10/02/2009 David, Amanda, & Trevor Go Out To Lunch

"Krystal was determined to stop David from ruining Jake and Amanda's marriage. Tad told her that Jake and Amanda needed to figure things out on their own, but Krystal said that she was unable to stand by and do nothing. Although Krystal protested, Tad thought that Krystal was referring to Tad's inaction when Krystal left Tad for David. Opal interrupted their disagreement and, although she apologized, Krystal was grateful, as it allowed her to escape the house.

Opal chastised her son for letting Krystal get mixed up with David again, but Tad claimed that he had no right to get in Krystal's way. Opal told her son that if he cared at all for Krystal, he would have stopped her. Tad claimed that he and Krystal were friends, and pointed to Krystal's move back into the Martin house as proof.

Opal noted that Tad hadn't let Krystal back into his heart. Tad said that he didn't know what he wanted but, for a moment at the dance marathon, he thought that he could reconcile with Krystal. He told Opal that Krystal believed that Tad could never forgive her for leaving him for David. Tad admitted that he wasn't sure if he could.

Tad confessed to his love for Krystal, but said that losing someone he loved to David a second time destroyed him. He blamed his wariness about love for his hesitance with Taylor. Opal told her son that she only wanted what was best for him, and that he needed to let Krystal back in to find out if she could still give him what he needed.

David got his son dressed to go out, and hoped that Amanda would join them. Amanda agreed that it would be good for all of them to get out of the house, so David went upstairs to get ready. Amanda heard someone knocking on the door and was dismayed when she found Krystal on the other side. Amanda swore that she'd heard what Krystal had to say, but Krystal didn't believe it. Krystal said that Amanda's fallout with Jake the day before had been caused by David, then added that she would stick with Amanda until Amanda saw the truth.

Amanda claimed that she had tried to rectify things with Jake, but that Jake was unwilling to work with their living situation. Krystal felt that Jake's resistance was about having to watch Amanda get sucked into David's lies. Amanda told Krystal that she was able to live the life she wanted with her son and have her freedom, and suggested that Krystal lecture Jake instead. David, who had heard the end of the conversation from the stairs, showed up in the doorway and asked if there was a problem. When Amanda indicated that Krystal was leaving, David shut the door in Krystal's face.

Krystal went back to the Martin house and vented about what had happened at Wildwind. Opal refused to be sympathetic, and pointed out that what Krystal had done to Tad was much worse. Opal thought that Krystal needed to admit that she had made a mistake, and Krystal didn't hesitate in admitting that she'd made the biggest mistake of her life when she left Tad. Krystal wished aloud that she knew how to fix things with Tad. When Krystal suggested that the best thing would be to move out, Opal rejected the idea.

Krystal thought that Opal would have jumped at the chance to kick her former daughter-in-law out of the house. Opal admitted that while she had once felt that way, her feelings had changed when she realized that there was still something between Krystal and her son. Krystal admitted that she had no idea where to start, and Opal asked Krystal what she wanted most in the world.

Krystal said that she wanted her children to have a better life than she did. Opal pointed out that part of making things better would be falling in love, and said that she and Tad needed to figure things out. Krystal worried that it was too late to fix everything , but Opal reminded Krystal that she and Tad never did anything in order.

Liza summoned Jake to her place in a panic. She told him that Bailey Welles, Stuart's birth mother, had left a message that she was looking for her baby. Jake was curious as to how the birth mother got Liza's name, so Liza had to admit that she'd done some investigating to make sure that the adoption was airtight. She begged for Jake's help, but he told her that she needed to ask someone else, as he'd ruined everything he'd touched lately.

Liza decided to return the birth mother's phone call, and tried to convince Bailey that she'd done the right thing. However, when Bailey realized that Liza wouldn't provide any options to help find her son, Bailey prematurely ended the call. Liza worried about what would happen if Bailey managed to track her down, because Bailey did have the rights, as the birth mother, to change her mind. Jake agreed that the situation would be horrible, but told Liza that he would be there for her no matter what.

Randi stopped by the hospital to see Frankie on his first day back at work. Angie joined them and reveled in how happy the staff was to have Frankie back. Randi noted that she was headed back to work, as well, and said that she and Frankie had agreed to get life back to normal instead of waiting for Madison to strike again. A nurse interrupted the conversation to solicit help with an incoming overdose patient . The Hubbards quickly realized that Madison was the patient.

As the EMTs updated Angie on how they'd found Madison, Randi was alarmed that Frankie wanted to help Madison regain consciousness. Frankie understood Randi's hesitation, but told his wife that he needed to do his job. Angie ordered a battery of tests, and then told her son to call Jesse. When Jesse arrived, Angie briefed him on Madison's condition. Before Jesse went into Madison's room, Angie showed him that the bottle they found near Madison was a prescription that belonged to Randi.

Jesse and Angie called Randi over and revealed that Madison had overdosed with Randi's prescription. Randi was worried that her in-laws thought Randi had something to do with Madison's crisis, but Jesse and Angie quickly put that fear to rest. Randi shared that when she had been on the roof with Madison at the dance marathon, Madison had mentioned that she had nothing left to live for.

Frankie was in Madison's room when she woke up. He accused her of staging the overdose so that she would be admitted to the hospital on Frankie's first day back. Madison swore that she hadn't planned the stunt, and didn't remember how she'd gotten to the casino floor. She told Frankie that she'd put the "Do Not Disturb" sign out, and locked herself in her hotel room, with the hope that it would take days for her body to be found.

Madison revealed some hard truths about her life: that she had no friends or family that cared about her, and that she hated herself for what she'd done to Frankie and his family. She admitted that she'd always known what she'd wanted for her life, but had never been able to find it. Madison then confessed to her hope that she would find some comfort in taking what she wanted from Frankie, but found that his family simply loved him more. Frankie told her that families were supposed to love, regardless of the situation, but Madison noted that her family failed on that point.

Frankie joined his family in the hall just as Angie got the lab results back. Angie confirmed that Madison had swallowed the entire bottle of pills. Frankie relayed Madison's assertion that she had taken the pills in the hotel room, and Randi asked if Frankie believed Madison's story. Frankie admitted that while he still felt that Madison was trying to set them up, a small part of him felt like something was really broken inside of Madison. Angie noted that Madison would not be allowed to play games in her hospital, and went to check on her patient.

Jesse joined Angie and they told Madison she would have to be transferred to Oak Haven and put on suicide watch. Angie asked Jesse to check on some paperwork and, after he left, Madison claimed that she didn't need to be committed. Angie said that Madison didn't have a choice, but Madison assured Angie that if she wanted Madison gone, there was another way.

While Jesse updated Frankie and Randi on the plans to ship Madison to Oak Haven, Angie briefly entertained Madison's plea for help. Madison begged Angie to procure pills that Madison could use to end her life; in exchange, Madison would provide the key to her safety deposit box, which held all of the evidence that would exonerate Randi. Angie still felt Madison had an angle, and thought that Madison wanted to get Angie fired. Madison promised that she meant no harm to Angie, and Angie asked why she should believe Madison. Madison said that if Angie didn't help, she would make Angie's life as miserable as her own.

Jake and Liza walked onto the deck as David and Amanda perused menus at the Yacht Club. David asked Amanda if anything looked good, but when she didn't respond, David followed Amanda's horrified gaze to Jake and Liza. Jake tried to make small talk, but when David started to take jabs, Jake cut him off and went to find a table. Liza stuck it out a few moments longer, but when she could no longer bear David's snide remarks, she also left. Amanda demanded to know why David had to be so rude, but David feigned innocence. David then tried to imply that something was happening between Jake and Liza, but Amanda refused to be threatened. She then pointed out that David pulling a gun on Liza indicated that his issues with Liza were much worse than anything Amanda could be concerned about.

David continued to plant seeds of doubt in Amanda's mind, while Amanda continued to rail against them. Across the room, Liza tried to extract Jake's plans from him, but instead, Jake revealed the Catch-22 of dealing with Amanda living in Wildwind to be with her son versus asking her to leave so that she could live with her husband. When Liza clasped Jake's hand in an attempt to comfort him, Amanda spotted the move and felt a pang of jealousy.

Colby found a young woman rapping on her mother's door at the Yacht Club and asked if she could help. The young woman introduced herself as Bailey Welles, and Colby recognized the name from the message Bailey had left. Bailey then said that she needed Liza's help to find her baby. Colby invited Bailey in and was moved by her story, but said that Liza was good at what she did, and must have given Bailey the best advice possible.

Bailey said that she wasn't sure if she wanted a baby, but wanted the opportunity to hold her son and decide from there. Colby excused herself to get something to write down Bailey's information. Alone in the room, Bailey spotted a note that Liza had left, telling Colby about her lunch plans. Bailey decided to try to find Liza.

Tad found Krystal in the living room and asked how things had gone at Wildwind. Krystal admitted that it had been a bad decision to go, but said that some good had resulted from it. She suggested that she and Tad give their relationship another shot, and by doing so, show Jake and Amanda that they could stay intact even after facing down David. Tad was shocked by the request, and attempted to keep the hope he felt hidden from Krystal's view.

Tad said that he refused to put on a show and would only consider reuniting with Krystal if it was for real. He asked if she thought they could be successful after everything that had been broken. Krystal was positive that things could work for them, as well as for Amanda and Jake. Krystal then said that she needed to confess to something before Tad gave his answer. Tad was at first exasperated, and then stunned when Krystal admitted that she had been close to throwing herself at David to keep him away from Amanda.

Liza tried to convince Jake that he shouldn't give up on Amanda, but Jake was certain that Amanda had already given up on him. Just then, they heard a young woman ask for Liza, and Liza realized that Bailey had tracked her down and was there to take Stuart back."

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