10/07/2009 Annie Disappears

"Kendall dreamed that she and Zach were making love. When she awoke, she looked disappointed because she was alone. She then heard her mother's voice over the baby monitor.

Erica told Zach that she enjoyed visiting with Ian. She promised to return the next day. As Erica was about to leave, Kendall called Zach. Zach pretended that Kendall was calling from the prison and handed Erica the phone. Kendall assured Erica that she was fine. Erica wanted to visit Kendall, but Kendall told her not to.

After Erica hung up, she told Zach that she planned to visit Kendall anyway. Erica knew that prison was a demoralizing place and she wanted to help Kendall get through it. Zach urged Erica to obey Kendall's wishes.

Erica and Zach were hopeful that Annie would confess to Stuart's murder. She reminded Zach that Ryan had talked the judge into setting Annie free. Erica was pleased that Annie was free, instead of being locked up in Oak Haven. Zach agreed that Ryan's actions made it possible for them to get to Annie. Erica encouraged Zach to work with Ryan, not against him. Zach refused and warned her that she did not want to be caught in the middle of his feud with Ryan. Erica stated, "I know exactly where I stand," and stormed out.

Aidan entered Zach's home and showed him the DVD that he stole from the mansion. Zach and Kendall watched the DVD. Kendall called Annie a "skank" when she saw Annie kissing JR and Scott. Kendall wanted to show Adam the DVD, so he would dump Annie. Zach thought it was best to keep the DVD a secret. Zach wanted Annie to think that everything was going her way, so she would let her guard down. Aidan agreed with Zach. Kendall was frustrated and told them that she was going crazy because she was locked up in a little room. Zach and Aidan looked like they had an idea after hearing Kendall's comments.

As Kendall and Zach renovated her secret room, Kendall wondered when she would be free. She begged him to tell her when her nightmare would be over. He said, "Thanksgiving." She felt better.

Adam asked for Scott's opinion on the details of his wedding. Scott said that he was the wrong person to ask. Adam wondered where Annie was. Scott said that she went out and left Adam a note. Adam looked nervous to read the note; however, the note simply said that Annie went to run errands and would meet Adam at the casino to go over the wedding plans. Scott asked Adam if he thought that Annie wrote the note because she was leaving him. Adam admitted that there was a time when he thought Annie was using him, but he was confident that she loved him.

Adam and Scott went to the casino and met with the manager. Adam went over the wedding plans with the manager. When they were done, Scott looked worried. Adam knew that Scott was concerned about Annie. Scott feared that Annie had fled the country. Adam told Scott to have faith in Annie.

Annie went to Ryan's penthouse. Annie demanded to see Emma, but Ryan refused. Meanwhile, Emma saw her mother and ran to her. Ryan had no choice but to let Annie visit Emma. Annie told her daughter that she could see her anytime. Emma was glad that Annie visited her at the penthouse because she did not want to go to the "scary house." Annie shot Ryan a nervous look and told Emma to play in her room.

When Emma was gone, Ryan asked Annie when she planned to tell Emma about her upcoming nuptials. Annie said that she was waiting for the right time. Ryan did not want Annie to take Emma to the mansion, since their daughter was very scared of the house. Annie stated that Emma was scared of the mansion because of what she did there.

Ryan was furious that Annie was trying to blame Stuart's murder on Emma. Ryan exclaimed, "What kind of a mother throws her own daughter to the wolves?" Annie insisted that Emma was guilty. He was certain that Annie was the guilty party. Annie warned him not to implicate her because, if he did, he would really be putting handcuffs on Emma.

Erica entered the penthouse and kissed Ryan. Annie looked disgusted. Annie announced that she had a wedding to plan, and left.

Ryan told Erica about his conversation with Annie. Erica could not believe that Annie would use her own child to get away with murder. Ryan said that Annie's top priority had always been Emma, but that had changed. Erica urged Ryan to work with Zach to prove Annie's guilt. Ryan feared that if he accused Annie, Annie would accuse Emma. He refused to let that happen. Erica gave him a stern look and replied, "I have to take care of Kendall."

Annie met Adam and Scott at the casino. She apologized for being late. Adam was happy to see her, but Scott looked surprised. Aidan then approached them and asked when he should expect his wedding invitation. Annie stated that Aidan was not invited.

The manager of the casino offered to give Annie a tour. Annie was excited and told Adam that she needed to use the restroom first. Adam and Scott waited, but Annie never emerged from the restroom. The manager checked all of the restrooms and could not find Annie. Scott was convinced that Annie had fled.

Annie sat in Kendall's secret room. She was tied up and blindfolded. All of the windows were covered and the room was very dark. Annie called out for help, but no one answered. Annie assumed that Ryan had captured her, but it was Aidan, Zach, and Kendall.

Marissa saw Liza at the casino. Liza admitted to Marissa all of the lies she had told about Stuart. Liza claimed that she did not tell Colby the truth initially because she wished to protect her daughter's feelings. Marissa said that it was best to tell the truth, even if Liza thought her lies were out of love for Colby.

Colby woke up in JR's hotel room. She thanked JR for booking her flight to Paris, because she planned on moving there. JR said that he changed his mind and did not want her to go. She was annoyed because he promised to help her leave Pine Valley. He reminded her that she ran away from Liza and Adam before and it did not work. He urged her not to run away again.

Marissa arrived at JR's room. Marissa saw that Colby was upset. Marissa encouraged Colby to talk to Liza, but Colby refused. Marissa told Colby that she should not leave town because JR needed her. JR looked sad, but did not tell his sister about his cancer. Instead, he claimed that Little Adam needed his aunt. Colby agreed to talk to Liza and not leave town.

After Colby left, JR said that his cancer was partly a blessing because it made him appreciate his family. Marissa wondered if JR was ready to talk to Adam. JR replied, "I don't know."

Adam saw Liza at the casino. He was pleased that Colby was mad at Liza. Liza told Adam that Colby was not going to run back to him. He said that his arms and his home were always open to Colby. Liza reminded Adam that Annie would never let Colby move into the mansion. Adam gave Liza a sheepish look.

Colby met Liza at the casino. Liza said that she had told Bailey the truth about Stuart. Colby feared that Bailey would take Stuart away from them. Just then, a messenger handed Liza an envelope and said, "You've been served.""

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