02/25/2004 Ryan Goes To The Falls To Say Goodbye To Leo

"In the courthouse Kendall walked over to Ryan. Ryan had a flash of Greenlee and thought Kendall was her. He quickly realized it was Kendall and asked where Greenlee was. Kendall had no idea and asked if he thought she had done something to her. He didn't deny it, and Kendall stormed away.

Bianca joined Ryan, and they sat on a bench. Bianca told Ryan that Kendall did love him and that he loved her, but it was just too much for them to get through. Ryan told her she had better things to worry about than him and Kendall. Bianca thanked Ryan for all he had done for her and her sister. Ryan handed her a phone number, telling her, "They will always know how to contact me, if you ever need me."

Bianca said he didn't have to leave town, but Ryan said there was nothing to stay for. He had a flash of Greenlee calling to him. Bianca said goodbye to him and went back inside the empty courtroom. She stood alone for a moment, and then Lena and Maggie entered. They tried to get Bianca to leave, but she said she couldn't leave yet. She had "to find it." Lena told her everybody knew she was the strongest and bravest of women. Maggie asked if she was ready to go, and Bianca said she had to do something for herself and her baby.

Bianca had Maggie and Lena take her to Michael's condo. They stood outside the door, and Bianca insisted on going in alone, to prove to herself that it was all over. She stood inside the dark condo and relived the last moments of Michael's life. As she heard the gunshot in her mind, she turned and saw Michael sitting on the floor. She told him he couldn't trick her anymore because she knew he wasn't really there. "I'm a survivor. You have no power over me or my baby," she said. Michael just sat on the floor and smiled at her.

"Say goodbye, Michael! Get out of my life!" Bianca said as Michael got up and approached her. As he got closer, she repeated, "Get out of my life!" When she looked again, he was gone. Maggie and Lena entered, and she told them he was truly gone. "I thought I'd see him in every dark corner for the rest of my life, but I made him leave! I'm free!" she told her friends. They all hugged and walked out of the condo. Bianca stood at the door, said she never wanted to see that place again, and shut the door.

Erica stood staring out the window with a glass of wine in her hand. Jack was very worried about her, but she said she was fine. "I'm not going to prison, and neither are my daughters. This deserves a toast," she said. Jack was almost speechless as she poured a drink for him and held out the glass to him. He took both glasses from her and set them down, saying he wanted to talk about what had happened in court.

Erica claimed to be "refocusing" and that she was ready for uncharted territory and wanted a new challenge. Jack didn't believe her, but she said the day had turned out better than they had hoped. Jack confronted her and said she wasn't fine, and she needed to deal with it. She said the only thing she was feeling was relieved and determination to deal with everything responsibly. Jack agreed but said he was only making it moment to moment. He took her by the hands, saying he loved her more than ever, and lifted her hands to kiss them.

Jack noticed the engagement ring was still not on Erica's finger and asked, "We are still getting married, aren't we?" Erica took her hands away and started to mumble an answer when the doorbell rang. Kendall walked in, worried about her mother. She told Erica that Bianca was hoping to talk to her. Erica said there wasn't much to talk about. Then she told Kendall that she had signed Enchantment over to Kendall because Erica was looking to do something different.

Kendall told Erica to take some time to consider her decision, but Erica insisted that Kendall was her daughter and should be the one to run the company. Erica said she'd been thinking about starting her own clothing line and wanted to go to Milan to check out the fashions. She headed toward the phone to make travel arrangements, but Kendall asked, "Can't Europe wait? What about Bianca and the baby?" Erica stopped and asked if Bianca was okay.

Kendall said Bianca was dealing with a lot and wanted her mother around. Jack agreed and said the baby was due in just a few weeks. Bianca would want Erica there for her. Erica said, "She, and all of you, have proved you can get along fine without me." Kendall said they had just been trying to protect her. Erica went into a lecture on Kendall and Ryan, that Kendall should have trusted Ryan over Greenlee and should have risen above Greenlee's petty jealousy to see the love Ryan had for her. "But now, you've lost the best man you'll ever know," Erica said

Erica then said she needed to go to bed and ushered Kendall out the door. When she turned back, Jack said, "That was something to behold. All that talk about what Ryan did for Kendall was really about what I didn't do for you." Erica said she wasn't in any shape for that, but Jack said he wasn't going anywhere until they talked it out. Erica said she was too tired, poured another drink, and went into her bedroom, shutting the door on a very bewildered Jack.

In the mineshaft, Greenlee got up after the debris settled down. She was afraid it was the end for her but then hallucinated a hole in the wall. She looked through it and said, "I'm safe!" She thought she was lying in a beautiful garden, in a gorgeous white dress. She found some fruit and began to eat. She wondered where she was, and Ryan appeared.

Greenlee was thrilled to see Ryan and said that was what happiness looked like, but it was the last thing she deserved. Ryan disagreed with her and asked if she was sorry for hurting so many people. She said yes. Ryan then asked what she was most afraid of. Greenlee said, "Of becoming invisible." Ryan said, "You're not. I see you."

Greenlee grinned happily as Ryan handed her a beautiful box, saying that all she needed to be truly happy was in the box, "The secret of love." Greenlee was overjoyed and asked if when she opened the box, the one thing she had always wished for would be hers. Ryan told her yes, and she turned to try to open the box. But it was locked, and when she turned back to Ryan to ask for the key, he was gone. She cried out, "Ryan, don't leave me!" as she returned to her reality in the dark mine shaft.

In his apartment, Ryan remembered telling Greenlee he was her secret weapon and would always be there for her. He started out the door but was surprised to find Kendall. She walked in as he heard Greenlee's voice say, "Don't leave me!" Kendall told him she had something to say that couldn't wait. Ryan handed her the keys to the apartment, saying he had always known the place would be hers.

Kendall tried to get Ryan to stay, but he walked out. Kendall sat on the steps and remembered just a few months before when they had decorated the place with pinecones and how happy they had been. She stood up and said, "You can't leave me again, Ryan. I won't let you," as she walked out the door.

Ryan rode his motorcycle out to the falls one last time. He talked out loud to Leo, saying how he hated the place because it reminded him that Leo was gone. Then he started talking about Greenlee, about how complicated she was but that all she needed was love. "But she did me in good this time. Nothing to keep me in Pine Valley now," he said as he turned to go back to his bike. But he stopped when he heard Greenlee's voice saying, "Ryan don't leave me!" He turned and looked toward the mineshaft."

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