05/08/13 Cara Claims She Had A Miscarriage

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"At the café, Angie saw Jesse and Zach getting coffee, and as she greeted them, she wondered why Zach was still in town. Angie then recalled that Zach had wanted to hire some officers to increase his security at his casinos. Zach added that Jesse was helping him with a case, too. She replied that it had to be a big one because Jesse had been a bundle of nerves in the past days.

Angie received a text message, and she was disappointed that it wasn't from Cassandra. Angie had sent three texts to her daughter, who hadn't responded. She asked if Jesse had heard from Cassandra because Cassandra was usually good at getting back with people.

A call on Zach's phone interrupted the conversation, and Zach went outside to take the call. Jesse tried to follow him, but Angie pulled Jesse back to ask what had him so jittery. Jesse claimed it was the case, but Angie insisted that it had to do with Jesse. She ordered him to tell her what it was.

Later, Jesse met Zach on the bench outside. Zach had a lead on a nail salon called the "Fancy Finger" that had a lot of male clientele who expected more than a buff and a polish. Women entered and left the place early in the morning and late at night, but during the day, only men went in and out.

That night, Zach and Jesse took guns and flashlights down to investigate the salon. The place was dark, so they figured someone had tipped the suspects off. Zach picked the lock, and they entered to search the place. After not finding any clues inside, they headed out back to the dumpster.

At the hospital, Dixie was surprised to see AJ at his father's bedside. She said she didn't know AJ visited JR. The defensive AJ claimed he normally didn't, but he'd been at the hospital, picking up forms for baseball. She said that she and JR were glad to see AJ, and JR really loved his son. AJ bit out that if it were true, JR wouldn't have had a gun at Adam's engagement party and ruined everyone's lives -- including AJ's. Dixie asserted that the blame for that fell on David Hayward.

AJ exited the room and ran into David in the corridor. David was excited to see AJ, who'd turned into quite the young man in David's eyes. The mirthless AJ stated that the guard was supposed to keep David away from JR. David replied that JR wasn't the only patient in the hospital, but AJ responded that David had lost his medical license.

David stated that he'd lost a lot of things, but he hoped he hadn't lost his grandson. Gazing at AJ, David said the boy favored his mother. AJ tried to leave, but David stopped AJ, saying he'd never meant to hurt AJ with what had happened. David said he'd regret that incident for the rest of his life. David claimed to understand AJ's anger but promised to be there for anything AJ needed.

As David left, Dixie saw him, and she asked the guard to call the police if David caused any problems. She asked AJ what David had done or said to him, but AJ responded that David hadn't done anything. Dixie warned AJ to stay away from David.

At the mansion, Adam prepared to leave on a business trip. He wanted to say goodbye to AJ, who was supposed to be at home in a tutoring session with Miranda. AJ wasn't responding to Miranda's text messages, and Adam said he'd call when he landed, as he'd promised AJ that morning.

Brooke assured Adam that she'd keep AJ in line while Adam was gone. Adam wanted her to keep David away, as well, and Brooke couldn't believe David had been in JR's room. Adam figured David had an agenda, and Adam wished he knew what it was.

Later, Celia was tutoring Miranda when Celia's phone rang. Miranda noted that someone had been calling Celia all morning. Celia sighed, saying she didn't want to talk to him. Miranda wanted to hear all about it, and Celia responded that the guy had turned out to be a jerk. "At least he didn't ask you to do a threesome with another girl," Miranda replied.

Celia was shocked that someone had asked Miranda to do that. Miranda said the worst part was that she'd actually believed that the guy had liked her. Celia replied that she'd believed the same thing about her guy until she'd overheard him discussing taking her virginity. Celia couldn't believe she'd thought of defying her guardian for him.

Miranda asked where Celia's parents were, and Celia explained that they'd died when she was a baby. Miranda shared that her father had been a sperm donor, and she doubted her mother had tried to find out anything about him. Miranda wished she at least knew what he looked like.

Celia showed Miranda half of a charm and said on it was a picture of Celia's father. The other half of the charm contained a picture of Celia's mother. Celia explained that the guy calling her phone had it, and though she desperately wanted it back, she never wanted to see him again.

Later, AJ returned, and Miranda asked where her coffee was. AJ absently replied that some skateboarders had crashed into him, and he'd dropped it. The housekeeper entered with a corsage that had arrived, and Celia asked who it was for. Miranda explained that AJ had gotten it for her, so they could go to the school dance together -- as friends.

Miranda refused to face the kids at the dance, and she recalled that AJ had been suspended anyway. She exclaimed that school sucked and left to get coffee from the kitchen. Celia figured there had to be something that could cheer Miranda up, and AJ smiled as if he had an idea.

Later, Celia ended the tutoring session, and Brooke entered. Brooke told Celia that she'd visited Opal and Pete and had complimented Pete on the flowers he'd sent Celia. Celia looked unhappy and remarked that things hadn't gone well with Pete. Brooke was sorry about that but considered it for the best because Pete wasn't supposed to be in town for long.

Later, Miranda was alone reading when AJ whizzed in, scrambling to finish a project. She reminded him that he was suspended from school and shared her suspicion that he'd visited JR instead of making a coffee run earlier. AJ got defensive. He rasped that his father was gone, and it was nice not to have to put up with any "shit" from JR. AJ stormed out, and in the area where AJ had been working, Miranda found a greeting card with her name on it.

At Opal's house, Opal asked Pete about his date with Celia, but Pete sadly said Celia hadn't shown up. Hugging him, Opal stated that the only woman he could really count on was his mama.

Later, Pete went to the café to help Jane install some apps, and Jane wondered why he was there and not on a hot date with Celia. Pete replied that Celia wasn't interested. Jane reasoned that Celia had certainly looked interested, but he quipped that looks could be deceiving.

As Pete worked, Celia entered. They exchanged intense looks, and Celia sat on the other side of the room. Pete set the broken charm piece on her table and walked back to his seat.

Back at the hospital, Dixie returned to JR's room, and her phone rang. She became overjoyed upon seeing that it was Tad calling, She answered and asked when he'd be returning. Disappointed with the response he gave, she said she missed him. Tad seemed to ask what was going on with her, and Dixie hoped he was sitting down, because David Hayward was back in town.

After the call, Dixie bickered to the sleeping JR about David trying to get close to AJ. Dixie figured that David would try to take advantage of the situation and claim that AJ needed a man in his life. She insisted that the man wouldn't be David. Dixie told JR that AJ needed his father, and she needed her son. As Dixie turned to leave, JR's eyes fluttered, and she heard him utter, "Mom..."

In the locker room, David entered, and a teary-faced Cara noted he'd arrived quickly. David was surprised that she'd wanted to see him. Cara apologized for avoiding him and treating him "like crap." He remarked that it was typical behavior of most people in that town. She replied that she wasn't most people, and they'd shared a baby together. David thanked her for remembering that, and Cara stated that it was time she told him everything that had happened with the baby.

The two went to the park, and by the bench, Cara explained that she'd had to get out of Pine Valley after he'd gone to prison. She claimed she'd joined Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. David mentioned a DWB surgeon he knew there, and Cara claimed she'd worked with a lot of people and didn't remember the names.

David asked if getting away had helped. Cara explained that concentrating on the devastation there had made her realize how lucky she'd been to have her baby and her health. While there, she'd been cramping. The doctor there hadn't found anything wrong but had put her on bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. "And yet you still miscarried?" David asked.

Cara claimed it was true, and David realized how hard it must have been for her to be alone. He wished he'd been there for her. She said she knew what the baby had meant to him, and he'd deserved to hear about it in person. She told him that she hadn't been able to travel or call him from Haiti. David remarked that the letter hadn't arrived from Haiti. Cara claimed she'd had a currier take it to America.

David didn't understand why Cara had sent the letter instead of waiting to speak to him once she'd returned to the States. Defensively, Cara replied that he'd been expecting a child, and she hadn't wanted him waiting for and thinking about a child he'd no longer had. David couldn't understand her being unable to muster the strength in five years to visit him and tell him that his child had died.

Cara apologized and said visiting him would have meant reliving it. David asked if she were sure that there hadn't been other reasons or people that had prevented her from visiting him. Cara claimed that she'd stayed away simply to maintain her sanity, and David wished he could believe that.

Cara replied that she wasn't going to make up things to satisfy David's questions. She just hoped he'd appreciate her telling him what had happened. David said he did, and she asked him to move on and let her do the same. David became pensive as Cara marched off.

David returned to the hospital and saw Angie. He told her that Cara had explained things to him, and Angie said it should help him move on. David suspected that was exactly what Cara wanted him to do; however, something wasn't right, and he was determined to figure out what it was.

Cara returned to the hospital locker room and got on the phone with someone at a clinic. She urged them to destroy all correspondence and any other evidence that she'd ever been there. She insisted that no one could ever know why she'd been to their clinic."

- Chanel S. Garner