09/11/2009 David Returns Amanda's Ring To Jake

"After a fun-filled fishing outing, JR and Marissa went to the cabin to relax. JR told Marissa that David was a banned topic. Marissa agreed, as long as JR promised not to talk about Babe. They agreed, but soon found out that many of the topics they discussed led them down forbidden roads. JR finally decided to tell Marissa the legend of Lover's Leap, and fascinated, Marissa suggested that she and JR follow suit.

JR recoiled and said that they should try it some other time. Marissa thought that he was scared, but JR denied that claim. He told her that he was tired, and she pointed out that he had been tired a lot lately. She told him that he could trust her, and asked JR to let her in. JR looked deeply into her eyes, and finally agreed. JR told her that he'd actually been drinking when he'd previously denied it.

Marissa blasted him for lying, and JR took the blows without flinching. He then softened the jagged edges of their conversation by telling Marissa that he'd invited her because he wanted to be alone with her. He then asked her for a favor, although he knew he had no right. She insisted that he continue to open up, so he asked her to keep his drinking a secret from David, so that David couldn't challenge JR for custody of Little Adam. Marissa paused for a moment, and then readily agreed.

Marissa was worried that she didn't know how best to help JR fight against the demons that alcoholism invited into his life. JR assured her that she had helped by being there and supporting him. Marissa continued to ask questions, and JR thanked her for being the kind of person that he felt completely comfortable with. He confessed that every time he got knocked down by alcohol, he was afraid that he wouldn't get back up. Marissa clasped his hand in hers and told him that they would get through the fight together.

Marissa told JR that she felt horrible knowing how hard JR had to fight against his alcoholism while his family sat back and waited for him to mess up again. JR admitted that he generally didn't deal with it well. JR asked if Marissa would have stuck around had she known on the day that they met how high maintenance JR could be. Marissa described JR quite differently, and the feelings that emerged drew them into a kiss. JR enjoyed it for a moment and then, much to Marissa's dismay, he broke it off prematurely.

Marissa asked why she and JR were able to get so close, only to find themselves left in an awkward position. JR said that the fault was with him, but Marissa wasn't satisfied with that answer. He told her that she wouldn't understand, but Marissa insisted that he be honest with her, anyway. Slowly, painfully, JR revealed that he had cancer.

At ConFusion, Taylor tried to talk over the idea of opening a Comeback-style bar in Pine Valley, but Tad was having a hard time focusing. Before he could get her to repeat what she'd said, Jake showed up. Tad ordered another drink once his brother revealed his poor outlook on life. Tad tried to talk Jake out of his pit of misery, but none of the affirmations Tad offered seemed to work. Taylor finally had enough and told them both to be quiet, as they had no idea what they were talking about.

Taylor told Jake that he needed to take control of his issues with David, but that only elicited a stream of violent thoughts. Tad continued to try to calm his brother down, but realized he failed when Jake decided to leave. Once alone again, Tad sarcastically thanked Taylor for her help. She told him that she called things as she saw them, and Tad suggested that she keep her opinions to herself in the future.

David demanded that Amanda make a choice between her son and her husband. As she listened to Trevor cry over the baby monitor, the torture almost became too much. She told David that he'd not given her a valid choice, slammed her wedding ring down on a nearby table, and went to tend to her son. After she left, David picked up the ring and examined it closely.

Amanda rejoined David in the living room, and David apologized for lashing out at her. He told Amanda that he had been angered by those who had plotted against him, and just wanted to be allowed to raise his son. Amanda said that Trevor deserved to be happy and loved, and noted how sad she was that she couldn't provide her son with that kind of home life. David insisted that Amanda could love Trevor as much as she wanted while at Wildwind, but Amanda made it clear that she would never love David.

Liza sat on the couch at the Slater residence and had a one-way conversation with Ian. Kendall, annoyed by the quality time that Liza got to spend with Ian, stormed upstairs and slammed a door. Liza stopped talking abruptly when she heard the noise, picked up the child, and tentatively peered into the foyer. Zach arrived home, and Liza quietly told him that someone was in the house. Zach instructed Liza to go back into the living room while he checked to see if he could find the source of the noise.

Zach got to the top of the stairs and came face-to-face with Kendall. Silently frustrated, Zach descended the stairs and told Liza that he'd found nothing amiss. Relieved, Liza handed Ian over to Zach and began to ask Zach questions about his visit with Annie. Zach started to reply, and said that Annie wanted to meet with Emma at the Chandler house, but he understood that Emma was scared. Zach was distracted in short order when his son's giggles and yelps of delight drowned out any hope for a continued conversation.

Zach put Ian down for a nap, and when he returned to the living room, Liza resumed the conversation about how to extract needed information from Emma. Zach told Liza that Emma was off-limits because the child had been through enough already. They agreed that they would meet later to determine another way to get Annie to confess. On her way out, Liza offered to watch Ian any time Zach needed, and suggested that they get their sons together for a play date. Zach told her that it wasn't a good idea, so they said their goodbyes and Zach closed the door.

Without missing a beat, Kendall marched into the foyer and said she would give Liza a reality check if Zach didn't. They went back upstairs, and Kendall unleashed about how being confined in her room was worse than her coma because she knew what she was missing. She vented again about how inappropriate it was for Liza to openly want Zach.

Zach assured Kendall that there was nothing between him and Liza, and that Kendall needed to let him handle it. Kendall was unsure that she could, given that Zach never reassured her. She looked at him longingly, but all Zach could tell her was that he didn't have any answers for her.

Zach was frustrated with Kendall's refusal to accept that the feelings Liza had were not mutual. He explained that he kept Liza around as a means to an end, and Kendall asked if she would get to go home to Zach if Liza got her out of jail. Zach declined to discuss the topic any further, so Kendall suggested that Zach could have Liza handle the second Slater divorce, and then stormed out of the room.

Zach retrieved his wife and told her that she didn't get to run away. Kendall said that she didn't have much of a choice when she continued to offer suggestions on how to fix their marriage and Zach refused to act. Zach insisted that Kendall didn't know what was going on in his head, but Kendall seemed to be certain she did. She told him that she didn't know of any other way to apologize for her betrayal, and Zach said he wasn't looking for an apology. Kendall told him to let her know when he had decided what he wanted.

Taylor claimed that Tad's adverse reaction to her opinion had nothing to do with Jake and everything to do with his unwillingness to be in a more serious relationship with her. Tad balked at the suggestion, but Taylor denied him the opportunity to respond and instead said that if Tad wasn't ready to move to the next level, he at least had to be a man and admit it.

Liza heard the last part of the conversation as she walked up and watched Taylor walk away. Liza asked Tad if he wanted to talk, and Tad told her that there wasn't much to share, other than the news that his love life was a wreck. Tad admitted that he only had himself to blame, and half-heartedly toasted to his own misery. Tad agreed with Taylor's assertion that Tad had lost his will to fight, but Liza suggested that perhaps Tad wasn't as interested in Taylor as he thought.

Uncomfortable with Liza's diagnosis of his problems with Taylor, Tad switched tacks and asked if Liza had put the brakes on her feelings for Zach. Liza admitted it wasn't smart, but said that she planned to hang on to her feelings as long as there was a glimmer of hope. Tad asked what would happen to her feelings when Kendall got out of jail, but Liza was convinced that if she was meant to be with Zach, Kendall's release wouldn't make a difference. Tad gave up and said that he needed to stop offering advice, since he couldn't take his own. Liza encouraged Tad to continue seeking out happiness.

Taylor ran into Brot, who needed to lean on a friend on the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. He suggested that they find Frankie and indulge in a "beer and pretzel day. " Having just used that term, Taylor was game for Brot's plans, as long as they could meet somewhere other than ConFusion.

David and Jake ran into each other at the hospital, and David was delighted to return the ring that Jake had given to Amanda. Although David insisted that he'd done nothing to force Amanda's hand, Jake didn't believe David. Jake was able to maintain his cool as David insisted that his life with Amanda and their son was falling into place. Jake waited until after David had finished pushing all Jake's buttons before taking off.

Jake made another unannounced visit to Wildwind and asked Amanda why she'd taken off her wedding ring. Amanda clarified that she would have never done so willingly, and that David had given her an impossible choice. She confirmed her love for Jake repeatedly, and explained how she'd memorized every part of him so that she could get through all of their times apart. Jake admitted his fear that David would take Amanda away from him, and Amanda said that David could never take something that he couldn't touch. Her heart, Amanda pointed out, belonged only to Jake.

Amanda and Jake made love on the living room floor, and afterwards, Jake thanked his wife for reminding him how much they belonged to each other. Amanda asked if Jake wanted to see Trevor, but Jake resisted, because being apart from them was hard enough. They hastily redressed and shared a few additional heated kisses before Jake escaped the house via the solarium.

As Amanda slipped her shoes back on, David appeared in the entranceway to the living room. He glared at her for a few moments, and then accused Amanda of trying to get away with hiding her tears. Amanda claimed that she had allergies and would be fine. David reiterated that he wanted things to work out with them, and as Amanda recalled similar words from Jake, she told David that they would find a way. Across town, Jake recalled the intimate moments he'd shared with his wife, and silently renewed the faith he had in their marriage.

Zach called Liza and told her that they needed to set up the meeting between Annie and Emma. Liza asked what had changed his mind, and Zach said the thought of Kendall locked up in a room had forced him to rethink his opinion. At the same time, Kendall continued to elaborate on her newest novel."

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