09/21/2011 The Martins Reunite / Adam Returns

"So I see vampires, that doesn't make me crazy." - Sarah Michelle Gellar's character (who claims to be Erica Kane's daughter)

"I saw them before they were trendy." - Sarah Michelle Gellar's character (who claims to be Erica Kane's daughter)

"At the hospital, an orderly wheeled in a patient resembling Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The patient demanded to be examined by Maria Santos, but Dr. Santos said she was no longer on staff there. The patient claimed that she was Erica Kane's daughter, and vampires lurked everywhere. She revealed she'd been homesick for a place unknown, but then she'd realized that Pine Valley was the place. Maria said the town had that effect on people.

Amanda met Jake at the nurses' station, and the couple was surprised when Joe, in town to temporarily fill David's position, approached them. They hugged, Maria arrived, and Jake explained that she'd be returning to Miami after a consultation. As Marisa exited, Amanda reminded Jake that she'd predicted that wonderful things would happen.

At the Martin house, Tad was worried because he hadn't heard from his parents in a week. Just then, Ruth surprised him on his doorstep. Ruth ecstatically greeted Dixie, and when Opal and Krystal entered, Ruth explained that she and Joe were returning to Pine Valley because Angie had asked Joe to consult at the hospital due to David's predicament. Just as Tad started to worry because no one deserved so much happiness, Jamie showed up on the doorstep and replied that no one deserved it more.

Joe arrived with Jake and Amanda, and everyone happily greeted them. Aside with Joe, Dixie said she and Tad had never been happier. Joe replied that his children's happiness was all he ever wanted, and Dixie slipped out of the house. Across the room, Ruth said Tad had been blessed with a miracle, and Tad got an idea.

Later, Tad and Dixie text-messaged each other to arrange a meeting in the park. Upon arrival, Tad guessed that he and Dixie had the same thing on their minds. Both of them knelt down on one knee, but then argued over who got to do the honors. Tad claimed he couldn't get out of that pose, so Dixie helped him up. As they sat on the bench, he accidentally dialed Opal on his cell phone. Opal put the call on speakerphone so the entire Martin family could hear the call.

Tad started his speech; however, Dixie said he'd done it a few times and she wanted to give it a try. Taking his hand, she expressed her nervousness and then recalled the first time they'd met. She remembered that he'd been so kind to her and JR, and she'd fallen in love. She thanked God that their star had guided her back to Tad, who was her home and her heart.

Tad admitted that he'd worried about screwing things up, but he'd realized that he didn't want to waste the time, because being with her was all that mattered. He'd spent too many years talking to a star about someday. He said that someday had arrived, and he wondered what she was doing for the rest of her life. She asked him to marry her, and he said he would. As they kissed, they heard their family cheering through the cell phone.

When Dixie and Tad returned to the house, the family tried to act nonchalantly, but suddenly, Opal burst with joy because the couple was getting married. The family rejoiced, and Tad said he didn't plan on having a phone in his pocket on his honeymoon. The kids rushed in to join the celebration, and Joe told Ruth it was as if no time had passed at all. Ruth reminded him that time had passed, and Kate was no longer with them. Joe imagined that Kate's spirit had united the family again. The family took a group photo, and as a song played, a montage of Martin family memories flashed across the screen.

At the Chandler mansion, JR gasped upon seeing Babe in the doorway. She took the gun and set it on the bed, and JR tearfully hugged and kissed her. Babe warned him that if he didn't change course, he'd lose the only person who could save him -- himself. JR figured everything would be fine because she was back; however, Babe explained that she wasn't real. JR thought it was logical that David would save his own daughter. Babe tearfully replied that David might have tried and failed, but JR would know in his heart if she were alive.

JR told Babe of all the bad things that had happened to him since her death. He refused to let his enemies win, but she begged him to hang onto what a good man he was. JR said it was too late, and she couldn't help him. She asked why she couldn't. "Because you're dead!" JR screamed and sobbed on the bed.

Downstairs, Adam was devastated when he and Brooke entered and found boxes packed up around his empty home. He opened a gun case and discovered one of the weapons was missing. JR slinked around the corner and stated that Adam had said JR could have it. "Are you going to renege on that promise, too?" JR cynically asked. JR was sure Adam was there to call his son a failure, and JR ordered Adam to give it his best shot.

JR bickered with Adam about Adam's inability to be a good father. JR was angry that he'd been stripped of his inheritance, but Brooke and Adam claimed it had been for JR's own good. JR yelled at Adam to never call JR "son" again. Brooke explained that Adam had left town because Stuart's death had been too tough to deal with. Adam took responsibility for corrupting JR, and Brooke added that Adam wanted JR to stand on his own two feet, which JR would never do as long as he had a safety net. "So, in other words, he's disowning me," JR replied.

Adam stated that leaving Pine Valley was the smartest move JR could make at that moment. JR stormed out, and Adam wished he could get through to JR the way Stuart had always gotten through to him. Adam stated that Stuart was gone because of Adam. Just then, Adam felt a jolt, glanced around, and swore that he'd heard Stuart's voice, saying, "I'm here."

Upstairs, JR quickly packed a bag. He saw the gun and remembered the vile things people had said to him over the last several days. He loaded the gun, looked in the mirror, and uttered, "They all think I'm so bad now, they haven't seen anything yet."

At the police station, Griffin talked his way into a visit with David. Griffin implored David for advice about their patient, whose life hung in the balance. David insisted that he didn't know what to do without seeing the patient for himself. Griffin doubted David would be able to break out of jail, but a resolute David replied that he had to make it happen.

Later, Angie arrived at the police station at David's request, and he asked her to convince Jesse to release him. Jesse refused and demanded to know who the patient was. At Angie's urging, David told Jesse. When Jesse learned who it was, he just couldn't believe it because there had been a coroner's report. Still, Angie tried to convince Jesse to help save a life.

At the hospital later, David begged Jesse to remove the handcuffs. The patient was rushed in on an ambulance gurney, and Jesse uncuffed David. As David attended to his patient, the camera focused on the face to reveal that it was Stuart Chandler."

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