09/02/13 Secrets, Love and Revenge

"Dimitri arrived at the Chandler mansion, and Brooke commented that her day would be better if they could rally the investors. He announced that he had an idea for a new investment strategy, but JR entered and apologized to Brooke for accusing her of corrupting his file. JR admitted that he had been blinded by his own anger, and he wanted to make up for it by smoothing things over with the investors. Dimitri barked that it was too late, because the rest of the investors had pulled out to invest in Cortech instead. Brooke pointed out that they were entirely different companies, but Dimitri said that the investors felt more comfortable backing Palmer's son rather than Adam's.

JR acknowledged that he'd blown his opportunity, but he swore that it wouldn't happen again. Brooke said that there was plenty of time to figure out how JR could contribute to the company, and JR declared that he wanted to be an asset. Dimitri asked if JR knew who had ruined JR's reel, and JR vaguely replied that he had his suspicions. JR added that he'd taken enough of their time, and he retreated into the foyer. He ran into Colby, who chided him for sucking up to Brooke. JR insisted that he had a plan.

Dimitri wanted to set up a production meeting, but he noticed that Brooke was distracted. He thought that they had to talk about their kiss, and she said that it shouldn't have happened. Dimitri commented that they'd been in one another's lives for years, and the kiss hadn't been a whim. Brooke stated that they were friends, but he complimented her beauty and humor, and he said that he wanted that in his life. She maintained that she was with Adam, and Dimitri asked why Adam wasn't there with her.

Brooke insisted that Adam would be there if he could be, but Dimitri contended that if he had a woman like her, he wouldn't be halfway around the world. She defended that Adam was rebuilding his company, but Dimitri took her hand and declared that when he was with her, he had feelings that he thought had been dead, and he thought that she'd also felt something when they'd kissed. She reiterated that she loved Adam, but Dimitri suddenly pulled her into another kiss, and she responded. Brooke eventually pulled back, and Dimitri wordlessly walked out. She looked stunned.

At Chandler Media, Brooke confronted Dimitri about putting her in a difficult position. He wouldn't apologize for his feelings, and he said that he wasn't the type to sit back and let life happen. Brooke bemoaned that she'd lost her investors, and she faced losing a valuable employee. Dimitri said that he had never expected his feelings to happen, but they had, and he asked if she wanted him to leave.

Brooke preferred to go back to being professional partners, because she believed that she and Dimitri could make Chandler bigger and better, but they had to leave everything else at the door. She added that what had happened wouldn't be a problem unless they let it be, and she was willing to forget about it. Dimitri agreed to do the same thing, if that was what she wanted, and she reached out her hand. He shook it, and they confirmed that they were partners.

JR greeted Joe at the hospital, and he said that he was there for a routine checkup with Dr. Anders, but Joe mentioned that the doctor wasn't there yet. JR asked how things had been around the hospital, and he revealed that he'd heard about someone stealing Cara's prescription pad. JR explained that Cara had done a lot of work with him, and he wondered if she could lose her license. Joe confided that he'd placed a flag on the prescription to catch the person responsible. JR claimed that didn't want Cara to take the fall, and Joe condemned the person who'd done it for only thinking of his or her own gain, rather than how devastating it could be to Cara.

Later, Cara descended the stairs at the Chandler mansion, and JR asked about Oliver. She reported that her son was taking a nap, and she awkwardly thanked JR for paying Oliver's hospital bills. JR said that he wanted to help any way he could, and she started to walk away, but he asked if she had time for another apology. She contended that it wouldn't change what had happened, but he asserted that she wasn't his first stop on his apology tour, and he said that he knew Brooke hadn't corrupted his file -- David had.

Cara tersely stated that she was glad JR had cleared things up, and JR said that he had time for a rehab session, but she snapped that she didn't. He asked if she was avoiding him, and she testily said that she had a lot to deal with. He swore that he was off the steroids, but she ranted that she was facing the potential fallout of her career and reputation, and it scared her that she'd thought that she could trust JR. He wanted the chance to prove that she could trust him again, but she preferred to take Oliver and never return.

Miranda entered AJ's room with a pair of tickets behind her back, and she asked what AJ was up to later. Heather arrived with a large basket and declared that they were having a picnic by the lake, and she gushed that she had packed AJ's favorite foods and that she'd downloaded a new album. Miranda covertly tucked the tickets into her pocket and mentioned that she was heading over to Jane's Addiction. AJ and Heather tried to get Miranda to join them, but Miranda insisted that they have a good time on their own. AJ and Heather left, and Miranda tore up the tickets.

At Jane's Addiction, Miranda asked Jane for a job, because Miranda needed a distraction. Miranda flashed back to various close moments she'd shared with AJ. Jane wondered what was going on, and Miranda lamented that the summer hadn't turned out the way she'd planned.

After their picnic, AJ and Heather returned to his room, and she couldn't believe that he'd put jalapenos on an ice cream sandwich. He said that he put them on everything, and she amorously questioned whether he truly meant everything, because that would be hot. She pushed him onto the bed and crawled on top of him. She whipped off her shirt, and he hesitated, but she assured him that it was okay and that it wasn't her first time. Heather kissed AJ and purred that she liked him, and she said that she'd thought about being with him all the time.

Heather helped AJ take his shirt off, but there was a knock at the door, and JR called out that he wanted to talk. AJ bellowed for JR to go away, but JR refused. The teens quickly got dressed, and AJ opened the door. JR asked for time alone with AJ, who berated JR for being rude. JR promised that it wouldn't take long, and Heather went downstairs. AJ barked that he had nothing to say, and JR asked if AJ expected never to talk to JR again.

AJ sharply inquired whether JR wanted to discuss juicing or being a hypocrite, and JR conceded that AJ had a right to be angry, but they couldn't keep going on like that. AJ snapped that it worked for him, but JR said that they had been making progress, and he didn't want to go backward. AJ retorted that it was too late, but JR asserted that he was still AJ's father. AJ pondered whether JR would kidnap him or shoot him if AJ didn't want a father-son relationship, and he raged that JR only knew how to shoot, steal, lie, and kill. AJ yelled that he didn't want to have anything to do with JR.

At home, Angie asked what Jesse had planned that day. He replied that he was going to try to get a job, but the Center City Police Department had already been a dead end. Angie reminded him that Pine Valley University had once approached him about teaching criminology, but Jesse thought that he didn't have a chance. He sadly stated that he had loved his job, and she suggested that he open his own detective agency. Jesse thought that it was a good idea, and he took Angie's hands and assured her that they'd all be okay.

David ran into Jesse in the town square, and David remarked that it was a beautiful day, but Jesse grumbled that a dark cloud had just ruined it. David taunted that it was tough for Jesse to be unemployed after stepping down as police chief in disgrace and creating a drunken scene at the gala. Jesse admitted that he'd screwed up, and he warned David to get out of his face before he screwed up again. David haughtily offered to put in a word for Jesse regarding a security position at Cortech, and Jesse snarled that David was "funny, like a disease."

David asked if Jesse could afford to turn down an offer when no one else would hire him, and he jeered that Angie had been taking care of Jesse financially for years. Jesse told David to slither away before Jesse struck him, and David cackled that if Jesse added battery to his list of charges, then Jesse wouldn't be able to get a job as a paperboy. Jesse stepped ominously close and said that David wasn't worth shooting, and David advised Jesse to accept that Jesse was a loser and that one day, Angie would realize that she could do better. David told Jesse to enjoy his extended vacation, and he walked off.

Colby stopped by with a selection of movies to watch with Cassandra, who sullenly said that she didn't care which one they saw. Colby tried to entice Cassandra with an assortment of snacks, but Cassandra mumbled that she wasn't hungry. Cassandra wanted to go back to bed, and Colby declared that it was fine if Cassandra wanted to sit in her pajamas all day, but she refused to allow Cassandra to turn down ice cream and time with Colby. Colby teased Cassandra for having bed head, and Cassandra couldn't help but smile. Cassandra called Colby a "pain in the ass," and Colby said that they had it in common. They sat down to indulge in some ice cream together.

Later, David dropped off some flowers for Cassandra, who had fallen asleep on the couch. David asked how Cassandra was doing, and Colby reported not well. David figured that it would be quite a while for the demons to disappear, and Colby suggested that he wait to visit with Cassandra. Colby remarked that she and David had always been honest with one another, and she asked if David had sabotaged JR's reel. David inquired whether paranoia was a Chandler family trait, and she replied that it wasn't if the accusation were true.

David suspected that JR had fed Colby the theory, and he pointed out that it was typical of JR to blame someone else. Colby asserted that David was a jerk if he had corrupted the file, and David stated that JR needed to learn some lessons. Colby asked if David could just leave JR alone, but David growled that JR had killed Marissa and had destroyed Babe's life. Colby was sorry that David's daughters were dead, but she believed that JR had been punished enough.

David wondered where Colby's sudden concern for JR had stemmed from, because David had thought that he and Colby were allies. Colby refused to help destroy her brother, who she felt was the only family member she had left. David reminded Colby that David had given her $30,000 when she'd needed it, and he suggested that he might be the only one who was really there for her.

Angie called Jesse to remind him of an appointment with Dr. Peterson that afternoon, but Jesse said that he had a meeting with a Realtor to lease space for his new agency. Angie was thrilled that he intended to do it, and Jesse said that she hadn't steered him wrong yet. He promised that he'd try to make the next therapy appointment, and she said that she was proud of him for moving forward.

After Jesse hung up, he pulled out a burner phone and placed a call. Tad answered and reported that his sources had informed him that Uri was about to resurface. Tad announced that he would be on the next flight home."

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