06/03/13 Brooke makes David an offer he can’t refuse

"From his New York hotel room, a livid Pete barked orders over the phone in response to David's press conference. Still reeling from her vision of the creepy man, Celia sat motionless on the bed, and Pete demanded that his staff handle damage control while he was on his way back to Pine Valley. Celia panicked when she had another vision of the man, but an oblivious Pete continued to rant that David would miss prison once Pete was done with him. Celia jumped when Pete slammed the phone down, but he still failed to recognize how shaken she was. He declared that they had to go.

At the Chandler mansion, David arrived, and Brooke shook his hand. He mused that it had been a long time since he'd been there, and he hadn't thought that he would be back. He assumed that she'd seen through JR's act, and he proclaimed that JR should be in jail for killing Marissa. Brooke offered her condolences about Marissa, and she explained that she knew what it was like to lose a child, but it hadn't been the reason she'd called him. Brooke commented that she had been intrigued by David's press conference, and he flatly refused to allow the Chandlers to have any piece of his research.

Brooke explained that her reason for contacting David had nothing to do with Chandler Enterprises, and she invited him to appear in an exclusive interview on her Internet program, Talk Tempo. He asked why, and she said that his life was a story of redemption. She offered him the opportunity to tell his story, unless he was afraid of being questioned about his motives. He thoughtfully agreed that perhaps it was time that people heard his side, and she said that he wouldn't be sorry. JR entered, and David asked how long JR thought his "Jason Bourne" routine would last.

David inquired whether JR had flashes of what had happened and then had to pretend as if JR didn't know. JR conceded that if he could remember, he'd hate himself, too, and he realized that he couldn't change the way people looked at him. JR asserted that he could only try to make up for it by being the best friend, father, and man that he could be. David remarked that the world was full of empty promises, and he answered a call from Pete, who began yelling. David told Pete to call him once Pete was back in town, and he abruptly hung up. JR advised David to focus on his own issues.

After David left, JR poured some water, and he asked if Brooke wanted to taste it. She replied that she trusted him, and he couldn't blame her for having doubts about him. Brooke revealed that the Chandler board had decided that David would be a good controversial figure to have on her new talk show. JR volunteered to put together some ideas for scripts, but Brooke thought that it was best for JR to concentrate on his recovery. He forlornly stated that he was working on it with Cara, and Brooke urged him not to give up.

At Jane's Addiction, Jane prepared a special drink for David called "a shot in the dark." Pete and Celia arrived, and Pete said that he would deal with David and then take Celia home. Pete berated David for calling the news conference to get attention, but David remained hopeful that he could form a partnership with Cortlandt Electronics. David contended that they would help the community and the job market while they saved lives, and he couldn't see it as anything other than a win-win situation for both of them.

Pete refused to be strong-armed into working together, and David wanted to discuss their potential collaboration further, but Pete tersely stated that he'd call David if he was interested. David questioned what Pete would have done in David's place, but Pete wouldn't be played. Meanwhile, Jane stumbled into Celia, who was obviously rattled. Celia asked Jane to tell Pete that she had to leave, and Celia rushed out.

At the hospital, Angie offered to contact Amy's family, but Amy worried that Uri would make good on his threat to harm her loved ones. Angie assured Amy that Jesse had dealt with all kinds of sick perpetrators, and nothing would stop him from finding Cassandra and ending Uri's operation, even if he had to deal with the devil to do it. Later, Joe noted that Angie had been spending a lot of time with Amy, and Angie remarked that Amy was her only connection to Cassandra, although she didn't even know if Cassandra was being kept by the same people who had held Amy.

Angie cried that she felt helpless, and she envied Jesse for being able to do something, when she could only pray. Joe recalled that he and Ruth had felt the same way when Ray had taken a young Tad. Joe assured Angie that no matter what had happened to Cassandra, Cassandra would be fine as long as she had Jesse and Angie to help her get through it. Angie worried that they had to find her first, and Joe expressed confidence that they would, but Angie had to face the possibility that she would never see Cassandra again.

Angie asked for a status update at the police station, but an officer informed her that he wasn't at liberty to say anything about the human trafficking investigation. She demanded answers, unless he wanted to lose his job.

At the hotel, Jesse asked the girls where Cassandra was, and Tia simply said that the men had taken her. Jesse told Zach and a police officer to check the building, but Eileen informed him that Cassandra had been gone for a while. Eileen stated that Cassandra had been sure that Jesse would find her. Lea gently questioned the girls about Uri, and she assured them that the police were there to protect and help them. Lea promised them that she wouldn't let them get hurt again, but Tia snapped that Lea didn't know anything.

Jesse discovered Billy Clyde in the hallway, and he demanded to know what Billy Clyde was doing there. Billy Clyde huffed that he was helping the police to shut down the human trafficking operation, but Jesse wondered if Billy Clyde had tipped the Koslovs off. Billy Clyde told him to wake up, because the Koslovs had known that Cassandra was associated with the Pine Valley chief of police, so her fate was on Jesse's head, not his. Zach stopped Jesse from attacking Billy Clyde. Billy Clyde insisted that both he and Jesse were on the same side of God's law.

Lea reported to Jesse that no one was talking, and Jesse pleaded with the young women not to be afraid, because he would make sure that the Koslovs never touched them again. He contended that he and Cassandra's mother were worried, and he knew that he was closer to finding Cassandra, but he needed help. He begged them to share anything that they knew, and Eileen blurted that Tia had revealed Cassandra's identity to Uri, resulting in Uri taking off with Cassandra. Jesse glared at Tia.

At the police station, Lea asked Billy Clyde how he had known where to find the Koslovs, and he rambled nonsensically. She referred to the business card he'd had of the fantasy website, and Billy Clyde defended that he'd had a right to check out the people who had moved in on his territory. Lea inquired whether he was admitting to running a similar business as the Koslovs, but he condemned them for peddling flesh, whereas he provided a service for the loneliest of hearts.

Zach grabbed Billy Clyde and demanded to know if he'd tipped off the Koslovs, but Billy Clyde denied having anything to do with the trafficking of women. Billy Clyde added that he had offered to use his connections to help find Cassandra, but Jesse had turned him down. Billy Clyde complained that Jesse held a grudge against him, but the statute of limitations of his past indiscretions had ended. Billy Clyde bellowed that Jesse would love to sully Billy Clyde's name by insisting that Billy Clyde had a connection with the Koslovs, but it wasn't true.

Billy Clyde explained that he had persuaded a former client to tell him where the client had taken his business. Lea wasn't sure that Billy Clyde's reign as a "two-bit pimp" was all that different from the sex traffickers, but an offended Billy Clyde crowed that he had been top dog before the Russians had arrived. She asked for his business license and tax returns, but Billy Clyde maintained that she'd never find any connection between him and the Koslovs.

Billy Clyde pointed out that Zach was a big name in Atlantic City, and he guessed that Zach had been falsely accused of wrongdoing plenty of times. Zach said that the difference was that his casino was a clean business, and Billy Clyde glanced at Lea and bet that Zach's "lady friend" was hoping that Zach was telling the truth. Lea clarified that she wasn't Zach's "lady friend," but Billy Clyde sensed the chemistry boiling up between the two of them. He wished them luck in sorting it out, and he asked them to kick Satan where it hurt. Billy Clyde left, and Lea called the interrogation a waste of time.

Jesse picked up an outfit that had been crumpled up on the floor, and he noticed a note scratched in the wood paneling on the wall that stated, "I love you mom + dad. Cass." He struggled against tears. Meanwhile, Uri kicked a bound and gagged Cassandra, who was lying on the floor in an undisclosed location. He snarled that the time had arrived for her to really earn her keep.

Uri called Jesse and taunted that Jesse wouldn't find what he was looking for, and Uri declared that he was very unhappy that Jesse had dismantled Uri's operation. Jesse asked where Cassandra was, and Uri said that Jesse wouldn't find her that easily. Jesse ordered Uri to stop playing games, and Uri quipped that Jesse wouldn't win the prize unless he played. Jesse requested confirmation that Uri had Cassandra. Uri removed Cassandra's gag, and she desperately cried for help. Jesse yelled that he would find her, but the phone went dead.

Jesse called Uri back and demanded to know where Cassandra was. Uri hissed that if Jesse wanted to see his daughter alive again, Jesse would do exactly what Uri said, or the investigation would take a different turn. Jesse said that he was listening, and Uri ominously stated that Jesse would need to make a big sacrifice to save his daughter. Angie burst in and screamed for Cassandra.

Uri told Jesse to deal with Angie, and he warned that Cassandra's life depended on Jesse's decision. Jesse hung up, and Angie begged Jesse to tell her that he'd found Cassandra. Jesse pointed Angie to Cassandra's message on the wall, and a distraught Angie traced her fingers over the letters. Jesse called Uri back and agreed to do whatever Uri wanted."

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