09/08/2009 Zach Delivers Emma's Drawings

"Ryan and Randi were at Fusion. Ryan apologized to Randi for taking Spike and Emma to work. He explained that the babysitter would eventually pick up the kids. Randi told him not to worry, because she enjoyed spending time with his kids.

Emma saw a sign with Kendall on it. Ryan noticed Emma staring at the sign. Emma asked where Kendall was. Ryan explained that Kendall had gone to jail. Emma wondered if Kendall went to jail because of the things she said about Kendall. Ryan stated that Kendall went to jail because she admitted to doing bad things, not because of anything Emma said.

Erica entered Fusion, and Ryan could tell that she was upset. Erica revealed that her New Beginnings special episode on starving children in Africa received extremely low ratings. She was saddened because hardly any viewers tuned in to watch the important episode. She was also annoyed because she knew that the executives would not let her air the second part of her Africa special. Ryan reminded Erica that she was at her best during difficult times. He urged her to fight for what she believed in. She thanked him for the encouragement and they embraced.

Erica went to the television studio. She was surprised to see Opal and Krystal at the studio. Opal and Krystal commended her on the Africa special. They stated that the episode moved them. They were very proud of Erica's attempts to help the African children. They wondered when the second part of her special would air. Just then, a producer, Ron, told the three women that there would not be a second part.

Ron claimed that he loved Erica's episode on Africa, but he explained that it did not have high enough ratings to warrant another show on the subject. Erica stated that the subject was more important than the typical "fluff" they produced. He told Erica that viewers wanted a fun show, especially in the bad economy. Ron said that Erica's viewers watched her show to escape their harsh realities.

Ron proposed that Erica tape a show on makeovers. He suggested that she give Opal and Krystal surprise makeovers. Erica agreed, but seemed disappointed.

Erica told Opal and Krystal that they were replacing the starving children in Africa. Erica relayed Ron's reasons for not pursuing another episode on Africa. Opal understood why people did not want to watch a sad show during the harsh economic climate. Krystal, however, thought people in the United States should be grateful for what they had. Krystal felt that the fortunate should not turn their backs on the less fortunate. Erica said that she needed to entertain the public and give them what they wanted.

Ryan arrived at the television studio. Erica explained to Ryan that the second part of the Africa special was scrapped. He wondered if she was going to fight back. She stated that she was a professional and that she would do her job.

Erica began taping a live episode for her show. She called Opal and Krystal onto the stage to show off their new looks. Erica explained that Opal and Krystal were given "economical" makeovers. Erica asked Opal how she felt. Opal happily said, "I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror!" Erica then asked Krystal how she felt. Krystal said that the makeover was good for her ego, but the New Beginnings episode on Africa was good for her heart. Krystal urged the viewers to request that the network play the episode again.

Ron tried to cut to a commercial when he heard talk of Africa, but Ryan ordered him to let the women speak. Ron told Ryan that he had no say in the matter. Ryan revealed that he was a major advertiser, so Ron listened to him.

Erica asked her crew to stop the teleprompter because she wanted to speak from the heart. Erica told her audience about her trip to Africa and how it changed her. She urged her viewers to "stand up" and make a difference in the lives of starving children. She affirmed that the viewers had the power to help the downtrodden children.

Jesse visited Zach and Kendall. Zach said that his plan was falling into place. Kendall revealed that she remembered everything from the night of Stuart's murder. Kendall was certain that Annie killed Stuart. Kendall assumed that Annie wanted to kill Adam because he caught her trying to kidnap Emma. Kendall knew that Annie would never confess to the crime, so she urged Zach to question Emma.

Zach refused to get Emma involved, but Kendall felt it was the only way. Plus, Kendall assumed that Emma was burdened by the lies she told. Kendall stated that it was in everyone's best interest if Zach got the truth out of Emma. Zach said he would go after Annie, not Emma.

Kendall and Jesse spoke privately. Jesse noted that, although Kendall was not in jail, she was in a prison. She admitted that it was difficult to remain hidden. She explained that writing helped her get through it. She said that writing cleared her mind, which helped her recall the night of Stuart's murder.

Zach entered Ryan's penthouse to see Spike. The babysitter checked on Spike, while Zach spoke with Emma. Emma showed Zach a picture of a prison that she drew. He assumed that the girl was thinking about Kendall when she drew it. He encouraged her to draw pictures for Kendall. Emma said that she drew pictures for her mother and asked Zach to deliver them. He agreed. The babysitter then told Zach that Spike was asleep.

Just as Zach was about to exit the penthouse, Ryan appeared. Ryan told Zach that he was welcome to visit Spike; however, Ryan warned Zach to stay away from Emma. Zach swore that he did not want to hurt Emma.

Adam secretly watched Annie and Scott as they entered the mansion after a swim. Scott and Annie were in their bathing suits and flirted shamelessly. Scott said that he had many memories of the pool from his childhood. Scott explained that he and JR used to play "shark" with Stuart, and Stuart would try to catch them in the pool. Adam then revealed himself and reminded Scott that he played the game with the boys, not Stuart. Adam snidely told Scott, "You were the easiest one to catch."

Adam wondered what people thought of his relationship with Annie. Annie did not care what others thought. She professed her love to Adam. She thanked him for teaching her that material possessions meant nothing. She was grateful for having him in her life. Adam smiled and stated that he did not care what others thought, because he was happy with Annie.

Adam asked Scott if he thought Annie really loved him. Scott wondered why his uncle was questioning her love. Adam said that he had been married enough times to know that not all marriages were based on true love. Scott urged Adam to trust Annie. Scott felt that Adam could carry on Stuart's legacy through trust. Adam said that he trusted Scott. Adam then glared at Scott and said, "Don't ever betray me."

Scott was worried over the conversation he had with Adam. Scott asked Annie if she ever showed Adam the footage of their kiss. Annie said that she did not want to show Adam the footage because it would hurt him to see Scott hitting on his future wife. Annie then assured Scott that she was not trying to seduce him.

Zach visited Annie. He gave her the pictures that Emma drew. Annie was ready to work with Zach to get revenge on Ryan. Zach assumed that Annie would do anything to get Emma back. She replied, "I already have."

Frankie woke up in a suite at the casino. He was very hung over and could not remember how he ended up at the casino. He then ran into Madison by the blackjack table. She explained that Frankie got drunk and gambled a lot. She told him that he was distraught over Randi. Madison then threatened to tell the police that Randi killed Henry, if Frankie did not pay her. Frankie said that he was tired of her threats. She noted that Frankie lost his self-confidence. She stated, "When I look at you, I don't see a loser. I just see someone that's acting like a loser."

Frankie arrived at Fusion with flowers in his hand. He gave Randi the flowers and apologized for not going home. She was very annoyed with him. He was upset because Randi depended on Jesse more than on him. Randi stated that Jesse was more supportive than Frankie. Frankie stormed out of the office.

Jesse visited Randi. Jesse said that Randi needed to mend her relationship with Frankie. Jesse noted that he covered up Randi's crime to help both her and Frankie. He told her that she owed him.

Frankie returned to the casino and ordered a drink. Madison was pleased to see him. He noted that he did not have anywhere else to go. Jesse then grabbed Frankie and told him to get away from Madison."

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