06/26/13 AJ Finds Himself In A Troubling Situation

"In Lea's office, Jesse entered, anxious to solve the case and get Zach off the hook. Zach, who was sitting behind the desk, said that the murder charge wasn't Jesse's responsibility, and Jesse needed to be with Cassandra at the hospital. Jesse insisted that it was his responsibility, and what was happening to his friend was wrong on many levels. Jesse insisted that he'd make it right.

Lea entered and asked how Cassandra was. Jesse said Cassandra had experienced better times. He asked when Zach and Lea had started working together, and Lea replied that it was a temporary situation. Zach joked that Lea wanted him, and she chuckled, saying that he was delusional. Zach insisted that Jesse to go the hospital and let him and Lea handle the case.

Jesse left, and Lea and Zach analyzed a photo of Uri and Vlad, a man they didn't recognize. Zach noticed the men were wearing identical necklaces. Zach said he'd thought the charm on the necklaces was a Koslov family icon, and Lea assumed Vlad was Uri's cousin because Uri had been an only child.

Zach theorized that another Koslov might have killed Uri to get more power. Lea said they didn't know if other Koslovs existed, but Zach figured that he had to follow any lead, no matter how slim, to save his freedom.

At the hospital outside of Cassandra's room with Jesse, Angie sobbed. She couldn't believe the Koslovs had forced her daughter to do a porno on top of the other atrocities. From Jesse's reaction, Angie gleaned that he'd known about it. He admitted that he'd seen a bit of it online. Angie asked why he hadn't told her about it. Jesse responded that Angie had already been dealing with too much.

Angie screamed that she was the mother, and she'd had a right to know. She asked if there was anything else Jesse hadn't told her. Jesse asserted that he would scour the Internet and erase the video. Angie sobbed because he couldn't erase what the people had done to Cassandra. "Why? Why? Why?" Angie cried, and Jesse hugged her.

Later, Angie and David rushed into Cassandra's room as Cassandra was thrashing around during a nightmare. Angie tried to get her daughter under control, but Cassandra started to have a seizure. Dr. Anders hurried in and got Cassandra's vitals back down. The doctor said Cassandra had experienced a negative reaction to the methadone, and he'd continue to monitor her.

"That's it?" Angie incredulously asked. The doctor didn't know what else to say, and Angie became infuriated with his glib attitude. She decided to find Joe, but David explained to her that another drug, suboxone, could be used. He warned that it didn't work for everyone, but when he'd helped inmates through withdrawals, the drug had calmed their seizures.

Angie was ready to give it a try, but Anders contended that they had to wait for the lab results before determining a protocol. Angie rasped that Anders didn't get a vote.

Dixie entered because she'd heard about the seizure, and Angie stated that the seizure had been thanks to Anders. Anders called Angie hysterical, but she warned him not to speak to the chief of staff that way unless he wanted to go before the medical review board. Angie screamed that her daughter was in crisis, and she needed a doctor who treated people with respect.

Dixie decided that everyone needed a break, but Angie refused to leave Cassandra's room. David promised Angie that he'd stay with Cassandra, and Angie reluctantly left with Dixie.

In the lobby, Angie was a nervous wreck. She didn't want Anders treating her daughter, but Dixie tried to assure Angie that, while he wasn't the warmest doctor, he knew what he was doing. Angie sobbed about her inability to help her daughter, and Dixie tried to reassure Angie that she wasn't alone.

Dixie asked where Jesse was, but Angie replied that he'd gone to take care of something, and David had been there with her earlier. Angie wasn't sure the nightmare would end, and she didn't know how to stay strong. Dixie said Angie was doing the best that she could, and she had to hang in there.

Back in Cassandra's room, Angie entered and was shocked to see Cassandra shivering in a ball on the floor. Cassandra was crying that everything hurt, and she begged her mother to make it go away. Angie comforted the tortured Cassandra and urged her to fight.

Later, Dixie saw David in the corridor and ordered him to leave. David said that he was there for Angie as a friend, and he'd been there to save Cassandra from overdosing on heroin. Dixie claimed that Angie didn't need David because she had her family and friends. David wondered where Jesse was at that moment and added that Tad didn't seem to be around, either.

Dixie quipped that Tad had a job, not a narcissistic God complex like David. Chuckling, David noted that she loved to sing "that moron's" praises. Dixie insisted that David not mess with the fragile Angie, and he responded that Dixie was paranoid. She retorted that people would react that way after someone put a bullet in their child. "That is something that I really know about," David asserted.

Later, Dixie was with Dr. Anders when he got Cassandra's test results. Anders read that Cassandra didn't have HIV or any STD's, but she had hepatitis A, B, and C. Anders became disturbed as he continued to read the chart. Dixie took it from him and read it, too. "Oh, my God," she uttered.

At the studio, Dimitri and Brooke reviewed their notes for their interview with David Hayward. They wanted to focus on David's drive to get out of prison and his path to medical invention. Dimitri wished to learn if David's tragedies had inspired him.

Colby arrived and surveyed the Chandler's new studio. Brooke introduced Colby to Dimitri, who remarked that Colby was as beautiful as her mother. Colby asked if he'd slept with Liza. Brooke admonished Colby, who quipped that it was a legitimate question.

Dimitri explained that he and Liza had been business adversaries only. Colby recalled that he'd been a count who'd left for some Eastern Bloc country, and Brooke added that he'd returned to run Chandler's media division. Colby was angry that Brooke had chosen washed up royalty for the job over a Chandler. Dimitri laughed, and Brooke said JR wasn't in a position to handle the job.

"Hel-lo, JR's not the only Chandler in town," Colby replied. Brooke stated that Adam would love it if Colby took an interest in the business and sought an entry-level position to work her way up. Dimitri figured that he could use another assistant, but Colby screeched, "Hell, no," and stormed out.

Later, Dimitri and Brooke walked through town, and he asked how things had gone after he'd left her and Colby alone. Brooke stated that Colby had calmed down and had even agreed to try entry-level production work. He thought that was a positive thing, but Brooke expressed worry because Colby had a mind of her own. Eyeing Brooke, Dimitri remarked that it sounded like someone else he knew.

In detention, Miranda was mortified as the kids passed around a phone with an app of her and Heather doing obscene things. The teacher left the room, and the male classmates urged Miranda to draw a female classmate nude. The female classmate retorted that she didn't do "bleep."

On the whiteboard, Hunter drew two female stick figures in obscene poses, and Kyle said it was Miranda and Heather. Miranda ran out of the room upset.

At the cafe, AJ told Heather that Miranda hadn't even cared when she'd gotten detention for being late. He wondered if something were wrong with Miranda, and from the look on Heather's face, he sensed that she knew something. Heather figured Miranda would tell him. He pressed to know, and Heather revealed that Hunter had text-messaged out a picture of herself and Miranda. The angry AJ hopped up from his seat and rushed out in search of Miranda.

AJ went home and found Miranda sitting in front of his bed crying. She pretended to be there to find a CD. He asked how detention had gone, and she said she'd gotten some work done. He then asked about the picture Hunter had sent around, and she guessed AJ had seen it. When he indicated that he hadn't, Miranda got upset with Heather for telling him about it.

AJ was glad Heather had said something, but Miranda claimed she'd wanted to keep it from AJ because she'd feared he'd do something to get himself thrown off the baseball team. AJ stated that Miranda was more important than the team, but she murmured that he was the only one who thought so. She sobbed, wondering why everyone at school hated her.

AJ said that he didn't hate Miranda. He thought she was amazing. Hugging him, Miranda asked him to never leave her life, and he replied that he couldn't if he wanted to. She went to the bathroom to clean her face, and AJ saw a picture that had arrived on her phone. He got angry and charged out of the room. Miranda returned, saw the photo on her phone, and ran after AJ.

Outside by a building later, AJ caught up with Hunter. AJ explained that he didn't want to fight, but Hunter needed to back off of Miranda. Hunter's friends surrounded AJ, and Hunter asked if AJ were going to take them all on. AJ figured Hunter was too chicken to go one-on-one. Hunter taunted AJ about being Miranda's cover, but AJ insisted that Miranda wasn't gay.

Hunter figured that AJ was either gay or in love with Miranda. When Hunter taunted AJ about having sex with Miranda, AJ grabbed Hunter, and threw him against the wall. In the scuffle, Hunter's friends pinned back AJ's arms, and Hunter punched AJ until blood spilled from AJ's mouth.

Hunter ordered his friends to hold AJ up, but out of nowhere, Billy Clyde ordered them to halt. Hunter advised the old man to get lost. Billy Clyde yanked the handle of his walking cane and produced a dagger. He lunged forward, and as the bullies scattered, he shouted after them a bible quote about the Lord unleashing His vengeance and wrath.

Billy Clyde helped AJ up, and Miranda rushed on the scene, exclaiming that Hunter had hurt AJ. AJ explained that Hunter had been with his friends. Assuming that they'd jumped AJ, Miranda suggested calling the police. AJ said to relax because the man had scared the gang off.

AJ thanked Billy Clyde, and as Billy Clyde started to walk off, he heard Miranda say how upset Dixie would be about the bruises. Billy Clyde asked if AJ were related to Dixie, and AJ wondered if Billy Clyde knew AJ's family. Billy Clyde mumbled that he only knew what he'd read in the papers, and he abruptly decided that he needed to be going."

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