04/30/13 Cassandra Is Missing

"At Jesse's house, Jesse left a message for Cassandra, who still wasn't answering her phone. He relayed that the driver had never picked her up at the airport, and he hoped that it was because she'd missed her flight but had caught another one. He hastily ended the call as Angie entered. She wondered who'd been on the phone, and when Jesse tried to change the subject, she asked what he was hiding.

Angie insisted upon knowing what her surprise was, but Jesse doubted there would be a surprise. Someone knocked on the door, and relieved, he claimed that the surprise was better late than never. Angie swung open the door and discovered Joe Martin on the doorstep. She exclaimed that it really was a surprise. "You're telling me," Jesse murmured.

Joe started to remark that Jesse hadn't known about the visit, but cutting Joe off, Jesse urged Joe and Angie to catch up while Jesse ran errands. By the door, Angie thanked Jesse for her surprise. She added that she'd have a surprise for him later. Jesse kissed her and hid his worried look as he left.

Angie joined Joe on the sofa and expressed how grateful she was for her family being healthy and safe. Joe remarked that he hadn't seen Cassandra since she'd been a teenager. Angie replied that Cassandra was thriving in Paris.

Joe explained that he was in town on a patient consult, and Ruth had gone to visit Jake and Amanda. Angie thought it was best, and Joe replied that Ruth had been through a difficult time. Angie said they all handled tragedy differently, and the topic changed to how Angie and Jessie had coped with losing their baby. Angie said her marriage almost hadn't survived after she'd found out that Jesse had lied about it.

Joe asked about Maya and Lucy. Angie boasted about Maya's job with an eco-design firm and Lucy starting kindergarten in Portland. Angie missed them, and Joe was sure she got worried at times. Angie said the further away loved ones went, the more she wanted to keep them safe.

Joe mentioned seeing Opal, who was overjoyed to have Pete in town. Angie asked if he'd seen Dixie. Joe admitted that he hadn't, but Angie thought the sullen Dixie could really use a visit from him. Before Joe took off, he remarked upon how glad he was to see that Angie and Jesse were doing well. Angie hugged him and said she was glad the worst was finally over.

In an unknown location, a man ripped a page out of Cassandra's passport and tossed items from her bag onto a bed. The man handcuffed a screaming Cassandra to the headboard of the bed.

In the security office at the airport, Jesse looked for answers about his missing daughter. He'd already learned that her boarding pass had been scanned, and a flight attendant had recognized her photo. The security officer figured out that Cassandra Foster had made it through customs.

Jesse wondered what had happened to Cassandra after that. The officer flippantly remarked that he guessed she'd picked up her bags. Identifying himself as a father and the chief of police, Jesse bellowed that he'd have the officer fired if it were necessary to locate his daughter.

The officer changed his tune and suggested places that Cassandra could be. Jesse had already checked those places and decided that they'd search the surveillance tapes for the previous three hours at every baggage carousel. In doing so, they located Cassandra on video near an airport exit. She was talking to a driver, but Jesse noted that his driver had never picked her up. On the video, Cassandra left with the man, and Jesse ordered the officer to get him the outside surveillance videos.

Later, Jesse called a friend for help locating Cassandra. He said she'd gotten into a car that was registered to his friend's casino. On the screen, Zach appeared, and he seemed surprised to hear that.

Jesse claimed that he knew it was painful for Zach to deal with anything related to Pine Valley, and Zach said it wasn't his favorite place. Jesse expressed that he was worried. Zach agreed to check out the limousine that had picked up Cassandra and assured Jesse that they'd get to the bottom of things.

At the mansion, AJ rushed in and shed his clothes in the living room. He was late to meet his team at Jane's Addiction. Brooke asked him to tell Dixie, because, after everything that had happened, Dixie always got concerned when she didn't see him. "I'll text her," he awkwardly replied and took off.

Later, Dixie was in the study when AJ entered. He said he'd been looking for her, but he'd guessed she'd been at the hospital -- or cemetery. Dixie put on a smile and asked where he was off to. AJ was going to celebrate his soccer team's win, but as he studied Dixie's sad face, he offered to hang out with her. She urged him to celebrate with his team because she had her own plans.

AJ exited, and Dixie wiped away tears. Brooke entered, and Dixie put on her cheery demeanor again. Brooke said that Dixie didn't have to pretend with her. Relieved, Dixie plopped down on the couch and sobbed, "I just miss him so much!" Brooke hugged Dixie and said to give it time.

Later, Dixie sat in a hospital room at a man's bedside. She held his hand, and crying, she uttered that she was there, just as she'd promised. She stood to leave but assured him that she'd be back. As soon as Dixie exited, monitors began beeping, and the man's hand flinched.

At a café, Bianca was thrilled with herself for scoring some tickets to a One Direction concert in New York for Miranda; however, Miranda frowned because she'd stopped liking that group months earlier. Miranda almost decided to attend the concert until she learned that it was on the night of the school dance. Miranda insisted that, concert or no concert, she wasn't missing that dance.

Bianca was sad that they wouldn't be spending family time together, but Miranda reasoned that she was in high school. Bianca recalled that she hadn't wanted to hang out with her mother at that age, either; however, having Erika Kane as a mother had added a new dimension to things.

Bianca decided that she'd have Gabby invite a friend to the concert. Miranda suggested that Gabby and Bianca spend that weekend in New York, and Bianca said it was a good idea.

Miranda spotted Hunter entering the café. He stopped to greet Miranda and to meet her mother. He asked to talk to Miranda later but said it wasn't about class. After he walked off, Miranda asked Bianca to leave. Agreeing to go, Bianca said the thing about the dance made more sense to her.

Later, Hunter returned to the table, and Miranda guessed she looked like a dork for sitting with her mother. Hunter said her mom was cool and hot, for someone who didn't swing his way. Miranda looked offended, and he said he was merely stating that her mother was pretty -- like she was. Embarrassed, she said she still had to cut her hair. "No, I like it," he said and stroked her hair.

Miranda showed Hunter some of her sketches, which he thought were cool. He decided to take off to study, and she asked if he'd wanted to talk to her about being a study partner. Hunter replied that he'd just wanted to see if she wanted to hang out sometime. Miranda could barely contain her excitement as they made a date to see each other on a Thursday.

AJ entered as Hunter left, and Miranda beamed to AJ about Hunter inviting her on a date. AJ assumed that meant she'd accepted, and she asked what else she was supposed to do. AJ asserted that she should have said, "'No freaking way.'"

At the school, Evelyn was questioning Celia about a condom when Heather entered, chattering about Mindy, who'd seen Celia with a "totally hot guy" earlier. Heather cut herself off when she saw Evelyn in the room. Evelyn told Heather to go conjugate some French verbs, and Heather hastily left.

Evelyn asked Celia to tell her that the condom and the guy were not connected. Celia claimed not to know the guy, who'd just helped her when she'd dropped her stuff. "And this?" Evelyn asked, holding the condom. Celia stated that she was helping out at the Miranda Center, passing out condoms to prostitutes and educating them about diseases. Evelyn replied that Celia was supposed to be at the center, helping Brooke English with public relations.

Celia replied that she wanted to do more, and the women at the center really needed help. Evelyn replied that Celia had always been a compassionate child. Evelyn didn't think helping people was wrong, but she doubted Celia's guardian would approve of Celia being the one giving out the help.

Evelyn reminded Celia of how cultured Celia was, and Evelyn recalled the countries they'd visited together and the cultures Celia had experienced. Celia didn't regret any of that, and she loved Evelyn; however, Celia felt that at eighteen, she wanted to do regular things that other young women did. She wanted to shop at the mall, go to parties, watch television, and be with a guy.

Celia sobbed, and Evelyn asserted that despite all the restrictions, the guardian had given Celia a good life. Evelyn said Celia got to do things other young women might never experience. Evelyn claimed "he" was proud of Celia, but Celia quipped that he was so proud that he never showed his face. Celia didn't want the guardian's gifts, and she didn't care if she pleased him. She just wanted her own life.

At Opal's house, Opal was still misty-eyed about having one of her "boys underfoot again." Pete replied that the babying stuff had to stop. Opal had decided to update his room, but he insisted that he wouldn't be in town that long. She asked if he'd stay long enough to clean up the mess that Caleb had left behind with Cortlandt Electronics. Pete assured her that he would; however, his California company would go public soon, and he needed to be there for it.

Before Pete left the house, he asked his mother for a restaurant recommendation, and Opal suggested that he try Jane's Addiction for their coffee drinks. He also wondered if there was a private school in the area because he was interested in setting up some focus groups for his company. Opal named Bramwell Hall and noted that the parents of those kids were loaded.

Later, Pete went down to Jane's Addiction and met Jane, the owner. She conveyed that she'd dropped out of school to follow the band that her place was named for, and Pete said he'd dropped out of Stanford to start his own software company.

Jane stepped away, and Pete spotted a brunette at a booth. "I was totally hoping to run into you!" he exclaimed, touching the girl's shoulder. She looked up, and he saw that it wasn't Celia. The girl was Heather, and he sat down with her to converse. She couldn't believe he'd created the "Top Pop App," and he told her the story of how it had happened.

Pete said that anything could happen when one stopped focusing on their limits. Heather anxiously replied, "I'm totally into no limits." Pete remarked that he looked at every person he met as an opportunity to grow his business. Heather asked how she could help with that, and he asked if her school had Facebook. She replied that it would ruin the school's reputation as an "old fart institution."

Pete guessed that wouldn't stop Heather. Heather grinned, admitted that she had almost a thousand friends, and eagerly showed off her page on a laptop. As Pete scanned all of Heather's friends, Jane approached to warn Heather that she was about to break curfew. Fearing another detention, Heather scurried out of the place.

Pete ordered more coffee and told Jane that he had a lot of work to do. He put a laptop on the table and pulled up Bramwell Hall's webpage. It didn't take him long to hack into the system and find what he was looking for. "Celia Fitzgerald," he said, staring at Celia's picture."

- Chanel S. Garner