09/09/2009 Frankie Avoids Randi

"Jake was concerned when he saw David, Amanda, and Trevor at the hospital. Jake asked Amanda if there was something wrong with Trevor. David told Jake that he did not have the right to ask about the baby. David ordered Jake to get back to work.

JR and Tad went to ConFusion for dinner. Tad noticed that JR was not eating. JR did not think that he could hold the food down, due to his chemotherapy. Then, Angie entered the establishment. Angie asked JR how he was feeling. JR informed Angie that Tad knew about his illness. She was relieved, because she did not want JR to fight his cancer alone.

Tad received a phone call from Jake. Jake was irate because David took Amanda and Trevor to the hospital, but David would not let Jake see them. Jake was anxious to find out if Trevor was sick. Tad feared that Jake would try to harm David. Tad told Jake to remain calm. Tad then left for the hospital.

Amanda emerged from a hospital room with Trevor in her arms. She informed Jake that David insisted on having the baby examined. David snidely commented that he wanted to make sure his son was not harmed by Jake's schemes. Amanda assured Jake that the baby was fine. David told Amanda it was time to leave, but she wanted to stay with Jake. David said they needed to take the baby home for his feeding. Amanda looked sad. As she turned to leave the hospital, she whispered to Jake that she loved him.

Jake threw medical supplies in the hallway. Tad entered the hospital and saw his brother in a fit of rage. Jake was distraught because David stole his wife. Jake was also upset because he wanted to adopt Trevor. Tad urged Jake to stay away from David, especially at the hospital. Tad reminded Jake that David was his boss and could fire him. Jake did not care. Jake refused to heed Tad's advice. Jake stated that David took Dixie and Kathy away from Tad. Jake did not want to end up like Tad. Jake affirmed that he would handle David his own way. Tad promised Jake that he would help him get Amanda and Trevor back.

Jake asked the doctor that examined Trevor about the baby's health. The doctor informed Jake that the baby's name was David, Jr., not Trevor. Jake was appalled that David had changed the baby's name.

Scott saw JR at ConFusion. Scott commented that, after living in the mansion, he understood why JR became an alcoholic. JR swore that he was sober. Scott asked why JR looked terrible, but JR ignored the question.

JR sarcastically asked Scott if he was planning Adam's bachelor party. Scott felt bad that Adam chose him to be the best man, instead of JR. Scott noted that it was difficult to live in the mansion. JR accused Scott of having feelings for Annie. JR stated that Annie had a great body and that she flaunted it constantly. JR warned Scott to get Annie out of his head, or he would not be able to keep her out of his bed.

Marissa met JR at ConFusion. Marissa was upset because David stopped paying attention to her when the baby moved in. JR urged her to move out of Wildwind, but she refused because she wanted to help Amanda. JR felt that Marissa never did anything for herself. She explained that she grew up as an only child and lived a selfish existence. She wished to give back to others, especially since she reconnected with her biological family.

JR asked Marissa if she wanted to join him on a trip to a quaint cabin in the woods. She looked excited, but before she could answer, her phone rang. She spoke to Jake on her phone. Jake begged her to meet him at the hospital and she agreed. She then told JR that she would have to take a rain check on the trip.

Marissa met Jake at the hospital. Jake said that David was out of control. Jake asked Marissa if David was mistreating Amanda or Trevor. Marissa stated that David seemed mellow and happy. Marissa further noted that Amanda kept to herself and Trevor was adjusting nicely.

David asked to hold the baby. Amanda was hesitant, but gave David the child. David was elated to hold his son. David promised the baby that he would always be there for him. David said that he would raise his child to be a better man than he was. Amanda watched David hold the baby with tears in her eyes.

David told Amanda that he wanted her to be comfortable. She asked why he made her move in. He handed her a drink and said that he wanted their child to live with both of his parents. David hoped that Amanda would feel the same way in the future. Meanwhile, Jake spied on them through a window.

As JR packed for his trip, he heard a knock on his door. He was pleasantly surprised to find Marissa in his doorway. She declared that she wanted to do something for herself and revealed a suitcase. He looked very happy.

Zach told Annie that he understood unconditional love. Zach assumed that Annie would do anything for Emma. Annie replied, "I already have." Annie felt that she was a bad mother for using Emma to keep Ryan away from Greenlee. Annie regretted many of her misdeeds, and wished she'd never hurt Emma. She especially regretted trying to kidnap Emma on the night of Stuart's murder. Zach inquired why Annie did not take Emma. Annie said that she and Emma were split up.

Annie mentioned that she resented Ryan for taking her daughter away. Annie was sure that Ryan took Emma and Spike to punish her and Zach. Zach assured Annie that everyone would get what they deserved eventually.

Zach told Kendall about his conversation with Annie. He was certain that Annie would crack. Kendall was excited and kissed Zach. He kissed her back, but then pulled away. She was frustrated with him because he would not forgive her for sleeping with Ryan. She wondered what would happen to their marriage once she was exonerated. She demanded to know what Zach thought about their relationship.

Scott sat in his bed and recalled JR's warning. He then thought about Annie in her bikini. He went downstairs and found Annie. She was crying as she looked at Emma's pictures. Annie told Scott that she missed Emma immensely. Scott empathized with her because he missed Stuart. Scott said that he was extremely close to his father. He feared that he would never be that close to anyone again. She assured him that he would feel connected to another person. He then grabbed her and kissed her.

Jesse found Frankie at the casino bar with Madison. Jesse grabbed Frankie and reminded him that they had dinner plans with Angie and Randi. Frankie did not want to see Randi. Frankie blamed Jesse for most of his problems with Randi. Jesse told his son that he was making a mistake, but Frankie insisted on staying at the casino.

Jesse met Randi and Angie at ConFusion. He admitted that Frankie was not going to dinner because he was hanging out with Madison at the casino. Angie stood up and announced that she was going to put Madison in her place.

Madison urged Frankie to go home to Randi. He was surprised that Madison was trying to help him. She said that her marriage might have ended differently if Henry had gone home to her more often.

Madison and Frankie played blackjack together. He was on a losing streak, so she encouraged him to go home. She asked him if he really loved his wife. He replied that he was madly in love with Randi. He regretted not meeting her for dinner. He wanted to get her flowers and apologize, but he could hardly walk because he was drunk. She offered to help him to his suite. She told him to sleep off the booze and then see Randi in the morning, when he was sober.

Angie and Randi arrived at the casino just in time to see Madison help Frankie into the elevator. Angie wanted to chase after them, but Randi did not. Angie told Randi that she needed to fight for her marriage. Randi was distraught and left the casino.

Madison and Frankie were in a suite. She tried to give him a glass of water, but he knocked it over and spilled it on her shirt. He then passed out on the bed. She unbuttoned her blouse to dry it off.

Angie knocked on the suite and Madison answered the door with her shirt unbuttoned. Angie demanded to see Frankie. Madison slyly smiled and insinuated that she and Frankie were hooking up. Angie slapped Madison.

Randi found Jesse and told him that Frankie went to a suite with Madison. Jesse called his son stupid. Randi said that she was to blame. She regretted pushing Frankie away when he tried to help her."

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