09/01/2009 Jake Is Arrested

"Amanda and Jake entered the interrogation room at the police station. They were relieved to see Jesse and Angie holding Trevor. Amanda exclaimed, "My baby!" Just then, David appeared and said, "Don't you mean our baby?" Amanda's expression of relief turned to one of horror.

Amanda asked to hold the baby, but David insisted that he should hold the baby. Jesse said that no one would hold the baby until he got answers. Amanda and Jake then admitted that Trevor was Amanda and David's son. Meanwhile, Trevor was crying. Amanda begged Jesse to let her hold the baby. Jesse gave her permission because he felt it was in Trevor's best interest.

Angie supervised as Amanda held her son. Amanda told Trevor that she loved him. Amanda noticed that Trevor looked great and assumed that someone took good care of him. Angie revealed that Randi had found the baby at the church. Angie admitted that Randi grew attached to Trevor and it was hard for her to give him up. Amanda was grateful that Randi treated her son well. Amanda then asked Angie if she was in big trouble. Angie was not sure, but she hoped that Amanda, not David, would get Trevor. Amanda wanted to flee the police station with Trevor. Angie advised her that running was not the answer.

Just as Jesse was about to question Jake and David, Tad and Taylor showed up at the police station. Jesse asked everyone for details on Trevor. Jake explained that he had faked Trevor's death to keep the baby away from David. Jake stated that David threatened to steal Trevor from Amanda, so he wanted to make sure that Trevor would remain with Amanda. David was furious and demanded that Jake, Amanda, Tad, and Taylor be arrested on a litany of charges.

Jesse had Jake handcuffed and arrested, since Jake admitted to faking the baby's death. Jesse said that he would investigate the case further and decide if more arrests needed to be made. Amanda and Angie appeared with the baby. Jesse said that Amanda needed to give the child back until he straightened everything out. As Natalia took Trevor from Amanda's arms, Amanda cried.

David demanded to know what would happen to Trevor. Jesse stated that he had to "play it by the book." Jesse further explained that Trevor would go into foster care until custody was determined. David smugly told Amanda that the baby would eventually go home with him. David then left the police station with an air of confidence.

Tad and Taylor begged Jesse to let them be Trevor's foster parents. Jesse said no, because they were too close to the case. Tad feared that David would win custody. Jesse hated to admit that David was in the right. Tad noted that David looked overly confident when he left.

Trevor cried uncontrollably and Amanda could hear it. Amanda asked Jesse if she could comfort her son. Angie answered for Jesse and said yes. After Amanda calmed Trevor, she visited Jake in his cell. She wept as he held her hands.

Liza told Zach and Erica that she was staying on Kendall's case. Erica was not pleased about the news and left the room. Liza assured Zach that she did not want to seduce him. She stated that she was a woman of her word, and wanted to see the case to the end due to her principles. He respected her reasons.

After Liza left, Erica warned Zach that Liza would not stop hitting on him. Zach stated that he was not interested in Liza. He swore that their relationship was professional.

Kendall could hear Erica talking to herself over the baby monitor. Erica vowed to thwart Liza's attempts to bed Zach. Erica then told her grandsons that she would take good care of them. Kendall seemed pleased.

Ryan arrived at Zach's house. Ryan announced that he was taking Spike home with him. Ryan did not want Zach raising Spike. Erica was shocked that Ryan wanted to remove Spike from his home, and demanded answers. Ryan said that Zach "switched teams." Zach explained to Erica that he took a loan from Adam. Ryan felt that, since Kendall's arrest Zach had become a different man. Ryan did not trust Zach.

Ryan entered Spike's bedroom. Ryan informed the boy that he was moving in with him. Ryan promised Spike that he could visit Ian whenever he wished. Kendall overheard that on the monitor and looked panicked.

Ryan walked out of the house with Spike. Erica followed Ryan to try to talk him out of leaving. Meanwhile, Kendall emerged from her room. Zach told her to go back into hiding, but she refused. She wanted her son to remain with her. Zach urged her to relax, but she threatened to reveal herself to Erica and Ryan if Zach did not get Spike back.

JR met with an oncologist. The doctor said that the best mode of treatment for JR's cancer would be chemotherapy. JR inquired about the side effects and the doctor explained that every patient reacted differently to the treatment. He told the doctor that he wished to keep his cancer a secret. The doctor encouraged him to garner support from his family. JR explained that he could not appear weak because some of his family members would try to gain custody of his son. The doctor understood.

Marissa arrived at Tad's house to see Krystal. Krystal told Marissa that her trip to Africa was great. Krystal urged Marissa to watch Erica's television show that would chronicle the trip.

Marissa informed Krystal that she was worried about JR. Marissa explained that JR's behavior was erratic and unpredictable. Marissa wondered if JR was drinking again. Krystal was concerned for JR, as well; however, Krystal was more concerned for Marissa because she moved into Wildwind. Krystal warned Marissa that living with David was a bad idea.

JR arrived at Tad's house to pick up Little Adam. JR saw Marissa and apologized for his odd behavior. He told her that they were moving too fast. He requested that they slow their relationship down because he was not over Babe's death yet. Marissa understood and agreed.

JR thanked Krystal for watching his son. Krystal said that it was her pleasure to spend time with her grandson. She offered to have Little Adam spend a few days with her. JR noted that he had a busy schedule and took her up on the offer. JR appreciated that Krystal did not want to take Little Adam away from him, like David and Adam did.

JR told Tad that he would start chemotherapy soon. JR said that he was ready to fight the cancer, but he did not want anyone to know about the illness. Tad was certain that JR would win his fight with cancer. Tad promised to be JR's support system. They embraced.

David saw Liza at the hospital. David gloated that he had a plan to get revenge on the Martins that no one would expect."

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