10/06/2009 Madison Confesses

"On the ride to Oak Haven, Madison wondered about her fate, and commented that Frankie was lucky to have a loving wife. She offered him the key to the safe deposit box containing her blackmail evidence. When Frankie looked at the key, the car swerved into oncoming traffic. He veered, and hit a tree. A battered Frankie looked at Madison, who was bloody and barely conscious beside him.

Jake arrived at Wildwind to accept David's offer to let Jake see his family. David chose to go to the hospital. Before leaving, he made a show of saying goodbye to Trevor and Amanda.

At the hospital, James Beardsley was enraged that the Hubbards had moved Madison to a mental facility without his permission. Jesse figured that James worried more about his image than Madison's well-being. James threatened to file papers against them, and left with his lawyer.

Randi strode in, looking for Frankie. When Angie and Jesse said he'd taken Madison to Oak Haven, Randi grew worried, because Frankie had mentioned getting rid of Madison earlier. Just then, orderlies wheeled Madison into the emergency room, and Angie and David rushed to attend to her. Frankie strode in, explaining to Jesse and Randi that he'd taken his eyes off the road, causing the accident. Randi asked him to get checked out, but he went to help Madison.

Later, Frankie told Jesse and Randi that Madison didn't look good. Jesse and Randi took Frankie to a side room to ask if he'd crashed on purpose. Frankie swore he hadn't, and revealed that Madison had willingly offered to give him the tapes. Jesse questioned Madison's motives, and said they needed to find the safe deposit box key. When Jesse asked why Frankie suddenly trusted Madison, Randi concluded that Frankie had decided that Randi was the killer.

Jesse left to check on Madison, and Frankie told Randi that he believed Madison had changed, but he didn't think Randi was the killer. He sympathized with Madison, who'd been emotionally abused by her husband and father. Randi thought Frankie was giving Madison exactly what she wanted. "The new, remorseful, sincere Madison. Just another way for her to get at you," Randi quipped. Frankie said that Madison could die because of him, and if she wanted him to believe her, he couldn't walk away.

As David ordered tests for Madison, James returned, complaining about the incompetent treatment of his daughter. David said that Madison's aorta might be damaged, but James refused to let David and his "nest of Hubbards" touch his daughter. James ordered her prepped for transfer to East River Hospital. David advised that a move might kill her. "Your staff almost has! Get Madison stabilized, or I'll shut this hospital down!" James demanded.

When Madison awakened, Frankie sat at her bedside, explaining that her father was transferring her to another hospital. Madison said she wanted to remain there, but Frankie assured her that he'd closely monitor her progress. She said he didn't have to do that, but Frankie wanted to. Madison asked him to get the tapes, and he promised that he would. "Frankie...Randi didn't kill Henry. I did. I killed my husband," Madison confessed, as Jesse entered behind them.

Orderlies wheeled Madison away, and Frankie told Randi that Madison had confessed to killing Henry. Frankie assumed that she'd said it in case she didn't make it. They hugged each other, proclaiming that it was finally over.

As Angie and Jesse watched them, an officer approached with an evidence bag. Jesse checked it, and realized that the key wasn't inside. Angie wondered if it had been lost in the crash. "Or somebody got to it first," Jesse theorized.

At Wildwind, Jake told Amanda that he'd behaved like an idiot, because the thought of her with David had driven him crazy. Amanda implored him to trust her, and stop jumping to conclusions. She said that it had hurt her when he'd turned his back on her, and accused her of being on David's side.

Jake stated that he'd fight for them if she still wanted to give their marriage another chance. Amanda wondered how it could work when David always seemed to push Jake's buttons. Jake theorized that David thrived on control. David would eventually implode, because he couldn't control Jake and Amanda's love for each other. Jake figured that David couldn't defeat them as long as they had love and trust.

Amanda kissed Jake, and led him upstairs to make love. As they lay in bed, Jake wondered what it was like to be alone with David. "I bet he sits at a roaring fire, brooding under his unibrow," Jake joked. Amanda asked if they'd be okay. Jake said that they were unbeatable.

When David returned home, he poured a drink, and played the piano. Jake wandered in, and complimented David on the "brooding" tune. Jake tossed a tip in a glass on the piano. Amanda stood in her robe by the stairs, holding Trevor. David watched Jake kiss her and leave.

When Liza refused to hand Stuart over to "that girl," Tad implored her to stop lying, and tell the truth. Liza decided that she'd be so "damn truthful" with Bailey, that Bailey would have no choice but to let Liza keep Stuart. Tad warned that the plan could backfire, since Liza had lied to Bailey all along. Liza realized that she'd have to tell Colby the truth, as well.

Colby entered the room. Liza sat her down to explain that Jake had needed someone to adopt Amanda's baby to protect him from David. Liza had pretended to be pregnant, and adopted Stuart. Colby deduced that Stuart was Amanda's baby, but Liza said the situation was more complicated. Jake had arranged for Liza to adopt a different baby, and that was Stuart.

Colby grew enraged that Liza had faked Stuart's delivery, and realized that Liza was confessing because Bailey, who was really Stuart's mother, wanted her baby back. Liza apologized for lying, but insisted that Stuart was still Colby's brother. Colby accused Liza of lying to get Colby away from her father, and lying to make a family. She wondered why she should believe anything out of Liza's mouth.

Liza sobbed, trying to explain that she'd lied to protect Colby. Because Liza and Colby had been at odds, Liza hadn't wanted Colby to feel displaced by an adoption. Colby didn't buy it, accusing Liza of reeling Colby in with the fake pregnancy. "Maybe we should have named him bait!" Colby quipped, and announced that she was moving out. Upon leaving, Colby said, "It was all a game. Game's over." Tad took off after Colby.

Liza cried, rocking Stuart. She promised that everything would be fine once Tad talked to Colby. Liza called Bailey to say it was time that Bailey met her son.

Liza and Stuart met Bailey at the church. Bailey held Stuart, and explained that she was his mother. Bailey gave Stuart back to Liza so that Bailey could retrieve a stuffed toy for him. Liza suddenly blurted out, "He's mine. I adopted him."

Liza claimed that she'd lied about who'd adopted the child, because she'd feared that Bailey wouldn't understand how much Stuart meant to Liza. Liza insisted that Bailey understand that being raised and loved by Liza was the best thing for Stuart. Bailey replied that she didn't understand any of it, and she fled from the church upset.

Tad followed Colby to the Yacht Club, and she accused him of lying, too. Tad admitted that Liza and he had made mistakes, but he asked Colby to consider the courage it had taken for Liza to be honest. He said that Liza had gambled everything on the small chance that Colby would understand, and forgive. Tad begged Colby to be the family Liza wanted, because Liza's actions proved that she'd do anything for her children.

Colby felt that her mother should have been brazen enough to tell the truth from the start. She couldn't stand being smothered by lies, citing that she'd even believed she was Jake's daughter for a time. Colby swore that she was done forgiving her lying parents." - Soap Central