08/17/2009 Marissa Forgives JR

"At the hospital, Scott waited for Liza to emerge from Marian's room. Liza was somber as she approached Scott. According to Liza, Marian had been a shell of her former self. Liza had not seen any indication that Marian was aware of what was going on. She feared that her mother would never recover from Stuart's death. Scott comforted Liza as she broke down in tears.

Later, while Liza reviewed the papers that would commit Marian to a sanitarium, Scott reminded Liza that they all had to move forward. Liza asked if that was what Scott was doing by living at the mansion. Scott confessed that he had gone to the gatehouse to gather some things for Marian. Scott had sensed Stuart's presence while he had been in the gatehouse. He admitted that he had derived a sense of peace from being in Stuart's home. Liza asked how Annie had factored in to Scott's plans for the future. Scott assured Liza that he seldom interaction with Annie.

Adam summoned JR to the Chandler mansion to share the news that Chandler Enterprises had showed a quarterly profit for the first time in ages. JR realized that Adam attributed part of the company's success to Scott's "save the world" agenda. While they were talking, Annie crept downstairs to eavesdrop on their conversation. JR had no desire to hear his father brag about Scott. However, before he left, JR spotted Annie lurking in the foyer.

Annie was embarrassed to have been caught. Luckily for Annie, Adam didn't seem to mind that she had been listening in on their conversation. JR, on the other hand, believed that it was proof of her greedy nature. JR advised his father to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up. Adam didn't appear concerned, but Annie glared at JR. JR warned his father not to be taken in by Annie's lies, or else she would walk away with Adam's fortune.

After JR's departure, Adam confided that he didn't think that JR was aware of just how dire the family's financial circumstances had been. Annie hid her disappointment when Adam cautioned her about the wedding plans. He explained that he didn't have an unlimited amount of money for a lavish wedding. Annie assured Adam that she didn't need a big wedding.

When JR arrived at the hospital, he spotted Scott. The cousins briefly argued about Marissa until Scott realized that JR had asked Krystal to speak to Marissa on JR's behalf. Scott was disappointed that JR had stooped to such a low level. He walked off without another word to JR. Neither was aware that David had overheard the exchange between the Chandler cousins.

Later, David tried to play matchmaker between Scott and Marissa. Scott wasn't interested in David's help. He told David that Marissa wanted to be with JR and that there wasn't anything either of them could do about it.

Krystal explained to her daughter that Marissa was all that David had left. It made him overprotective. Krystal added that David's issues with JR stemmed back to when David had been involved with Dixie. Marissa confessed that she was hurt because JR had agreed to David's terms. Krystal asked Marissa to understand that JR had been driven by a desire to protect his son. Marissa realized why JR had agreed to go along with David's proposal, but she was disappointed.

Marissa became suspicious when Krystal continued to defend JR. She questioned if JR had sent Krystal to talk to her. Marissa accused JR of being a coward for not facing her. As JR entered the room, he agreed with Marissa's assessment. Krystal left the hospital room to give JR and Marissa some privacy. JR apologized for hurting Marissa; he realized that he had made a mistake.

JR credited Marissa for helping him to move forward after Babe's death. JR believed that Marissa had given him hope for a brighter a future and had opened his eyes to the possibility that he could change. Marissa revealed that David had claimed to have changed when, in fact, he hadn't. Marissa wondered why she should believe JR was any different from David. JR acknowledged that Marissa didn't have any reason to trust him. He thanked her for everything that she had done and then started to walk away.

Marissa called out to JR before he could leave. The two patched things up and then took a stroll down the hallway. As Marissa confided that she craved a burger from the Yacht Club, David approached them. David commented that it appeared that all had been forgiven; he wondered if Marissa's charitable mood extended to him. Marissa didn't appreciate her father's attitude. Meanwhile, JR warned David to back off.

To David and Marissa's surprise, JR confessed that he might be falling in love with Marissa. After David stormed off, Marissa turned to JR. She wondered if his declaration had been the truth or an attempt to get under David's skin. JR responded by kissing Marissa.

At the hospital, Tad recalled Amanda's warning that David would stop at nothing to get his hands on Trevor if David ever learned of the baby's existence. With Amanda's caution still ringing in his ears, Tad made his way to the nurse's station to question a nurse about David's whereabouts during Trevor's disappearance. The nurse confirmed that she had seen David frequently throughout the day. Tad realized that it was unlikely that David had slipped away unnoticed. As Tad continued to question the nurse about David's activities, Joe approached them.

Joe was anxious to talk to Tad about a philanthropic endeavor which Jamie and Jeff were organizing. Joe wondered if Tad would be interested in participating. Before Tad could question Joe about it, David approached. David had been told that Tad had been looking for him. Tad assured David that he didn't have need of a cardiologist. As Tad cracked jokes about how odd the word infarction sounded, Joe realized that his son was trying to hide something.

Joe clarified that he had been looking for David, not Tad. Joe claimed that he wanted to know if David would be interested on going to Africa on a humanitarian aid project. David refused to consider it. He didn't want to give Joe the opportunity to reclaim his position as chief of staff. Joe made it clear that he didn't want the job back; Joe didn't enjoy the paperwork that went with the position. After David walked away, Tad thanked his father for covering for him. Joe wanted to know why Tad had been asking questions about David.

Tad was reluctant to confide to his father. Luckily for Tad, Krystal walked up. Tad suggested that Krystal would be a perfect candidate to go to Africa to help Jamie and Jeff. Joe thought it was a fabulous idea. Krystal hesitated to agree, but eventually Joe managed to sway her. Tad added that they might want to consider asking a celebrity to join the envoy to Africa.

Tad went to his mother's room to check on her. Opal was in a panic because Trevor had disappeared. Tad assured Opal that they were doing everything that they could to find Trevor. He told her about David's mysterious phone call. According to Tad, Jake and Amanda had followed the lead to Massachusetts. As if on cue, Jake called with an update. Jake and Amanda were staked out, waiting for the package to be delivered.

Zach checked on Kendall in the secret room. He became concerned when he noticed that she had not eaten anything. Kendall confessed that she wasn't hungry. As they talked, they heard Ian cry out. Kendall ran to check on her son.

As Zach and Kendall entered the boys' room, they discovered that both children were wide awake. Kendall scooped up Ian. After she calmed Ian down, she focused on Spike. The family was enjoying their time together when they heard a knock at the front door. It was Erica. Zach went to answer the door while Kendall returned to the secret room. Spike didn't want his mother to leave.

Erica was in desperate need of Zach's help. She wanted Zach to lie about the children in order to force Kendall to accept visitors. Zach reminded Erica that Kendall didn't want to see anyone. Erica refused to drop the matter until Zach agreed to help her. After Zach promised to do what he could, Erica announced that she wanted to see her grandchildren. Zach tried to dissuade Erica by claiming that it wasn't a good time because Spike had not slept well. As if summoned, Spike appeared in the hallway.

Zach watched helplessly as Erica picked her grandson up and then carried him into the bedroom. When Erica had Spike settled on his bed, she offered to read to him. Spike wasn't interested, so Erica turned to ask Zach about Kendall's appeal. Zach assured Erica that Liza was working on it. Erica made it clear that she didn't trust Liza. In the meantime, Spike asked for some juice. When Erica offered to get it, Spike responded, "Mommy do it."

Zach was forced to cover Spike's slip by explaining to Erica that Spike had conjured up an imaginary mother to deal with Kendall's absence. Erica suggested that perhaps Spike might need to see a therapist, but Zach disagreed. Zach was certain that it wasn't a big deal. Erica warned Zach that she wouldn't have a problem as long as someone like Liza didn't try to replace Kendall.

After Erica left, Zach handed Erica's note to Kendall. Kendall felt terrible because her mother had begged for Kendall to accept visitors. Zach urged Kendall to write back to Erica, but Kendall didn't think that they could continue their ruse for much longer. Kendall feared that the imposter would eventually tire of being locked up behind bars, despite the exorbitant amount of money that Zach had paid her. She also worried that the imposter would try to blackmail Zach for more money.

Zach assured Kendall that everything would work out. She was shocked when he announced that he had to leave. Zach didn't offer any explanation. Later, Zach stood in the Adam's parlor. While he waited for Adam to join him, Liza arrived. She was stunned when Zach informed her that he intended to ask Adam for a loan. Liza cautioned Zach that Adam wasn't as "liquid" as Zach had presumed. Zach was confident that Adam had enough money to extend a loan.

When Adam joined them, with Annie in tow, Zach asked Adam for one and a half million dollars. Adam demanded to know what the money was for; he refused to fund Kendall's appeal. Zach explained that he needed the money to pay his employees at the casino. Annie didn't want Adam to loan Zach a penny. Annie reminded Adam that Zach had tried to frame her.

Annie was incredulous when Adam agreed to loan Zach the money. After Zach and Liza left, Adam explained that he had given Zach the money for Annie's sake. Adam was confident that Zach wouldn't be quick to accuse Annie of wrongdoing while Zach was indebted to Adam. Annie pretended to be happy that Adam was looking out for her, but as soon as Adam left the room, she vented her fury. When she saw Scott enter, she demanded that he help her. Annie claimed that she was concerned that Adam was losing his mind.

Outside, Zach thanked Liza for her help. Liza agreed that they worked well together. However, when Liza invited Zach to dinner, he declined. Zach insisted that he needed to check on his sons. When Zach arrived home, Kendall was waiting with a bottle of wine and dinner. Zach worried that she had taken a risk by freely moving about the house. Kendall assured Zach that she had made certain that the drapes had been closed. Moments later, Liza rang the doorbell.

At ConFusion, Krystal overheard Erica and her assistant discuss an interview with a woman who had nine children. Erica wasn't thrilled about the interview because she didn't want to give the woman additional notoriety. However, Erica realized that the interview would up her ratings. When Erica was alone, Krystal approached her table.

Krystal suggested that Erica feature the plight of the children in Africa on her show, rather than a woman with a bunch of children. When she showed Erica the brochures that Joe had given to her, Erica was moved. Krystal proposed that Erica feature the trip on her upcoming shows. Erica expressed an interest in joining the humanitarian effort."

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