09/16/2009 David & Amanda Attend The Dance Marathon

"Zach told Kendall that he planned to attend the dance marathon. He saw it as an opportunity to talk to Annie when she was tired and vulnerable. Kendall did not want him to go because she assumed that his dance partner was Liza. He reminded Kendall that Liza was trying to prove Kendall's innocence. He told Kendall to hang out with Ian while he was gone.

A reporter and a news crew were at Fusion covering the dance marathon that Erica organized. Erica told the reporter that she wanted to raise money for the starving children in Africa. Erica explained that viewers could watch the marathon and then pledge money to keep their favorite couples in the event. Erica encouraged people to donate as much money as they could, especially if they wanted to see their favorite couples keep dancing.

The reporter revealed that Adam and Annie were participating in the event. The reporter stated that a judge allowed Annie to attend the marathon. The reporter then saw Adam and Annie enter Fusion and jumped at the chance to interview them. Adam announced that he was looking forward to dancing with his fiancée. The reporter inquired when Annie's trial was scheduled. Annie hoped to go to trial as soon as possible. Adam added that he was excited for Annie to clear her name.

Ryan noticed Adam and Annie and ordered them to leave, but they refused. Ryan accused them of using the event for their personal gain. Ryan felt that they were using the event to paint a positive image of Annie, in order to help her get acquitted. Erica realized that Ryan was upset and asked to speak with Adam privately.

Erica asked Adam if he was healthy enough to dance, and he insisted he was fine. Adam asked Erica if Ryan was her partner and she said yes. With a snide tone, he wondered if Erica could keep up with a younger man. She told Adam that she could keep up with anyone. Then, she called Annie a psychotic murderer. He stated that Kendall was a psychotic murderer, not Annie. Erica was outraged and told him to leave the event. He promised that his company would match any pledges he received, up to one-million dollars. She could not pass up a large donation, so she agreed to let him stay.

Annie told Ryan that they should try to be civil for Emma's sake. He said that he actually liked "crazy Annie" better than "snarky, bitchy Annie." She mentioned that she never saw him smile anymore. She urged him to lighten up.

Erica informed Ryan that she let Adam and Annie stay at the marathon. Ryan begged her to reconsider. She explained that Adam was willing to make an enormous donation. Plus, she wanted to beat them in the competition and embarrass them on television.

Erica ran into Annie in the rest room. Annie played nice with Erica, but Erica knew it was an act. Erica told Annie, "You need a thicker foundation. I can still see your scales."

Opal and Pete arrived at Fusion. Pete was upset because he was dancing with his mother. He was nervous that everyone would see him on television and call him a loser. She reminded him that the event was for a good cause.

Colby took Emma to Fusion. Emma saw Annie and ran to her. Emma and Annie embraced. Ryan noticed them together and freaked out. Zach, Liza, and Adam encouraged Ryan to let Emma spend a few minutes with her mother, but Ryan would not have it. Colby apologized and swore that she did not know Annie would be at Fusion. Ryan asked Colby to take Emma home. Opal offered to watch Emma, while Colby and Pete danced together. Colby and Ryan agreed to the arrangement.

Opal took Emma to the restroom before they left Fusion. As they left the restroom, Opal had a vision of blood dripping down the wall. She looked distraught and exclaimed, "Not again!"

Erica was mad at Zach for entering the dance marathon with Liza. Zach assured Erica that his relationship with Liza was platonic. He then inquired about Erica's relationship with Ryan. Erica claimed that she and Ryan were just friends. Zach warned her to be careful with Ryan, because he was a "loose cannon." Erica retorted, "Liza's just loose!"

Randi and Taylor fixed their makeup in the restroom. Taylor told Randi about her fight with Tad. Taylor felt that Tad was not ready for a relationship. Randi thought that Taylor should ask Tad to be her dance partner. Taylor changed the subject and inquired if Randi had made up with Frankie. Randi smiled and noted that their relationship was back on track. After they left the restroom, Madison emerged from a stall. Madison had been eavesdropping on them.

Jesse informed Angie and Frankie that he had not found Madison. Frankie wondered why Madison did not make good on her threat to tell the police that Randi killed Henry. Jesse was certain that Madison would not go to the cops. Jesse had a theory that Madison really killed Henry, not Randi.

Natalia arrived at Fusion. Jesse told her to keep an eye on Annie. Natalia proceeded to follow Annie around. Annie was very annoyed by Natalia's presence.

Taylor found Tad and asked if he would be her dance partner. He turned her down because he was hosting the event for Erica while she danced. Taylor looked disappointed. Brot noticed that she did not have a partner and offered to dance with her, as a friend. She was excited. Tad then saw them paired up. She told Tad, "It's not what it looks like." Tad sarcastically replied, "It never is." Brot could sense that Taylor liked Tad. Brot urged her not to give up.

Amanda secretly met Jake at Fusion. He assumed that they would be dance partners, but she revealed that she was dancing with David instead. Jake was shocked. She explained that she had a plan to get David out of their lives. She wanted to make David fall in love with her. She thought that would make David vulnerable. Jake feared that David would want to sleep with her, but she promised to remain loyal to Jake. Jake asked what she planned to do once David fell for her. She answered, "Then, I'll end it."

David arrived at Fusion with Trevor and a nanny. Tad wondered if David paid a woman to dance with him. David stated that Amanda was his partner. Tad was stunned. David noted that Amanda had once found him desirable. David commented that lightning could strike twice between Amanda and him.

Jake found Trevor with his nanny. Jake asked the nanny if he could hold Trevor and she said yes. Jake held Trevor and professed how much he missed the baby.

Tad kicked off the marathon and explained the rules to the television audience. All of the couples started to dance.

Kendall watched coverage of the marathon with Ian. She glared at the screen when she saw Zach and Liza dancing. Kendall told Ian that Liza was a mean, nasty lady."

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