that he hadn't and seemed unmoved by her plight as he coldly told her that they needed to lock up. Corrina ran back into the lobby just then, but without the little girl. Although Annie followed her instinctive urge to lash out and blame, she curtailed herself and told the young woman to go back to the penthouse and call if she found anything along the way.

Colby and Pete ran into the Chandler living room and while Colby begged the young genius to tell her what to do, he continued to prattle on about how amazing and cool the storm formations were. He wanted her to look out the window with him, but when she hesitated he told her that they only had to worry when they heard something that sounded like a freight train. As if in answer to his call, that sound filled the air and Pete yelled out that they needed to run. They got no farther than the foyer when the wind blew the front doors open and knocked Pete out cold.

After a few more sparks lit up the area near the driver's side of the car, Zach realized he would need to try to make his way out of the shattered passenger window. He used his shoe to check for live electricity that might have still been surging through the wires. He then heard a voice call out to see if he was all right, and although he said that they needed to stay back, Annie ran up to the car without a care and was thrown back when sparks emerged from the frayed ends. After she regained her footing, Zach commanded Annie to call 911. She ran back to her car and retrieved her phone but found that she couldn't get a signal. She then told him that she needed to find authorities so that they could help her find Emma. He instructed her to do that, and to ask them to shut the power off so that he could exit the car safely. She agreed and hurried back to her vehicle. As soon as she left, the sparks started again but this time, they connected with some gasoline that had leaked out of the car. Alarmed, Zach watched as a small puddle ignited. He took a chance and snaked his way out of another window, and tossed himself away from the vehicle just before the lethal combination exploded.

Kendall tried to maintain her calm as she sat with her sons but had to check the door again when the bell started to sound. She opened the door and was surprised at who she saw.

Erica was the first to notice a draft as it snuck its way into their holding cell. As they tried to figure out the origin, part of the room's construction gave way and its materials collapsed into the room. Meanwhile, Colby was able to rouse Pete at the front of the house and told him that the funnel cloud had hit the front yard. She then realized that he was faking and allowed him to get up by himself. He thanked her for coming back for him and she admitted that he'd grown on her in the last few months. Back in the tunnels, Adam discovered that the latest hit to the house had caused the lock to come undone and invited Erica to join him as he found out how the rest of the house had fared. However, when he ripped the door off of the hinges, the two of them saw that the tunnel outside had collapsed in on itself. Adam lit a candle and Erica suggested that he should make an attempt to dig them out. Adam told her that doing so would just kill him faster, and Erica asked if he thought they could die down there. Instead of an answer, they both watched as the candle extinguished, which signaled a lack of oxygen.

Aidan reached the gazebos and after he located Greenlee's abandoned phone, he panicked as he believed her to be buried underneath the debris that the storm had left behind. Unable to locate her body, Aidan continued to call her name into the wind.

Ryan was able to get a fire started and as they waited for it to warm them, they reflected back on other times they had weathered storms together. The shared telling of stories brought a smile to his face, which pleased Greenlee. They gazed into each other's eyes for a moment, and then kissed. The kiss was cut short when a tree branch slammed against the blown out window. Greenlee pulled herself in closer to Ryan and true to his word, he protectively shielded her. Aidan happened upon the structure at that moment, but before he could notify the duo inside to his presence, another funnel appeared and ripped the roof off of the structure. When the storm passed, Aidan was injured but able to move. An officer arrived on the scene and told him that he was lucky to be alive. He then asked Aidan if there had been anyone else in the structure when the storm hit, but Aidan was unable to answer.

Zach made his way back to the beach house but was distraught when he saw that one of the funnels had hit there as well. He called out for his wife but heard nothing in return. He then called out for his sons and after a moment he heard crying. He was able to figure out where they were and grabbed them into the safety of his arms, all while he wondered what had happened to Kendall. He put the boys back in the makeshift cove where they had been safe and resumed his search for Kendall. He happened upon a boot but when he turned over the body connected to it, he saw Bianca's face instead."

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