01/05/2005 The Titular Line

"All My Children marks its 35th anniversary with the broadcast of today's show.

Erica and Tad ambush Joe Martin in the hospital corridor then physically escort him to his 35th Anniversary Party where almost everyone including, Myrtle, Opal, Ruth and Palmer are assembled. As everyone cheers, AMC creator, Agnes Nixon joins the party as Agnes Eckhardt, a hospital board member who talked Joe Martin into taking a job at the Pine Valley Hospital 35 years ago. She makes a short speech about her thoughts on Joe. She then makes a tongue-in-cheek remark about how she feels somewhat responsible for everyone in Pine Valley. The elevator doors open up and Phoebe Wallingford arrives. Shortly afterwards, Nick Davis surprises Erica with not only his presence at the party but with the announcement that he picked someone up at their airport whom Erica will be thrilled to see. As the party progresses Agnes asks Palmer about two-time ex-wife Daisy which raises Opal's ire enough for Myrtle to question her about her true feelings for Palmer -- even going so far as to suggest that Opal would like a reconciliation with her ex-husband.

Brooke walks into her office to find JR waiting for her. He tells her that he's there to return her the favor of issuing a warning that he plans to go after Babe and that he doesn't care who gets in his way including Jamie. If she would like to keep Jamie safe, then he suggests to her that she call him to get him away from Babe. Brooke isn't intimidated. She let's JR say what he has to then the moment he leaves she sets out to find Tad. She finds him at the party and wastes no time letting him know what JR said. She also tells him that JR went so far as to plant a bug on her phone in the hopes that she would call Jamie thereby leading JR straight to him. Tad is outraged. He wants the bug off her phone but Brooke is insistent that it stay for the time being. She thinks they could use it to their advantage.

Jamie comes into the apartment and nervously checks the window while Babe watches him from her seated position on the living room floor. He tells her that there is a squad car parked in front of the building and that the police were asking questions of residents. After a few moments of panic, they decide to stay put to see what happens with the police. As Babe massages Jamie's back to ease the tension things become heated and they begin to share a kiss. Before things can progress further though, they are interrupted by a knock at the door and the announcement that it's the police. They don't move or say a word until they hear one of the officers say 'Nobody's home' then walk away.

The moment JR arrives he home he meets with his investigator. Frustrated that there have been no leads, he demands and update. The investigator informs him that the only couple who came close to fitting the description have been ruled out because they had a baby in tow. JR seems puzzled but pulls out pictures of Babe and Jamie anyway and hands them to the investigator with instructions that he fax the pictures to the people in Florida beginning with the motel where the couple with the baby were last seen. As the investigator leaves, Adam joins JR and lets him know that he just came from seeing Bianca. JR is annoyed with Adam's attempts to discuss Bess/Miranda and lets him know it. When Adam tries to discuss JR's late son, JR becomes livid and shuts Adam down completely. Worried, Adam decides to back off for the moment and leaves. The investigator walks in moments later to let JR know that he has news.

Adam pays a visit to Bianca in the hopes of getting her to help him find Babe. He's determined to have her brought back to Pine Valley to face charges. He uses every means at his disposal including his JR's grief over losing his son to pull at Bianca's heartstrings in an attempt to get her to agree. Bianca is moved but reluctant. Erica's arrival brings an end to the meeting. She and Jack greet Bianca with the news that they have brought surprise guests to see her which cue Mark Dalton and Nick Davis to walk in. They are bearing gifts to shower Bianca with. As they do, Erica ushers Adam into the hallway to blast him for harassing her daughter. Adam leaves as Erica rejoins the gathering in Bianca's room. Things turn sentimental when Nick hands Bianca a letter from Mona. As Bianca reads it out loud, we learn it's a heartwarming letter of advice from one Kane generation to the next. Mona ends the letter with something that sustained her through the most trying times of motherhood...'The great and the least, the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor, in sickness and health, in joy and sorrow, in tragedy and triumph, you are all my children.'

Later, Bianca joins the party for Joe and brings Miranda with her to show off to everyone there. While at the party, she makes a point of asking Tad to meet her later on in her room. That she would like to discuss something with him. Simone wheels Bianca back to her room. Simone stops to give Bianca a present, remarking that she has a sudden fixation with babies. A short while later but they run into Verla Grubbs, Langley Wallingford's daughter, who is passing through town but stopping off to see Myrtle on her way out. After awhile, Tad meets Bianca in her room and asks him for advice: Should she tell JR that his son is alive?

Adam enters the room to find a brooding JR sitting in his chair. He tries to comfort him by telling him that he's not alone. JR looks up at his father tells him that he knows he's not alone then proceeds to inform him that his son is alive. Adam is shocked.

As Shania Twain's "You're Still the One" plays, a poignant montage of the past 35 years featuring key characters and climatic moments is shown."

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