09/29/2009 Liza Tells Zach The D.A. Will Visit Kendall

"At the dance-a-thon, Tad congratulated Natalia and Brot for dancing for over 19 hours, and joked that they could fight over who kept the trophy. He said that since the event had ended, they could let each other go. The pair chuckled awkwardly, and released each other.

In Erica's office, Ryan and Erica tore at each other's clothes. As they started to make love, Tad knocked on the door, asking for Erica's help to wrap up the show. Ryan grabbed his shirt, and yelled that Erica and he would be right there.

At the Fusion broadcast, Erica announced that she and Ryan had raised the most money. Because Natalia and Brot had lasted the longest, Fusion Cosmetics would make a $100,000 donation on behalf of the couple. Tad ended the show with footage of needy African Children.

Once off the air, Erica and Ryan discussed the event's success with Angie, Jessie, Brot, and Natalia. Ryan prompted Erica to leave, so they could return to their previous business. As Angie and Natalia retrieved their purses, Brot confided in Jesse that he'd considered becoming a cop after talking to Natalia. Jesse joked that joining the police academy was a good way for Brot to annoy Natalia, but Jesse felt that the academy would be lucky to have Brot.

When Natalia and Angie returned, Natalia silently fumed at the idea of Brot joining the academy. Jesse and Angie left for home, and Natalia seethed to Brot, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" As Natalia ranted, Brot found it refreshing to hear her speak her mind, instead of treating him, "the scarred up Vet," with kid gloves, as others did.

Natalia called Brot arrogant, and accused him of doing a job on her father. She fumed at his cocky and cavalier decision to become a cop. Natalia claimed that he didn't even know how hard the entrance exam was. "Won't know until I try. Shoot," Brot said, pulling up a chair.

Natalia whipped out her police manual, and fired questions at Brot. When he answered them better than she could, she huffed, and ordered him to meet her at the academy the next day to sign up. She quipped that he'd better shoot a gun as well as he could shoot off his mouth. "I earned this! Mine!" Natalia said, snatching their trophy, and storming out with it.

In Erica's office, Erica told Ryan that she didn't want to ruin the friendship they'd built. "I was kind of hoping we could trash the whole friend thing, and cash in on the fun bits," Ryan joked, and Erica laughed. She said their timing was bad, because their lives were so complicated. Ryan understood bad timing and complicated situations, but he didn't want them to prevent themselves from doing what they wanted for fear of what others thought.

Erica asked if Ryan referred to the difference in their ages. "What age difference?" Ryan asked. He said he never even thought about it, and he considered Erica and himself as equals. Erica said that people could be cruel. Ryan didn't care what people thought, and said, "To me, you're ageless." Erica called him an amazing man, and they kissed.

Ryan and Erica returned to the vacant dance floor. Ryan remarked that it had been a magical night. He turned on some music, and he and Erica danced alone under the crystal ball.

David carried a sleeping Amanda into the house, and settled her on the sofa. While she slept, he showed Trevor pictures of Babe, Adam, and Marissa, and explained that they were Trevor's family. Amanda awakened, and listened as David promised to take care of Amanda and Trevor. David vowed that Amanda and he would teach Trevor to be a good man, who knew how to love. David admitted that Amanda, not David, had honorable traits to teach Trevor.

When David realized that Amanda was awake, he said he hadn't meant for her to overhear him, because she'd think he was playing on her sympathies. Amanda pointed out that it was the kind of manipulative thing he'd do. David asked her to disregard what she'd heard, and tell their son that his father had lied to him, if it made her feel better.

David strode out of the room to go to bed. When he returned in his pajamas later, he saw that Amanda had made breakfast. They apologized to each other for their argument earlier, and Amanda stated that she hadn't understood why David hadn't wanted her to overhear him with Trevor. David said it was easier to open up to children, who didn't prejudge others. David hoped that Trevor would love him back one day, and Amanda said that she believed Trevor would.

After eating with Amanda, David felt like sleeping. He took Trevor, and headed out. As soon as David left the room, Amanda grabbed her phone. David paused at the door to pick up the toy that Trevor had dropped, and paused to listen to Amanda's call.

When Krystal found Jake sulking on the couch, constantly replaying footage of David and Amanda dancing, she ordered him to get off his butt, and fight for his wife. Jake retorted that Amanda had made her choice. Krystal replied that she'd thought she had made her own choices when she lived in David's house, but in reality, she'd been drugged so much that she hadn't known up from down. She urged Jake not to let Amanda meet the same fate.

When Tad entered, Krystal immediately urged Tad to talk some sense into Jake. Jake insisted in English and Spanish that they leave him alone. Tad was okay with Jake's sulking, but he said Amanda wouldn't want that. Jake didn't know what Amanda really wanted.

Tad insisted that Jake fight for Amanda. "Like you fought for Krystal?" Jake quipped. Jake resented Tad and Krystal coaching him on love while they were divorced, but living in the same house. Jake ordered them to figure themselves out, and leave him alone.

As Krystal, Jake, and Tad bickered with each other, Tad answered the ringing phone. Tad announced that it was Amanda, and Jake stormed out of the room. Tad told Amanda that Jake was upset. Amanda professed her love for Jake, and begged Tad to put Jake on the phone. Tad retorted that if Amanda loved Jake so much, then she'd be at their house instead of David's. Tad hung up on her.

As Kendall pounded on her locked door, Zach entered the house. He asked Aidan to keep Kendall's whereabouts a secret. When Zach suggested that Aidan leave town, Aidan asserted his intention to help capture the real killer. Aidan cited that he knew Annie better than anyone, and he bragged that he could infiltrate the Chandler mansion. To prevent Aidan from going rogue, Zach relented to work with him; however, Zach asked Aidan not to make a move without Zach.

Kendall's racket grew louder, and Zach went upstairs. As Aidan headed out of the house, he found Liza setting a box of files on the doorstep. Aidan let her in, and read the note on the box. He assumed that Liza was resigning as Kendall's lawyer, because things hadn't worked out at the dance-a-thon. Liza played dumb, but Aidan said he'd seen more than a lawyer dancing with her client's husband on the television. "You must have had bad reception," Liza quipped.

Liza grew suspicious when Aidan claimed to be babysitting. She sniffed Aidan's drink, and told him to remind her never to let him babysit for her. She asked to speak to Zach, but Aidan suspected that she'd been trying to avoid Zach by leaving the files and a note on the doorstep. Aidan offered to tell Zach that she'd stopped by, but she chose to look for Zach herself.

In Kendall's room, Kendall ranted about Aidan's treatment of her. Zach said Kendall should be grateful that Aidan had spirited her away from the fundraiser without being seen. A cynical Kendall wondered if Liza and Zach had won the dance-a-thon, or if they'd just spent the night grinding away on each other. Zach figured that Kendall would never stop, and she replied that she wouldn't stop until Liza was out of their lives. Zach left to retrieve Ian.

As Kendall played with Ian, Zach berated her for almost blowing things by showing up at Fusion. Zach asserted that Liza was out of his life, but Kendall figured that meant that Liza had once been "in" his life. They heard Liza calling for Zach on the baby monitor, and Kendall quipped, "Out of your life, is she?"

Downstairs, Liza wondered why Aidan hadn't told her that no one was home. Aidan said he liked watching her paranoia unfold. Zach entered, claiming that he'd been giving Ian a bath. Liza asked what Zach and Aidan were hiding. Zach insisted that Aidan had been watching Ian after the babysitter left. Aidan stated that Liza had something important to tell Zach, and left upon agreeing to see Zach at the casino in a week to go over the proposals.

Liza remarked that she hadn't seen much of Aidan since Stuart's murder. Zach replied that Aidan had been doing contract work in D.C. Zach hadn't expected to see Liza after the previous night. Liza said that she had one last piece of business for him.

Liza sorted through Kendall's trial files, explaining the next steps to get Kendall a new trial. Zach apologized for making it too hard on Liza. Liza shrugged, saying they'd been two needy people, looking for a fix; however, Zach had really touched her. Zach asked Liza to reconsider being Kendall's lawyer, but Liza replied that Kendall didn't trust her. "You have to get someone new. Someone she doesn't hate with a burning passion," Liza decided.

Liza showed Zach a letter she'd sent to the D.A., which announced Kendall's intention to retract her admission of guilt. When Liza said that the D.A. would visit the prison to acquire Kendall's signature, Zach told Liza that it wasn't going to happen, because no one could go up to the prison. Liza demanded to know what was really going on.

Zach refused to elaborate, and hustled Liza to the door. Just then, Kendall entered, and said that Liza needed to know the truth before she screwed things up for them. "You're here?" Liza incredulously asked. Kendall confessed that she'd been there the entire time."

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