10/05/2009 David Suggests A Christening

"In Madison's room, Madison practically dared Angie to provide her with a deadly dose of pills. Madison reminded Angie that the Hubbards would be better off with Madison dead. Angie appeared momentarily tempted, but then she announced that assisted suicide was illegal. Even if it weren't, Angie was not a murderer; she would never help Madison take the coward's way out. Angie admitted that she was hopeful that Madison would eventually do the right thing by turning over the key to the safety deposit box, so that the Hubbards wouldn't have to live with a threat hanging over their heads.

At the hospital, Jesse, Frankie, and Randi discussed Madison's overdose. Randi wondered what would happen after Madison was admitted to Oak Haven Sanitarium. Jesse explained that Madison would be put under suicide watch and kept at the facility until she no longer posed a threat to herself or others. Frankie questioned whether Madison's suicide attempt had been a sincere wish to die or a ploy designed to manipulate them. Jesse believed that Madison had hit rock bottom.

While Jesse, Frankie, and Randi were talking, they overheard Madison's father, James Beardsley, ask a nurse to direct him to his daughter's room. Jesse took the opportunity to introduce himself. After Jesse escorted James to a private area, in order to update him about Madison's condition, Angie stopped to talk to Frankie and Randi. She told them about Madison's request for more pills.

Randi suggested that Madison must have been in a very dark place in order to contemplate suicide. Randi thought that perhaps Madison needed someone to tell her that she wasn't as terrible as everyone had accused her of being. Frankie remained skeptical about Madison's state of mind; he advised Randi to never underestimate the enemy.

When Jesse told James about Madison's overdose, James revealed that his daughter had attempted suicide in the past. According to James, Madison's suicide attempts were nothing more than desperate bids to extort money from her parents. Jesse informed James that Angie had confirmed that Madison had taken a lethal overdose; Madison would have died if she had not been found in time. James continued to insist that his daughter had not intended to end her life.

Frankie went to Madison's room to demand answers. Madison didn't see the point in trying to explain her side of things because it was clear to her that Frankie had made up his mind. However, Madison did reveal that, until Frankie, she'd never seen a man who had expressed genuine affection and love for his wife. Madison confessed that she had believed that all men either ignored or mistreated their wives.

Madison confided that she had ached for what Frankie and Randi had. Before Frankie could respond, James Beardsley stormed into the room. As soon as he set eyes on his daughter, James tore into her. He cautioned Frankie not to believe a word out of her lying mouth. James continued to berate Madison by accusing her of being a drunk "dilettante" who had failed at everything, including suicide.

Frankie was shocked by James's vehemence; he ordered Madison's father out of the room and then followed him to make certain that the man had left. In the hallway, James demanded to know Frankie's name. Jesse and Angie approached them as Frankie revealed that he was Dr. Hubbard. James observed that the hospital was "crawling with Hubbards." When James threatened to take his daughter home, Angie put her foot down. According to the Hubbards, Madison was going to be transferred to a sanitarium.

James was outraged. As he marched off, James warned them that he intended to contact his attorney. Angie, Jesse, and Frankie decided that they had to act quickly if they hoped to get Madison the help that she desperately needed. Frankie decided that he would drive Madison to Oak Haven himself. Angie was opposed to the idea, but Frankie refused to be swayed.

Later, James and his attorney approached Jesse and Angie. James was livid when he learned that Madison was gone.

Madison and Frankie were in the car on their way to Oak Haven. Madison offered Frankie the key to her safety deposit box. She wanted Frankie and Randi to have peace of mind. Frankie looked down at the key. Unfortunately his eyes were off of the road for too long. Suddenly a truck horn blared. A heartbeat later, on-coming headlights blinded them.

At the Martin residence, Tad was flabbergasted by Krystal's admission that she had attempted to get closer to David. He couldn't believe that Krystal would ask to reconcile with him in one breath and then, in the next, admit that she had thrown herself at David. Krystal clarified that she had only intended to gain David's confidence, in order to help Amanda. Krystal explained that she had never intended to sleep with David.

Krystal was confident that she had been in complete control of the situation. Tad reminded Krystal that no one controlled David except for David. Tad didn't think that seducing the "Antichrist" was a viable option. He was furious that he had allowed himself to think that he could work things out with Krystal.

Krystal was crushed; she desperately wanted to work things out with Tad, but Tad didn't think it was possible. He confessed that he would always wonder if Krystal's attempts to get closer to David might stem from a deep-seated need to get back with David. Krystal repeated that she was merely trying to help Amanda, but Tad couldn't be swayed. He refused to live in David's shadow.

A short time later, Jake entered the house with Stuart in tow. Tad was shocked when Jake revealed that Stuart's birth mother had shown up in Pine Valley. Tad was furious that Jake continued to play "keep away" with someone's child. In his anger, Tad suggested that Jake was just as bad as David when it came to children. Jake accused his brother of taking a cheap shot, but Tad didn't apologize; he was tired of all of the lies.

When Tad decided to seek out Liza, Jake tried to stop him. He reminded Tad that it was up to Liza, not Tad, to tell Bailey the truth. Tad remained determined to set things straight. After Tad left, Krystal entered the foyer. It was clear that she had overheard part of the argument. She revealed that Tad was mad at her, not Jake. Krystal was certain that Tad had not meant any of the harsh things that he had said. Jake disagreed and then admitted that Tad's assessment of him had been correct.

At the Yacht Club, Liza was stunned to realize that Bailey Welles was in the restaurant, looking for her. Liza asked Jake to disappear with Stuart before Bailey spotted them. Once Jake and Stuart were gone, Liza approached Bailey. Bailey stared intently across the room at Amanda, Trevor, and David. She wondered if Trevor was her son. Liza guided Bailey to a quiet corner to explain that Bailey's son was with a good family. Liza reminded Bailey that she had signed legal papers, which had made the adoption binding.

Bailey claimed that she couldn't let the matter drop; she desperately missed her baby. Liza was startled when David suddenly appeared next to her. He wanted to know who Bailey was and, more importantly, why she was staring at his son. Liza explained that Bailey was her client and that she had not been staring at Trevor. Liza dragged Bailey away before David could question the young woman further.

In Liza's room, Bailey opened up about what she had been going through since her son's adoption. Bailey felt as if she had been forced to sign the adoption papers. According to Bailey, her parents had made the decision for her. When Bailey had asked to hold her son, the nurses had refused. They had advised Bailey that it was for the best. Bailey regretted not saying goodbye to her baby.

Liza was moved to tears as Bailey talked about her experience. She assured Bailey that her feelings were valid, but insisted that the young woman had to move forward. Liza explained that Stuart had bonded with the woman who had adopted him. As she spoke, Liza recalled the first time that she had held her son. Liza's insight prompted Bailey to wonder if Liza knew the adoptive family. Liza confirmed that she did, and then promised Bailey that her son had been a dream come true for the family who had adopted him.

Eventually, Liza managed to persuade Bailey that the adoption had been for the best. As Bailey prepared to leave, someone knocked at the door. It was Tad. Liza tried to send Tad away, but he pushed his way through the door. Liza realized that Tad was there to stay when he made himself comfortable on the sofa and then invited Liza to continue her meeting with Bailey.

Bailey thanked Liza for helping her to understand that her baby was better off with his new family. Liza sensed Tad's disapproval. Before Bailey left, Liza offered to talk to the family on Bailey's behalf, in order to arrange a visit. Bailey was overjoyed at the prospect of seeing her baby.

After Bailey left, Liza questioned how Tad had known that Bailey was in town. Tad answered by asking Liza where she thought Jake had taken Stuart after he had left the Yacht Club. Liza admitted that she had recognized the look on Tad's face, while she had been talking to Bailey. When Tad confessed that he had hoped that Liza would do the right thing, she revealed that her instincts urged her not to allow Bailey near Stuart.

At the Yacht Club, Amanda informed David that she had not appreciated how David had accused an innocent woman of staring at their son. Amanda confessed that she did not like David's intensity. David didn't apologize for his behavior; he insisted that the woman had been staring at their son.

After Amanda and David returned to Wildwind, Amanda asked David to change Trevor's diapers. David absolutely refused to consider it. Amanda was surprised; she suspected that David didn't know how to change diapers. David clarified that he knew how to change diapers; he just chose not to do the chore. Amanda accused David of being afraid and then dared him to prove her wrong. David snatched Trevor out of Amanda's arms and then proceeded to change his son's diapers. Moments later, Trevor peed all over David's shirt. Amanda burst out laughing.

After David changed clothes, he realized that they hadn't christened Trevor. A knock at the door interrupted him. It was Jake. Jake explained that he had decided to take David up on his offer to spend time with Amanda and Trevor. David tried to hide his displeasure as he invited Amanda and Jake to take Trevor to the park. David was surprised when Jake suggested that David go to the park instead."

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