09/03/2009 Jake Pulls A Gun On David

"Frankie poured a cup of coffee for Randi and then handed it to her. He made small talk by asking her how she had slept. Randi admitted that she had heard Frankie tossing and turning all night. Randi bristled when Frankie began talking about Matthew. She made it clear that she didn't want to talk about the baby. Frankie wondered if Randi didn't want to talk to anyone about Matthew, or just him.

Later, Frankie emerged from the bedroom wearing a suit. Randi was curled up on the sofa. Frankie was excited because he was meeting with the hospital's board about going back to work. Randi resented Frankie's upbeat mood. When he asked her about returning to Fusion, Randi snapped back that Frankie was trying to hard to make everything okay.

Moments later, Brot arrived to pick up Frankie. Brot immediately sensed the tension in the room. However, Randi and Frankie made an effort to be more civil toward each other. Before Frankie left, he suggested that they have a movie marathon when he returned home. Randi smiled as she agreed to Frankie's idea.

At the hospital, Frankie confessed that he felt as if he were always saying the wrong thing to Randi. Frankie confided that he appreciated his father's help, but he resented that Randi felt more comfortable with Jesse than with him. Angie approached moments later to inform Frankie that the board meeting had been canceled because David had been unavailable.

Angie realized that Frankie hadn't heard that Matthew had been identified as Amanda and David's son, Trevor. Frankie was stunned when his mother filled him in. He also feared how Randi would react to the news. After Frankie and Brot left the hospital, Angie called Jesse. Angie was worried about the stress that Frankie and Randi were under; she wanted Jesse to check on them.

Randi was reading the newspaper when Natalia dropped by with breakfast. Randi was curious if Natalia knew that Amanda was the baby's mother. When Natalia nodded, Randi asked if Amanda and Trevor had been reunited. Randi was horrified as Natalia reluctantly revealed that Trevor had been placed into foster care and that David stood a good chance of gaining full custody of his son.

Randi demanded to be taken to the police station; she insisted that Trevor should be with her rather than with strangers. Natalia urged Randi to reconsider, but Randi refused. She was determined to rescue Trevor from David's clutches. Randi stopped in her tracks when Frankie walked through the front door.

Frankie immediately realized that Randi had discovered the truth about the baby. Randi's distress turned to fury when Frankie asked if Randi was okay. Randi screamed at Natalia and Frankie to leave. When they didn't budge, Randi resorted to throwing things around the apartment.

At the police station, Jesse questioned Liza about her involvement in the plot to keep David and Trevor apart. He warned Liza that David could make things very difficult for a lot of people. When Jake joined them, he immediately noticed Amanda's absence. Jesse stepped away while Jake asked Liza where Amanda was.

Liza apologized for revealing the truth to David. Jake assured Liza that he did not blame her. He confessed that he was more concerned about how Amanda was holding up. Jake felt terrible that Amanda had to endure such heartache. He turned to Liza for help. Liza didn't pull any punches as she explained that their fate rested in David's hands.

At the Martin residence, Amanda stood on the stoop while she replayed David's offer in her mind. Amanda was distraught as she tried to decide whether or not to move into Wildwind in exchange for David's agreement to drop the charges. Seconds later, Tad threw open the front door. Amanda rushed into Tad's arms as she told him about David's ultimatum.

Tad was relieved when Amanda confirmed that she had turned down David's proposition. As Tad assured Amanda that she had made the right decision, Krystal entered the foyer. Krystal warned Amanda that David could not be trusted; he would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. After Krystal left, Tad tried to ease Amanda's fears. He was certain that they would find a way to work things out with David.

Liza tried to persuade Jake to accept David's offer. Jake growled that he'd rather rot in jail than give in to David's demands. Amanda agreed; Jake was delighted by Amanda's sudden appearance. Jake's mood soured when Amanda shared the details of her recent encounter with David. Jake insisted that Amanda would never move into Wildwind with that "asshat ."

Liza offered to talk to the district attorney; however, she didn't hold out much hope that anything would change. Amanda wanted to tell the D.A. her side of the story, but Liza thought that it was a bad idea. She advised Amanda to go home with Jake and then promised them that she would call as soon as she had any new information. After Jake and Amanda left the police station, Tad and Liza talked to D.A. Willis. Willis explained that David had certain rights as a father. Willis advised Liza to cut a deal with David. According to Willis, David would prevail in court.

When Jake and Amanda returned home, Jake realized that Amanda was exhausted. He guided her to the sofa and cuddled up with her. Jake promised Amanda that he would find a way to get Trevor back. A short time later, Amanda woke up to find Jake gone.

Jesse arrived at Frankie and Randi's apartment to find Brot, Frankie, and Natalia gathered in the hallway. Natalia explained that Randi had tossed them out of the apartment when she had learned that David would likely be awarded custody of Trevor. When Jesse offered to speak to Randi, Frankie realized that Randi probably wouldn't talk to anyone else.

Randi looked up when Jesse entered the apartment. Jesse joined her on the sofa as he apologized for playing a role in helping David to gain custody of Trevor. Randi understood that Jesse hadn't intended for David to get Trevor. Randi confided that she was worried that Frankie thought of her differently since learning that she had killed Henry North. Jesse assured Randi that she didn't have any reason to doubt Frankie's love for her.

As Jesse held Randi, Angie walked in. Angie didn't say anything as she sat down next to Randi and then wrapped her arms around her daughter-in-law.

Natalia, Frankie, and Brot sat at ConFusion's bar. Brot admitted that he thought it had been a mistake for Jesse to talk to Randi. Brot insisted that Randi should be working through her problems with her husband, not Jesse. Natalia didn't understand why it mattered who helped Randi. Natalia thought that the important thing was that Randi felt comfortable talking to someone.

Brot and Natalia debated the issue until Frankie spoke up. He agreed with his sister; if Jesse could help Randi, then they should let him. Brot continued to grumble, prompting Natalia to snap back that Randi wasn't bulletproof. According to Natalia, Randi couldn't just shake it off and move forward. Brot didn't change his mind. Eventually, Natalia threw her hands up in defeat and then stomped out of the bar.

At Wildwind, David was confident that he would have custody of his son by the end of the day. When Marissa entered the living room, David announced that he intended to name his son David. Marissa wondered what David had planned, but David refused to share the details. Instead he likened his plans to a game of chess, and bragged that he was in control.

David's ebullient mood was tested when Krystal arrived at Wildwind. Krystal revealed that David had offered to drop the charges in exchange for Amanda's agreement to live at Wildwind. Krystal insisted that a child shouldn't be anywhere near David's home. David laughed as he informed Krystal that she didn't get it; the baby was already on his way to Wildwind. David refused to apologize for claiming his son.

Krystal pleaded with David to reconsider what he was doing before his obsession for fatherhood ruined his son's life. Krystal believed that the baby should remain with Amanda and Jake, who would be a wonderful father. David's temper flared. He reminded Krystal that the baby was his son, not Jake's. David blamed Krystal for his obsession to be a father because she had denied him the opportunity to raise his children.

David vowed that he would be a better parent than Krystal. Unlike Krystal, David would never sell his child, regardless of the circumstances. Marissa put a stop to David's hurtful words and ushered her mother to the door. Krystal urged Marissa to move out of Wildwind before it was too late. Marissa insisted that she knew what she was doing.

When Marissa returned to the living room, David was waiting. He smiled with satisfaction, certain that Marissa was firmly in his camp. A short time later, Marissa handed David a package that had been delivered. It contained a contract, which outlined David's agreement to drop all criminal charges in exchange for full custody of his son. David asked Marissa to witness the document.

Marissa reluctantly signed it after David assured her that he didn't want to cut Amanda out of the baby's life.

A short time later, Jake kicked in the front door of Wildwind. David appeared unconcerned as Jake pulled out a gun. David laughed when Jake announced that he intended to reclaim his family. David reminded Jake that killing him would not accomplish anything. Jake disagreed; Amanda would be reunited with Trevor.

The argument was cut short when Amanda rushed into the living room, begging Jake to put the gun down. When Jake refused, Amanda revealed that she had decided to move in with David.

Marissa arrived at the Martin residence with David's contract in hand. Krystal and Liza were concerned because they couldn't find Amanda and Jake. As they discussed David's ultimatum, Marissa assured everyone that she would be at Wildwind to watch over Amanda and the baby. Krystal pointed out that it didn't matter where they stood on the issue, only Amanda and Jake could decide what to do."

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