09/10/2009 Emma Visits Zach

"Krystal and Opal were at ConFusion when Erica breezed in. They immediately congratulated Erica for standing up for her convictions during the makeover show on New Beginnings. Erica thanked Krystal and Opal for their kind words. When a network executive approached Erica, she introduced her friends to Shirley Klein. Shirley barely acknowledged Krystal and Opal as they raved about Erica's impromptu speech at the end of her show.

Shirley managed a strained smile as she bid Krystal and Opal goodbye, and then led Erica to a nearby table. When Erica was seated, Shirley announced that the viewers weren't interested in hearing about Erica's pet charities. According to Shirley, Erica's viewers wanted the uplifting fluff stories that Erica's show was famous for. Shirley explained that the network would be willing to overlook Erica's outburst if Erica agreed to apologize; they also wanted Erica's promise not to go off-message again.

Erica's response was an emphatic, "The hell I will."

Erica reminded Shirley about the "creative difference" clause in Erica's contract. Erica threatened to invoke it if the network refused to budge. Shirley shrugged as she admitted that they would miss Erica on the show. However, Shirley was confident that they could find a new host to replace Erica. As Shirley prepared to leave, Erica smirked and said that it was too bad that Shirley had not been available for the makeover show; according to Erica, Shirley's corporate look was unflattering.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie admitted that she didn't want to jeopardize her friendship with Scott because of a few kisses. Before Scott could respond, Ryan burst through the patio doors with two security guards hot on his heels. Ryan demanded to know where Emma was. Annie was stunned to realize that her daughter was missing. She insisted that Emma wasn't in the mansion, but Ryan didn't believe Annie. Scott confirmed that Annie had not left the premises and that he had not seen Emma.

Annie suggested that perhaps Emma had gone to a friend's house. Ryan claimed that he had already checked with Emma's friends. Frustrated by Annie's lack of cooperation, Ryan decided to call the police, so that they could search every inch of the mansion for his daughter.

At the Slater residence, Kendall wanted to know who Zach saw a future with: her or Liza. Zach didn't see the point of answering the question. According to Zach, he would never be able to give Kendall an answer that would satisfy her. When someone knocked on the door, Kendall snapped that Zach should answer it; it could be his future knocking. After Kendall ducked out of sight, Zach opened the door to Liza.

Liza wanted to talk to Zach about Emma. She suggested that he use Emma to get to Annie. When Zach refused to consider it, he accidentally slipped by calling her Kendall. Liza's raised eyebrow prompted Zach to explain that Kendall had made a similar suggestion while she'd been hiding at the safe-house. Liza believed Zach, but she warned him never to call her Kendall again. Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Emma.

Zach invited Emma in and then asked if Ryan knew that she was there. Emma confessed that she had not told her father that about the visit because Ryan didn't approve of Emma talking to Zach. Emma explained that she had stopped by because she wanted to know if Zach had given her mother the painting. Emma was thrilled when Zach confirmed that he had delivered Emma's gift to Annie. Emma wondered if Zach could arrange a visit with Annie.

Liza suggested that Emma go to the Chandler mansion if she wanted to see her mother. Emma admitted that the mansion terrified her. Zach decided to call Ryan to let him know where his daughter was. A short time later, Ryan arrived to pick up Emma. Ryan stayed behind to talk to Zach, while Liza helped Emma load her bicycle into Ryan's car.

Ryan wanted to know what Zach was up to. Ryan suspected that Zach might be passing secret messages between Annie and Emma. Zach denied doing any such thing, but Ryan didn't seem to believe him. After Ryan left, Liza made a bold suggestion. She proposed wiring Emma before her visit with Annie. Zach immediately nixed the idea. Liza chuckled, "There you go, doing that noble thing that makes you so damn attractive." When she realized how her comment had sounded, she quickly added that she had not been flirting with him.

After Zach left, Liza remained behind with the boys. Kendall lurked nearby in the hallway listening as Liza told Ian that she and his father were doing everything in their power to get Kendall out of jail. Liza continued to talk about Zach, and eventually admitted that she wished her son had a father just like Ian's father. Kendall was rattled by Liza's confession.

At the Chandler mansion, Annie was relieved that Emma was safe. Scott felt sorry for Annie's plight; he imagined that it had to be difficult for her to constantly have to prove that she had recovered. Annie appreciated Scott's support. She admitted that she would miss him terribly if he followed through with his decision to move out of the mansion. Annie begged Scott to reconsider; she promised to keep her lips to herself in order to preserve their friendship. Annie was delighted when Scott agreed to remain in the mansion.

A short time later, Zach stopped by to see Annie. Zach proposed arranging a meeting between Annie and Emma. Annie questioned Zach's motivation. Zach explained that he was doing it for Emma, because she was a child in desperate need of seeing her mother. However, Zach was concerned because Emma seemed deeply afraid of visiting the mansion. Zach realized that the revelation didn't surprise Annie. Annie claimed that it made sense to her that Emma wouldn't be eager to visit a place where she'd witnessed a horrific event. Annie explained that she wanted the opportunity to show Emma that she didn't have any reason to fear her mother's new home.

At the penthouse, Ryan suggested that Emma get her homework done, so that she could watch a new DVD with her brother, Spike. Emma whooped with joy as she sprinted to her room. Moments later, a knock at the door heralded Erica's arrival. Erica told Ryan about her decision to quit New Beginnings because she had refused to apologize for her speech at the end of her last show. Ryan applauded Erica's refusal to cave in to the network's demands. He was confident that she would have offers pouring in soon.

A short time later, Erica received a phone call from someone interested in hiring Erica to host a show titled: Meltdown. Erica turned the offer down flat. After she disconnected the call, Ryan suggested that they go somewhere to brainstorm Erica's next career move. He assured her that the nanny could watch the children. Erica readily agreed.

Ryan and Erica went to ConFusion. Ryan wondered what Erica thought about the idea of designing a product line where all of the profits went to the starving children in Africa. Erica liked the idea, but she wanted something that "popped" and would raise money quickly. Ryan offered to write a check, which Erica accepted. However, she was more interested in some type of grassroots effort that would generate a constant stream of money for the charity.

Ryan was confident that Erica would think of something. In the meantime, he invited Erica to dance. As Erica and Ryan swayed to the music, the patrons watched. Everyone applauded when Ryan dipped Erica at the end of the dance.

Jake called Krystal to enlist her help with David. Opal offered her services if Jake needed them. After Krystal ended the call, she told her friend what Jake wanted them to do.

At Wildwind, David watched Amanda and Trevor together. When Amanda noticed David, she announced that she refused to change Trevor's name. Surprisingly, David didn't argue about their son's name; he agreed that Trevor was a perfect choice. Amanda was a bit startled when David leaned down to tell his son that he was the joy of his life. The moment was ruined when David decided to lay some ground rules.

David insisted that Jake was not to have any contact with Trevor. Amanda could go anywhere she liked with Trevor, provided she stayed away from Jake. David also made it clear that he didn't want Jake anywhere near Wildwind. According to David, there was no reason that Amanda and David couldn't raise Trevor together, provided Amanda honored David's wishes. Moments later, the hospital paged David.

After David left, Jake showed up at Wildwind. Amanda realized that Jake was responsible for David's departure; however, she remained nervous because she didn't want to risk David finding out that Jake had paid her a visit. Amanda relaxed a bit when Jake assured her that they were safe. Jake then surprised his wife with a gift: a set of wedding rings to replace Kathy's toy rings. Amanda was moved to tears as they exchanged vows before sliding on their wedding rings.

They sealed their recommitment to each other with a kiss. Afterwards, Jake admitted that their separation was temporary. When he asked Amanda to spend some time with him, Amanda had to refuse. She explained that she had agreed that Jake would not be around Trevor. Jake was furious that David continued to manipulate Amanda.

Jake wondered aloud if Amanda would remove her wedding ring in order to appease David. Amanda made it clear that she wouldn't. However, she reminded Jake that they had to play by David's rules, because he held all of the power at that moment. Amanda assured Jake that David would never be able to turn her against Jake.

At the hospital, David walked into an examination room to find Opal waiting for him. Opal complained of chest pains; however, when she revealed that she had lunch with Krystal, David suspected that Opal's emergency was a farce. David was certain that Opal and Krystal were working together to help Jake spirit Amanda and Trevor out of town

Krystal intercepted David in the hallway. He demanded to know what she was up to. Krystal insisted that Jake and Amanda belonged together. Krystal thought that it was wrong of David to wreck another Martin marriage. David laughed at the implication that he had destroyed Krystal's marriage to Tad. He reminded Krystal that the drugged milk had not been responsible for the attraction that Krystal had felt for David. David claimed that Krystal was responsible for the breakdown of her marriage to Tad. David then added salt to the wound by reminding Krystal that she had also lied to David about Marissa.

A short time later, Krystal and Opal spotted Jake. Krystal urged Jake to fight David head-on. She was confident that Jake would prevail, because he had the support of everyone around him.

David stormed into Wildwind, frantically calling out for Amanda. Amanda emerged from the living room, demanding that David lower his voice because Trevor was sleeping. David seemed a bit surprised to see Amanda. Amanda reminded David that she had promised not to disappear with Jake and Trevor. When David questioned if Jake had been there, Amanda opted for the truth. She held up her hand to show David the wedding ring that Jake had given her.

David insisted that he expected Amanda to honor her decision. He invited her to move back with Jake or remain at Wildwind with Trevor; however, she couldn't have Jake and Trevor. When he asked Amanda what her decision was, Trevor woke up crying."

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