08/21/2009 Amanda & Jake Question Gayle

"Randi was thrilled when Frankie agreed to keep and raise the baby that she had found. She took the young boy in her arms and promised that she and Frankie would love him forever. Randi then told her husband that they would be able to put all the bad things behind them and focus on their future. Frankie watched his wife with the baby for a few moments, and then revealed that Angie had found his sister, Cassie, in a similar fashion. Randi reiterated that they were meant to raise the boy.

Randi put the baby to sleep and then had an honest conversation with Frankie. She told him that she'd never been in love with Henry North. Rather, she just loved how he felt about her, and how his feelings promised her a new life. Frankie told her that she had been right when she said that they needed to forget about the past. Randi admitted that her involvement in Henry's death was something she couldn't forget.

Frankie praised his wife for defending herself against Henry's advances. There was a knock on the door. Frankie answered it and found Natalia on the other side. Frankie and Randi tried to convince Natalia that it was a bad time, but Natalia picked up on their hushed tones. Instead of posing a question, Natalia stated that Frankie and Randi had decided to keep the baby.

Natalia blasted her brother and sister-in-law for their choices, and said that there was a possibility that the baby's parents were frantically looking for their son. Randi pleaded for understanding, and said that she believed God had given her the baby. The baby started to cry, and Randi excused herself to take care of him. Once Randi was gone, Natalia said she understood Randi's behavior, but not Frankie's. Frankie said that the baby was Randi's only lifeline after the miscarriage, and that he couldn't take that away from Randi.

Frankie's insistence that the hell Randi had been through warranted keeping the baby frustrated Natalia. She pointed out that when Randi found the child, he wasn't a newborn that had been dumped -- he was a baby that someone had taken care of. As Randi listened in unnoticed, Natalia promised that she would not stop her search for the baby's parents.

Tad touched base with Jake and Amanda by phone and asked what they had been able to find out. Neither party had anything much to report, but Tad changed his tune when he spotted David walking into ConFusion. Tad quickly ended that call, and placed another to Liza. Failing to reach her, Tad left a message that there was an emergency at ConFusion. He said that she needed to go there right away. After he ended that call, he asked if the bartender wanted to liven up the crowd.

Amanda and Jake took a seat at the bar and ordered a couple of beers. They were able to find out that the owner of the bar had insisted that the pay phone remain in place, and was the only person that used it. Moments later, Jake spotted Gayle, the nurse that had taken the fall for David at the hospital, and they realized that she was the owner. They watched surreptitiously as the woman placed a call from the pay phone.

Jake and Amanda waited until Gayle had completed her call and was behind the bar before they revealed themselves. Jake started to fabricate a story about why they were in the area. Before he could lay a solid foundation, Amanda demanded that Gayle tell her where Amanda's son had been stashed. Gayle claimed not to know what baby Amanda referred to, and Jake questioned Gayle's contact with David.

Gayle explained that David had felt bad after she'd lost her nursing license, so he offered to help her start the bar. However, business had been bad, so David had some cash delivered to help her out. Gayle made it clear that she still believed David was a good man. She then asked Jake and Amanda to keep their meeting to themselves, as she had promised David that she wouldn't let anyone in Pine Valley know where she was.

After she realized that she had a scorpion on her chest, Krystal harshly called out to Erica. When Erica awoke, she sprang into action first then hesitated. She threw Krystal's words about Erica being a spoiled celebrity back in Krystal's face and acted as if she knew nothing about killing scorpions. Krystal insisted that Erica help her, but Erica refused until Krystal apologized.

Once Erica got her apology, she launched into a diatribe about how she had faced down many things that were worse than a scorpion. Erica demanded that the scorpion walk away if it wanted to avoid a violent end to its life. Krystal finally got fed up, hurriedly brushed the scorpion off of her, and eliminated the threat when she slammed her book on top of the scorpion.

The next morning dawned too soon, and Erica was in a panic because she hadn't written a word of her new speech. Krystal encouraged her to speak from the heart, but Erica was uneasy speaking without something prepared. Krystal said that if Erica shared her feelings, it would mean much more than anything manufactured.

Erica met with one of the organizers of the charity effort, and assured him that even without notes, she would be able to shoot the promo in one take. Erica walked into the frame, spoke from the heart, and did exactly as she promised. Afterwards, Krystal congratulated her on a job well done. In turn, Erica thanked Krystal for being the inspiration, and Krystal was awestruck by Erica's response.

While Zach was preoccupied with feeding Liza's baby, Kendall was alarmed when she started to feel chest pains. She tried the door, but soon realized her efforts were in vain. She attempted to retrieve the cell phone that Zach had given her, but passed out before she could reach it. Meanwhile, before Liza headed out the door, Zach thanked her for handling the loan with Adam, and she thanked him for being so good with her son.

Tad went over to David's table and made idle chatter in order to keep David at ConFusion. Unable to figure out Tad's motivation, David noted repeatedly that he needed to leave. Plans shifted imperceptibly when Liza arrived on the scene. David asked Liza to join him, and Tad willingly gave up his seat to the cause.

Jesse spotted Madison North from the table he shared with Angie at ConFusion. He was irate that the widow continued to show up everywhere he went. Jesse said that he would put a stop to it, but Angie asked that she be allowed to do the honors. She crossed the room and demanded that Madison reveal whatever game she was playing. Unwilling to tangle with Angie, Madison made a vague excuse and tried to leave. Angie made it clear that if Madison left without coming clean, she would have a problem on her hands.

Angie demanded that Madison stop harassing her family members, but Madison didn't easily fold. She told Angie that she'd done Frankie a favor when she told him the truth about Randi. Angie wondered what Madison's motivation was in continuing to behave as she did. As Jesse approached the duo, Madison acted as if she'd been emotionally damaged by Henry's death. Jesse revealed that Madison's ire stemmed from not having received her insurance settlement because of Angie's questions about the autopsy findings. Madison suggested that they all had something to lose if the case remained open, and offered that they might want to work together.

Zach went into the boys' bedroom and comforted one of them after a bad dream. He called to Kendall, told her that Liza had gone, and asked her to visit the boys. When he didn't get a response, he ran over to the secret room and found her collapsed on the floor. He started to call 9-1-1, but when the operator answered, he realized that he couldn't utilize that method of assistance. He truncated the call and was relieved when Kendall started to awaken. She told him that she needed her pills.

Zach quickly administered Kendall's pills, then took her in his arms and promised her that everything would be all right. He got her into bed and asked her what had happened. Kendall explained everything she remembered before she passed out. She told Zach that the attack was probably caused because she'd forgotten to take her medicine. A red light started to flash on the wall, and Kendall swore that she would throw something if it turned out that Liza had returned. Zach told her that it was the police because he had called 9-1-1, and then went downstairs to address the issue.

Zach greeted the officer and explained that his son had accidentally called 9-1-1. After the cop gave the main floor a cursory inspection, he asked that Zach explain to his son about the dangers of false alarms. Zach escorted the officer out of his house, and was mildly alarmed when Kendall appeared in the foyer.

Zach told Kendall that she needed to lie down, but Kendall said that for the first time in a while, she felt good physically and emotionally. Kendall said a realization had dawned that she couldn't survive a life without Zach and her boys. Zach was moved by her admission that being in the house was all she needed.

ConFusion's first open mic event commenced with a stab at stand-up comedy by Tad. Tad made David the target of his jokes, and his routine ultimately fell flat. After he returned the microphone to the bartender, Tad rejoined Liza and David at their table. He went on to make some suggestions about how David could spend more time with Liza, which piqued David's interest.

David accused Tad of trying to play matchmaker but didn't know why. Tad gave a reason that sounded ludicrous, and managed not to let on that there was more than an element of truth contained within. Tad excused himself, and when Liza tried to do the same, David did as Tad had hoped and asked Liza to join him for dinner.

Liza agreed, but before they could order another round of drinks, Liza was ready to call it a night. David got a call from the hospital, so he agreed and suggested that they have dinner again soon. He left ConFusion, and Tad immediately returned to Liza's side. Tad indicated that he thought Liza's act was good, but suspected that she actually liked David.

Liza denied any interest in David, but when Tad pointed out that she'd held on to the flower that David had given her, Liza caved in. She told Tad that since she knew Stuart wasn't David's son, she could relax and enjoy David for who he was. Tad noted that as he watched David with Stuart, he realized that David still believed Stuart was his son, and therefore David would have no reason to steal Trevor.

Jesse and Angie went to the police station, and Jesse assured his wife that his family was his priority. In that vein, he asked Angie to call the Washington, D.C., authorities and tell them that she had been wrong about the autopsy results. Angie mulled over that lie, and said that it was excusable, because it would help someone she loved.

Angie placed the call, and withdrew her assertion that Henry's death had been caused by anything other than the car accident. After she hung up the phone, she admitted how hard it had been to make the call, and apologized to Jesse for her lack of belief in him.

Jake called Tad again and the brothers updated each other on what they'd been able to find out. Meanwhile, Gayle opened the package that David had sent, and extracted a vial of medication, not money. She told her unseen patient that the doctor had increased the dosage, and prepared a shot."

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