09/18/2009 Jake & Amanda Stage An Argument

"Madison emptied a clear substance into a bottle of water before she sneaked out of the bathroom. She ran into Brot, and they briefly made casual conversation. Once they parted ways, Madison slipped behind the bar and managed to get the tainted bottle into Frankie's hands.

Randi drained the last of the water from the plastic bottle and told her husband that they needed to get back to the dance floor. Shortly after they started to dance again, Randi's vision became blurry, and then she hallucinated and thought she saw Henry. She told Frankie of her fears, but he was able to calm her down after she had some more water. Angie and Jesse were concerned, but Randi assured them that she would be fine.

As they danced at the fundraiser, Annie accused Ryan of trying to get her to confess to something that she didn't do. She confidently told her ex-husband that he wouldn't succeed. Ryan asked Annie if she had become better friends with Zach, but Annie claimed that she was civil with Zach because of his business dealings with Adam. Ryan, sure that Zach had taken Emma to see Annie, asked for confirmation of his theory, but Annie stated that Ryan's paranoia had gotten worse.

Adam watched his fiancée dance with her ex from the sidelines. Tad approached him, but Adam failed to engage in the vitriolic banter that typified his exchanges with Tad. Shortly thereafter, Adam stepped into another room with Scott and revealed that he'd been remembering parts of the night that Stuart was killed.

Scott asked for specifics, but Adam said that he hadn't been able to piece everything together. Still, Adam confessed that it was becoming more difficult to believe in Annie's innocence. Scott countered that the more he got to know Annie, the harder it was to believe that she'd done the horrible things he'd heard about.

Liza suggested that it wouldn't be a bad idea if Zach worked with Ryan to get a confession out of Annie. Zach glared at Ryan and Annie over Liza's shoulder and insisted that he would work on his own. Liza continued to push the issue, but Zach told her that if he entrusted Ryan with the truth, Ryan would lose focus on Annie.

JR and Marissa shared a passionate kiss on the rooftop of Fusion and then enjoyed relaxing under the stars. Soon, JR suggested that they head back to the fundraiser, but Marissa wasn't ready. She reminded him that she was completely supportive of him, but said that he should tell other people about his cancer. JR was emphatic in his refusal, and said that if his father or David knew, they would try to take custody of Little Adam. Marissa was stunned at JR's revelation, but JR told her that he couldn't leave his son's future to chance. He then said that he'd spoken to Krystal and asked her to take care of Little A if anything happened to him.

David and Amanda took a break from dancing, but were re-energized when they caught sight of their son. Jake morosely took in a similar view from across the room, and Taylor offered to help lighten his mood. Taylor approached Amanda and asked if she could hold Trevor. David tried to intercede, but Amanda overruled him and told Taylor she could hold the baby while Amanda went to the bathroom. Taylor tried to make small talk with David, but his bitterness over being kept from his son still hovered like a dark cloud.

Amanda met up with Jake in the hall and, after they shared a passionate kiss, Jake spoke freely of how difficult it was to watch his wife with the man he hated. They darted into the women's restroom, and Amanda assured Jake that soon, David would let down his guard and would fail to see anything amiss. Jake mentioned how jealous he was of David, and Amanda suggested that they use Jake's feelings to expedite their plans.

Tad caught Ryan and Annie on camera, and Annie parlayed the spot into an opportunity to say hello to her daughter. Tad decided to give Ryan an equal opportunity. After the cameras were off of them, Ryan and Annie went down to ConFusion. Annie was irritated that she was being so closely monitored. She asked if she could get some air, and Ryan granted her wish and took her up to the roof.

Tad reached ConFusion and apologized to Liza for all of the jabs he made about Liza and Zach being a couple. Liza launched into a tirade about how the only thing that concerned men was getting revenge for a past wrongdoing. Tad wanted to hear more details, but Zach arrived before Liza could open up again. Zach asked about Annie, and Natalia told Zach that Ryan had taken Annie to the roof.

Taylor continued her attempts at light conversation with David until he realized that Amanda had been gone for too long. He questioned Taylor about the whereabouts of her dance partner, but when Taylor faltered in her answer, David realized what had happened. He took the baby, gave him to the nanny and took off for the bathrooms. David burst into the ladies room unceremoniously and, upon finding Amanda with Jake, demanded to know what was going on.

Amanda and Jake flawlessly convinced David that he had interrupted a heated argument. Amanda broke away from the two men, ostensibly irate over the disagreement. Once alone with Jake, David demanded that Jake stay away from Amanda. Jake refused, and claimed that he still had rights to talk to Amanda whenever he wanted. David then demanded that Jake pull himself together so as not to embarrass the hospital with his hotheaded behavior.

David exited the bathroom and found Amanda. He asked if she wanted to talk about what happened and said that he hated to see her upset. Amanda didn't believe him, so when David suggested that they call it a night and leave, Amanda said that she would rather dance until she dropped dead as opposed to going back to Wildwind.

Marissa and JR went back down to ConFusion and, after JR went to get drinks, Scott approached Marissa and warned her off of JR. Scott was alarmed when his cautionary words didn't affect Marissa's joyful mood. Scott told her that he didn't want to see her hurt, and Marissa curiously noted with a smile on her face that getting hurt was inevitable.

On the roof, Annie recalled happier days with Ryan and said that if he'd stuck by his family back when they lived at Wildwind, things would be different. Ryan admitted that there were things he'd done that he regretted, but said that the trouble Annie was in was something she'd created on her own.

Ryan's phone rang, and Annie was unable to contain her excitement when Ryan revealed that it was Emma who called. He put their daughter on speakerphone so that they could both say goodnight, but Emma didn't understand. Before Annie could stop her, Emma told her mother not to worry, because she wouldn't share their secret with Ryan. Annie was flustered; she quickly told Emma goodnight and ended the call. Annie told Ryan that Emma must have been tired and confused, and Ryan stated that he was confused, as well.

Annie tried to explain away what Emma said, but Ryan continued to push, and insisted that Annie needed to be honest. Annie told him that as much as everyone in town wanted to pin Stuart's murder on her, she wouldn't confess to something she didn't do just to get Kendall out of prison. She then begged Ryan to stop pursuing any alternative truths, as Annie had Emma's best interest at heart. Ryan considered the pleading note in Annie's voice and wanted to know what she hadn't said. Annie refused to reveal anything else, and was glad when Natalia showed up to escort her back to the fundraiser.

Back on the dance floor, David took in Amanda's soured expression and couldn't help trying to get her to talk. Amanda spilled a little about her frustrations before she resisted sharing again. Across the room, Jake resumed dancing, and thanked Taylor for what she'd done to distract David. Tad joined them and quickly realized that his brother was scheming again. Tad urged Jake not to pull any additional stunts, but his words fell on deaf ears.

Angie kept a close eye on Randi and decided that the young girl needed to rest. She besought Tad to bend the rules for medical reasons, and Tad caved in. Pete overheard Angie's assertion and begged Tad to do the same for him, so that he could go to the bathroom. Once he was granted freedom, Pete ran downstairs and almost bowled over Angie as she led Randi out to the bar.

After Randi noted how dizzy she was, Angie took Randi to the ladies room. Angie asked Randi a series of medical questions to see if she could figure out what was wrong. Unable to do so, Angie assumed that Randi needed food and went off to find something for her daughter-in- law to eat. As soon as Angie left, Madison appeared and watched as Randi bent over the sink and attempted to regain some normalcy. When Madison heard a few people approach, she ducked into a stall.

Adam said that he needed to retire for the evening, and asked Scott to look after Annie and make sure she got home. Zach heard the exchange and wondered why Adam would leave Annie with her ex. Adam again sidestepped an argument and noted that he had no interest in keeping his lady love on a leash. Unimpressed, Zach told Adam to get in touch if his feelings about Annie ever changed.

Jesse showed a picture of Madison to one of the volunteers and instructed her to find him if Madison was spotted. Brot walked over and saw the newspaper clipping in Jesse's hand. Brot revealed that he had seen Madison near the bathrooms of ConFusion a short time before. Jesse quickly found his son and told him that Madison had been spotted. The two men wasted no time and raced down to ConFusion to check on Randi.

Tad caught JR as he started to collapse on the dance floor. Tad tried to suggest that JR pack it in for the night. JR revealed that he had told Marissa about the cancer. Relieved, Tad asserted that JR should be proud of the money that they had raised, but that he shouldn't push it. Marissa agreed with Tad, so JR willingly left the floor.

Jake and Taylor swayed to the music, but Jake couldn't take his eyes off of Amanda and David. Taylor tried to stop Jake from approaching Amanda, to no avail. Jake accused Amanda of lying about how painful it was to be apart from her husband, and said that it looked like Amanda was throwing herself at David. David stood back, pleased to see Amanda's marriage unravel as he watched.

Tad tried to defuse the situation when he heard Jake and Amanda continue to take verbal swings at each other. Tad encouraged his brother to back off, as the disagreement could be caught on film. Jake didn't seem to care and the situation escalated until Tad could bear no more. He dragged Jake away, and David almost reveled gleefully. David asked Amanda if she wanted to go home, but Amanda said she just wanted to dance.

Annie quietly regarded the heated exchange between Amanda and David from her spot with Ryan on the dance floor, but he wanted to continue their discussion about Emma. He asked if Annie was protecting Emma from something, but Annie again urged Ryan to drop the questions. Realization dawned over Ryan, and that occurrence was not lost on Zach and Liza as they watched from across the room.

Marissa and JR ran into Adam on their way out, and Adam immediately assumed that JR's unstable state was due to alcohol. Marissa defended JR fiercely, unafraid of Adam. Before he walked off, Adam declared that Marissa was as deluded as Babe had been if she thought that she could save JR. JR used what happened as an example of why he didn't share things with his father.

Randi raised her head to look in the bathroom mirror and although it was Taylor behind her, she thought that she saw Madison. Out by the bar, Jesse and Frankie found Angie and asked about Randi. When Angie told them that Randi was in the bathroom, the men ran to the ladies room. After making their presence known, they entered the bathroom and were alarmed to find Taylor slumped on the floor of a stall. Frankie was further concerned that Randi was nowhere to be found."

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