08/29/2008 Aidan Hits Ryan

"Disgusted with the public display of affection Amanda and Jake showed each other while out for a run, Taylor attempted to turn on her heel and stalk off, but instead managed to unceremoniously fall over. Jake and Amanda rushed to her aid, but Taylor tried to regain her dignity and insisted that although she had sprained her ankle, she didn't need help. Jake was happy to let her keep up the fa├žade but when she tried to get up and couldn't, he told her that she would need to get it taped up and offered to help her back to the apartment. She recalled her adverse reaction to the kettle whistling in her apartment and then agreed to be helped, as long as she could go anywhere but home.

Jake and Amanda took Taylor to the cabin, where she immediately commented on its remote nature. He reminded her that he'd have lived closer to town if she'd given up the apartment. As he propped up her injured foot, she told him that the apartment really wasn't all that great, moments before she found a pink bra wedged behind a pillow. Amanda tried not to gloat but her glee was squashed somewhat when Taylor bounced back and joked that if he planned to continue wearing women's underwear, he should know that pink was not the best color choice.

Taylor then brought the conversation back to the apartment and said that because she had forgotten to factor in the cost of utilities, the apartment was too expensive for her. Amanda offered her yacht as an alternative and said that she would enjoy the company. Taylor was surprised and grateful, and immediately took her up on her offer. The deal sealed, Amanda took her leave after she kissed her man goodbye. Once gone, Jake expected Taylor to rip into him because she and Amanda were so different but he showed interest in both of them. Taylor told him that she thought Amanda was nice, and Jake filled her in on all of the things that he liked about her. He then apologized for over-sharing, but she told him that it was just like being back with the men in her troop, and noted that she was anxious to get back to them, where she belonged.

Jake asked if she'd ever returned the favor and shared personal information with the guys she fought with. She admitted she had, but also noted that they knew when to stop talking. She took that as her cue to leave and, although Jake offered her a ride because he believed she shouldn't walk on her ankle, she stalked off as a refusal.

Erica showed up at the Montgomery residence when Jack refused to return her calls. She told him that she was concerned about Carmen because of what had happened at the Yacht Club, and Jack assured her that Carmen would get in touch when she was ready. He started to close the door in her face when Erica was treated to the sight of Carmen, clad only in one of Jack's shirts, carrying a tray of breakfast goodies out into the foyer. Erica immediately launched into a diatribe and insisted that she had been up all night worried that Carmen had done something stupid because of how upset she had been. She also confirmed that Carmen needed to continue to be careful in her decisions, lest she jeopardize her freedom.

Carmen promised that she would be careful, and then excused herself to change into something different. Before she could make it out of the room, Greenlee waltzed in the front door and was none too happy to see Erica. She then glanced to the side, saw Carmen, and was more than excited at what she knew had happened. Carmen scurried back to the bedroom as Jack admonished his daughter for her enjoyment of the situation. He told her that they could talk things over at a different time and she agreed, but wasted no time in pointing out to Erica that Jack had finally decided that he was over her. Greenlee practically skipped back to the door and opened it as an invitation for Erica to leave.

Erica attempted to divert her venom on to Greenlee's recent marriage and noted that it had done nothing to improve her attitude. Greenlee ignored the jab and pointed out that Erica's lashes were the result of her jealousy. She then read Erica the riot act and said that although Jack had done everything he could to win Erica's heart for good over the past twenty years, Erica had done nothing but take it for granted. Jack stepped in just then and asked his daughter to not make the situation any worse. Greenlee agreed to leave, but not before she warned Erica not to mess up Jack's newest chance at love. She then congratulated her father and kissed him goodbye. When Jack closed the door, Erica promised that she wouldn't ruin things if Carmen was who he really wanted. Irate, Jack asked why she continued to question that particular choice when she knew the answer already.

Jack gently explained that although Erica had been his one and only for years, they had failed to make it work. He told her that the feelings that they had shared wouldn't just go away, but that he couldn't wait around for a time when things could work with them. The irony, he pointed out, was that Erica was the one that showed him what a wonderful woman Carmen was, and because of that, he couldn't regret being with her. As tears rolled down Erica's face, Carmen rounded the corner and told Jack that he needn't say anymore because she felt that Erica understood. Jack took the opportunity to leave so the women could talk. Erica wiped her tears and mentioned that perhaps she shouldn't have come over. Carmen replied that maybe she shouldn't have been with Jack. Because she viewed Erica as a sister, Carmen admitted that her connection with Erica was more important than the possibility of what could be with Jack. She then offered that if Erica said the word, she wouldn't continue to date Jack.

She considered it, but ultimately Erica told Carmen that if she was interested in Jack, she should date him. She went on to laud the attorney and said that he meant what he said, so Carmen should be assured that he wanted to spend time with her. Jack returned to the room just then and indicated that he and Carmen would be going out to eat. Erica quickly noted that she had other engagements, but Carmen invited her to join them anyway. Erica declined and started to leave but Jack excused himself and met her at the door. Before she left, he thanked her for the nice things she said about him to Carmen and apologized for the harsh things he'd said to her the previous night at dinner.

Babe dragged JR into the bedroom at the Chandler mansion and revealed her new product idea - Bella, the newest Fusion perfume that would be more reasonably priced. She told him that once it hit the market, Fusion would explode, but JR instructed her to go back to the drawing board. He told her that she should not have her name linked to something low-priced, but she refused to consider a revamp of the name. She told him that there was already plenty of advertising that dictated the look, size, and smell that a woman needed to be worthy and she wanted to bring something to the market that would make women in Middle America feel just as special.

JR threw up the proverbial white flag and insisted that Babe had won him over. He told her to take Bella for a spin and suggested that she try it out on him. She spritzed herself on the neck and then leaned in so that her ex-husband could inhale the scent. He did so, and instantly approved. She was pleased with his initial response and that feeling grew as he broke down his impressions of the scent. She sat next to him on the bed and as he did, be continued to breathe in the scent until passion overwhelmed both of them.

Later, JR suggested that the Bella perfume might be the way to make Kendall and Greenlee take her seriously. Babe admitted that she would prefer to work her way up from within. He then joked that releasing the perfume to the public might be a bad idea because it would cause the rest of the world to fall into bed with their loved ones like they continued to do.

Adam met up with Pete and was pleased to find that the young man had created a chemical additive called Blast that was temporarily housed in a cow creamer dispenser. Pete promised that the chemical, when added to Fusion's newest fragrance, would tank the cosmetics company and blow Adam's mind. Before discussions could get underway, Opal entered the room and chastised her son for letting Adam in. Adam instantly told her that he was there to talk to Pete about the kiss he laid on Colby, but Opal refused to trust the mogul with her youngest. She tried to make a place for herself but Pete encouraged her to leave, and said that he needed to appear as though he were indeed a grown man. Opal decided to honor her son's wishes but, unknown to either man, added some "cream" to her coffee before she exited the room.

Pete asked for payment, but Adam reminded him that he didn't carry his daughter around in his pocket and that he could simply promise not to interfere. He noted that the onus was on Pete to get and keep Colby's interest and Pete said that he was willing to field that as long as he didn't have to deal with Adam's interference. Just then, Opal came back into the room and asked her son if he'd heard about a bug going around, as she'd suddenly started to feel itchy and ill to her stomach. He asked her what she'd eaten and she told him that she'd just had coffee, with some of the milk from the cow dispenser on the table.

Pete told his mother that she needed to sniff the milk before ingesting it as a way to explain her sudden onset of symptoms. He sent her off to take an oatmeal bath and after she'd left the room, told Adam that her stomach acids had done more to the chemical than it did to her. He then noted that they would have to test the chemical on something before they could add it to the perfume, but was interrupted as his mother shouted requests to him. He went to attend to her, and Adam poured the remainder of the chemical in a vial to take with him.

Annie awoke with a start from a nightmare where Greenlee swooped in and stole not only Ryan, but also Emma and the new one on the way. When she sat up, she called out for her husband, but when he didn't answer, she quickly scrambled out of bed.

Aidan found Ryan in the garage working on his motorcycle and, although Ryan cordially offered his friend a beer, Aidan made it clear that he wasn't in a friendly mood. He surprised Ryan with a right hook to the eye and when Ryan demanded to know what the punch was about, Aidan declared that Ryan's admission of love to Aidan's wife was out of line and that he was prepared to beat it out of him. As he laid more blows, Aidan told Ryan that he'd messed with Greenlee's head for months and it was apparent that he wanted her back. Knocked to the floor, Ryan groaned and said that he'd made a promise to his wife and that he intended to honor it, so there was no need for concern. As Aidan continued the pummel, Ryan's phone flew out of his pocket and caused him to miss the frantic call from his wife. He stood and yelled at Aidan that he was glad that Greenlee had found happiness with her new husband, but Aidan assumed that Ryan took him for a fool.

Up in the condo, Annie frantically tried to figure out how to find her husband, but when she went to get her coat before leaving, she was greeted with the vision of her brother. As always, he tortured her with the fact that her husband had left her alone and suggested that Ryan had gone off to be with his long-lost love, Greenlee. Annie tried to fight the panic that idea caused her, but when Richie continued to push her buttons, she threw her phone at him and damned him back to hell.

Annie lay down in bed as she endured her brother's suggestions that she needed to make sure she took care of the baby, since that was the only reason Ryan was still around. She protested, but he refused to stop and told her that as she chased him, she was pushing him closer to the edge. Although Richie thought that Ryan was close to leaving her for good, and would as soon as he found out that his wife was a liar and a killer, Annie insisted that somewhere deep inside, Ryan loved her and would stay.

Aidan repeatedly demanded that Ryan admit his feelings out loud, until Ryan finally broke and did just that. Aidan wasn't pleased at the admission and told Ryan that he couldn't have Greenlee back and tried to follow up with more displays of brute force, but Ryan finally got a punch in. He then insisted that he was well aware of Greenlee's love for Aidan, and was sure of it because of the way Greenlee looked at her groom. He told Aidan that Greenlee asked him to help her retrieve her ring in the airplane because she loved Aidan enough not to taint the memories they had made of their marriage. Aidan thought that Ryan had tried to talk Greenlee out of staying with him, but Ryan swore that he didn't and added that even if he had tried, he would have been unsuccessful. Aidan demanded that Ryan remember those words, and walked off.

Aidan and Ryan returned home at the same time and their respective wives expressed disbelief over the bruises they both had from the fight. As Greenlee tended to Aidan's wounds and promised that Ryan's feelings didn't affect her love for him, Annie extracted information about the fight from her husband. When he told her that Aidan was the one who assaulted him, she realized that her brother had been correct, and she only needed confirmation from Ryan. He tried to avoid admitting anything to her and said that the altercation arose out of a misunderstanding, but she wouldn't let it go. He finally admitted that when he got his memory back, he realized he was still in love with Greenlee. She heard the words that she expected but was still floored and asked if he would have really gone through with renewing their vows, even though they would have been a lie. Ryan told her that he would, and she shot back that his admission made her sick. She made a beeline to the closet and pulled out a suitcase. Ryan begged her not to go and said that they could go to a marriage counselor and make things work. Annie was not convinced and said that one of them had to leave. He voiced his concern that she would uproot Emma from her home, but she told him that she and Emma would find a way to deal on their own.

Erica went to the Valley Inn and sat alone at a table. She was soon joined by a more sinister version of herself, who pointed out the flaws of Erica Kane dining alone. Her evil self also mentioned that Erica should not let Jack and Carmen get away with what they had done to her. Then, an angelic version of herself came to balance out the malicious power and noted that Carmen had done everything right, and that Erica should be proud of herself for being so giving. Control over the struggle continued but eventually darkness won out, and Erica decided that both Jack and Carmen deserved to be taught a lesson. The darker half suggested that she invite Jack over for some legal reason, spray Enchantment perfume over the bed, and answer the door in the new negligee Jack hadn't seen yet.

The two influences then disappeared and Erica prepared to leave. Adam showed up at her table and blocked her path to the door. He warned her against going after Jack, as doing so would tarnish her dignity, and begging was beneath her. She insisted that she begged for no one, and the fire in her eyes led Adam to lay a surprise kiss on her. She admonished him when they parted and assured him the consequences would be dire should he think to do that again.

As Greenlee lay in bed with her husband and said that everything she had was because of him, Annie grabbed her daughter in the condo across town, took the suitcase she packed, and walked out on Ryan."

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