05/16/2013 The Return Of Billy Clyde

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"At Jane's Addiction, Pete and Frank reviewed financial information, and Pete grumbled that it would be stupid to try to revive Cortlandt Electronics. Frank mentioned that the company's only worthwhile assets were intangible, so it would take a bundle of money to relaunch. Pete griped that venture capital would be tough to find, and he wondered who would possibly fund the company. David eavesdropped with interest.

Pete condemned Caleb for ruining the company, and he said that he would let Frank know if he found an angel to fund it. After Frank left, David approached Pete, and Pete moved to leave, but David suggested that Pete hear him out. David said that he'd read about Pete's success story, and Pete replied that he knew all about David, too. David wanted to focus on the future, and he thought that they could help one another. David mentioned that he'd overheard that Pete was looking for an investor, and he declared that it was Pete's lucky day.

David quipped that Pete needed an angel investor, and David was ready to spread his wings. Pete likened it to making a deal with the devil, but David insisted that they could help each other. David explained that he was hoping to rebuild a life there, and he wasn't likely to get a hospital job with his prison record. Pete asked why he wanted to stay in Pine Valley, and David said that his daughters had been buried there.

David declared that Cortlandt Electronics could be his fresh start. Pete said that he only worked with people he trusted, but David doubted it. David said that Palmer had understood the concept of quid pro quo, and David could help make the company take off. Pete agreed to think about it, and the men shook hands.

Evelyn was surprised by Celia's unenthusiastic reaction to going to Europe, but Celia said that it wasn't a good time. Celia revealed that she'd met someone amazing, and she thought that she was falling in love. Celia apologized for not telling Evelyn sooner, but she hadn't wanted Evelyn to look at her like she was "some overdramatic teenager on the CW." Celia thought it would be even worse if Evelyn lectured that her guardian wouldn't approve.

Evelyn insisted that she wanted Celia to be happy, and Celia gushed about how wonderful Pete was. Evelyn confronted Celia about sneaking out to see him, and Celia admitted that it had been wrong, but she pleaded with Evelyn to understand how much Pete meant to her. Celia asked if she could stay in Pine Valley, but Evelyn shook her head. Celia suggested that they delay their trip to Europe, but Evelyn maintained that they'd leave that night.

Celia complained that she couldn't continue to take orders from a guardian who wouldn't even show his face. Evelyn said that it was for the best, but Celia spat that she hated her guardian. Evelyn calmly suggested that Celia pack, and she walked out. Celia threw a vase across the room in frustration. Celia called Pete and said that she didn't know what to do. He promised that he'd take care of everything, and he asked her to trust that she wouldn't go anywhere, except with him.

Evelyn was pleased to discover that Celia had packed. Evelyn asked if Celia had her passport, and Celia tossed it on the bed. Evelyn reported that the chauffeur had arrived to pick up their things, and a disguised Pete entered and knowingly nodded to a stunned Celia. Evelyn told Celia that it was time to go, and Pete and Celia smiled at one another. As Pete collected the women's bags, he fished Evelyn's passport out of her purse and dropped it on the floor.

Pete carried the luggage to the curb, and he asked Evelyn and Celia if they had everything, including their passports. Celia displayed hers, but Evelyn couldn't find her passport, and Pete winked at Celia. Evelyn went inside to retrieve it, and as soon as the door closed behind her, Pete picked up Celia's bag and took her hand. He said that they were getting out of there, and they ran to his car. They peeled away, and Evelyn returned just in time to see them driving off.

Outside the coffeehouse, Bianca assured Miranda that Hunter's cruel trick had had nothing to do with who Miranda was, and Miranda insisted that she was dealing with it. Bianca said that she was proud of Miranda, but Miranda accused her of being scared that Miranda wouldn't continue the strong, fearless tradition of the Kane women. Bianca denied it, and she simply wanted Miranda to be happy and to know that Bianca was there for her. Bianca understood that it wasn't easy to get through things alone, and she was glad that Miranda had AJ. Miranda revealed that JR had woken up from his coma, but he didn't remember everything.

Bianca ranted that JR had never taken responsibility for the pain he'd inflicted, but Miranda said that it sounded like JR was truly sorry. Bianca pointed out that JR had wanted Marissa dead, and he always got what he wanted. Bianca was livid that JR had another chance, and she ordered Miranda not to go anywhere near him. Miranda contended that AJ was her best friend, and she refused to abandon him.

Bianca thought that JR had done too much damage to their family, but Miranda pointed out that the situation impacted AJ, too, and she swore that she'd have AJ's back. Bianca asserted that JR had killed the woman she'd loved, and Miranda declared that she'd also loved Marissa, but she wouldn't bail on AJ. Bianca suggested that they forget the topic and have a nice afternoon together, but Miranda said that she had to go.

David ran into Bianca, and he said that he should have known that she had been the other person who'd left flowers on Marissa's grave. Bianca began to leave, but David remarked that they'd both lost someone they'd loved, and he asked if they could talk about Marissa for a while. David said that Marissa had loved beautiful days like the one that day, and he wished that she were alive to enjoy it. David snarled that the bullet should have killed JR, and an incredulous Bianca asked if he expected her to thank him for pulling the trigger.

David contended that Bianca knew how much he'd loved Marissa, but Bianca recalled that he had manipulated Marissa, too. David admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes, but Marissa had given him another chance. Bianca countered that he had broken Marissa's heart all over again, but she conceded that David had loved Marissa. David said that he'd seen how much in love Bianca and Marissa had been, and only one man was to blame for taking away their future.

At the Chandler mansion, Dixie asked Brooke if it was okay that JR stayed there, and Brooke replied that it would be the best place for him. Dixie worried that the room might be a trigger, but Brooke believed that familiar surroundings could be good for JR. Dixie hoped that it would also be good for AJ, and she anticipated that they had a tough road ahead of them. Brooke dreaded having to tell JR that Adam had put her in charge of Chandler Enterprises.

At the hospital, Brooke apologized that Adam couldn't be there to escort JR home. JR couldn't wait to get back to a normal life, including work. He noticed Brooke and Dixie exchange a glance, and Dixie claimed that it was nothing important, but JR didn't believe her. Dixie revealed that Chandler Enterprises had gone bankrupt, and Brooke added that Adam had been gone a lot as he rebuilt the company.

JR couldn't believe that he had damaged his family's legacy, and he vowed to help Adam make the company better than ever. JR realized that there was more he didn't know. Brooke disclosed that since Adam had been traveling extensively, he had put her in charge of Chandler Enterprises. JR surmised that Brooke would get JR up to speed, but Brooke said that Adam had explicitly stated that he wanted Brooke to remain head of the company.

Later, JR confided to Cara that he had to make amends with half of Pine Valley. Cara stated that she didn't know JR well, but she thought that he deserved a second chance. JR regretted that Marissa hadn't gotten one, and he understood why David had wanted to wipe him off the face of the earth. A bitter Cara called Marissa's death an accident, whereas David had wanted JR dead. JR asked why there was tension between Cara and David.

JR signed his release papers, and Cara wished him luck. He hoped that he hadn't spoken out of turn regarding David, and she admitted that JR hadn't been wrong about the tension, but she planned to return to Doctors Without Borders, so David would soon be a distant memory. JR revealed that he had been able to hear when he'd been in the coma, and he knew that she hadn't had a miscarriage or an abortion. JR declared that Cara didn't want David to know that their baby was alive.

Jesse scoured some local maps, and he informed Angie that he hadn't found anything yet. She offered to help, and he remarked that there couldn't be too many freight trains running through the area. Jesse discovered a train that had two daily stops, but Angie was preoccupied with what Cassandra's kidnappers were doing to her. Angie began to cry, and Jesse took her in his arms.

Jesse pored over the maps, and he found a train that stopped twice per day in Rosemont and Center City. Angie surmised that Cassandra was being held somewhere close to the tracks, and Jesse said that they were one step closer to getting Cassandra home. Angie and Jesse hugged.

Yuri became angry when Cassandra started to cry, and he ordered the cameraman to stop taping. Cassandra begged to go back to the strip club, but Yuri ordered her to do as she was told. He urged her to imagine that her costar was her boyfriend, because if she didn't, she'd end up alone in a room with Vlad, and no one would be able to hear her scream.

Later, Yuri whipped a sheet off a bruised, traumatized Cassandra and said that it was time to move. He coldly told her not to turn into a diva, because she hadn't been that good. He suggested that she embrace her new life, and he warned that the next time, they'd make a snuff film if she didn't try harder.

Vlad threw Cassandra back into the room with some other girls, and he informed her that she would be working the pole that night. One of the women warned Cassandra that stripping and porn were just the beginning. Another girl wiped Cassandra's forehead with a cloth and assured her that she'd be okay.

Yuri told Vlad that he wanted to step up business in Center City, and Vlad informed him that another pimp controlled the territory. Yuri didn't care, because if the pimp had a problem with it, Yuri would simply get rid of him.

In a diner, a madam told a man to get his "lazy ass off that seat and go to work." Another woman introduced herself as a nun from a local church, and she said that they had been about to have a prayer meeting. The man handed the "sister" a $100 bill, and she tucked it into her bra. He asked her to bless his lottery ticket, and she made an elaborate display of doing so.

The madam told the man that "the girls" needed that money, because the johns hadn't shown up. The man argued that he needed to keep his reputation as a friend of the needy, or people would talk about him. The madam warned him that if he kept throwing money around, he would end up dying alone in an empty stable. The man told her to watch her mouth, and he drawled, "I'm Billy Clyde Tuggle, and I rule this borough." "

- Jenny Smith