08/13/2009 Tad & Taylor Abandon Trevor

"Frankie arrived home with a bag of groceries. His injured hands made it difficult for Frankie to retrieve his keys from his pocket, but he eventually managed to unlock the door. As Frankie entered the apartment, his spirits were high. He told Randi that he was getting better with his keys. When she turned to face Frankie, he realized that Randi had been crying.

Frankie suggested that Randi seek help to deal with the miscarriage. Randi resented Frankie's lack of understanding. She explained that it would take time for her to get past the pain of losing their child. Randi didn't think Frankie's solution, to have another baby, was beneficial. It made Randi feel as if Frankie were trying to replace the child that they had lost.

Frankie argued that Randi continually shut him out. He begged her to stop keeping things from him. Randi became defensive when Frankie demanded to know what she and Jesse here hiding. She became angry when Frankie revealed that he and Angie had discussed Randi and Jesse's odd behavior. Randi tried to imply that it was Frankie and Angie's imaginations. When that failed, Randi snatched up her purse and then announced that she needed time to think. Before Frankie could stop her, Randi walked out of the apartment.

At the hospital, Angie was stunned when a police detective informed her that they were investigating Henry North's death due to her concerns over the autopsy findings. Angie led the detective to an examination room, so that they could speak privately. She did not realize that David had overheard part of the conversation. While Angie questioned the detective about the new investigation, David continued to eavesdrop from the hallway. After the detective had left, Angie noticed David standing near the doorway. David boldly asked Angie whom she was trying to railroad. Angie ignored David as she walked passed him.

Later, Randi arrived at the hospital to confront Angie. Randi made it clear that she didn't appreciate Angie's interference. Angie argued that she had a right to talk to her son, but Randi disagreed. She informed Angie that she didn't have a right to put a strain on Randi's marriage. Randi warned Angie to stop sharing her conspiracy theories with Frankie, and then ordered Angie to stay out of her life. Angie tried to work things out, but Randi stormed away.

At the casino, Madison was drinking heavily and losing at the gaming tables. When she demanded that the casino extend her marker, Francesca was forced to turn her down. The casino's manager explained that the bank had refused to authorize the additional funds. Francesca suggested that Madison retire for the evening, but Madison was determined to have her way. Madison snidely informed the casino's staff that she was expecting a ten million dollar check.

Jesse stood nearby, watching the ugly scene unfold. When Madison noticed Jesse, she staggered over to him. She threatened to get "chatty" about Randi if he didn't help her. Jesse reminded Madison that he couldn't force the insurance company to issue a check. Jesse then turned his attention to Francesca. Francesca wanted to consult with Jesse about a security issue. As Jesse and Francesca walked away, Madison pulled out her cell phone.

Madison's voice dripped with insolence as she greeted her mother. Madison denied that she was drunk and then demanded to speak to her father. In the next breath, Madison insisted that she wasn't calling for money. A short time later, Frankie entered the casino as Madison sniped at a waiter who had tried to help her after she had stumbled. When Madison spotted Frankie, she invited him to join her. Madison flirted as she tried to persuade Frankie to give her money.

When Jesse saw Madison and Frankie, he approached his son. Jesse wondered what Frankie was doing with Madison. Frankie responded by asking what his father was doing with Randi. Jesse claimed that he didn't have time to deal with Frankie's questions, but he suggested that Frankie cut Randi some slack. Frankie reminded his father that Randi wasn't the only one to lose a child.

Frankie walked out of the casino in a rage. Madison managed to intercept Jesse before he could follow his son out the door. Madison informed Jesse that the reason the insurance company had delayed payment was because a doctor had raised questions about Henry's death. Jesse realized that Angie might have been responsible for the new investigation. Madison vowed to destroy Jesse's family if she did not receive her ten million dollars promptly.

Angie went to her son's apartment to tell him about her encounter with Randi. She also shared the news that Henry North's case had been re-opened. Frankie admitted that he had an argument with Jesse about Randi earlier that day. As mother and son speculated about what Jesse and Randi could be hiding, they realized that the secret might concern Henry North. Angie suggested that perhaps Jesse had covered up Randi's involvement in Henry's murder.

At the Martin residence, Opal played with baby Trevor while Tad folded baby clothes, and other items, which he then placed in a basket. He explained to Taylor that he had purchased the items at Goodwill, so that no one would be able to trace anything back to them after Trevor had been found. Taylor was sad that their ruse was almost at an end; she had enjoyed taking care of Trevor. Tad gently reminded Taylor that Trevor belonged with Amanda and Jake.

Opal was confident that Taylor would find her way through the difficult period ahead. Opal decided to go to the hospital in order to put their plan into motion. Before she breezed out the door, she reminded Tad to text a message to her when everything was in place. When they were alone, Tad made it clear to Taylor that he wanted to continue their relationship. His interest in Taylor had nothing to do with her agreement to hide Trevor. Taylor smiled with joy as Tad admitted that he had waited a long time for her to enter his life.

Amanda went to the hospital to tell Jake about Opal's plan to "find" Trevor in the alley next to the church. Jake grew concerned when he realized that Opal and Kathy had seen Trevor. He was also uncomfortable with the idea that Opal had joined the plot to reunite Amanda with her son. Jake worried that they were moving too fast and too many people knew about Trevor. When Opal joined them, she insisted that they needed to take a risk in order to thwart David. Amanda admitted that she was concerned about Taylor's growing attachment to their son. Eventually, Jake agreed to go along with their plans.

A short time later, Jake and Amanda arrived at Tad's house. Jake pulled Tad away for a private word while Amanda spent a few minutes with Trevor. Taylor asked if she could visit Trevor once Jake and Amanda had "adopted" the baby. Meanwhile, Jake confided that he was concerned that social services would decide that Trevor shouldn't be placed with Jake and Amanda. Tad assured his brother that everything would work out.

Jake and Amanda returned to the hospital to establish an alibi. They made a point of staging an argument, about Amanda's inability to have children, in front of David. After Amanda marched off in a huff, David suggested that Jake and Amanda consider the possibility of adoption.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Opal waited for Tad to notify her when Trevor had been placed in the alley. When she spotted Randi crying, Opal approached her. Opal understood the pain of losing a child; she had lost her daughter, Jenny, years before. She was certain that good things were in store for Randi, so she offered to read her palm. Randi wondered if Opal saw another baby in Randi's future. Opal promised Randi that everything would turn out fine.

Later, Joe intercepted Opal in the hallway. He was concerned for Opal's health after the difficult year that she'd had, so he insisted on giving her a checkup. Opal tried to dissuade Joe from his mission, but Joe stubbornly refused to listen.

Taylor was plagued with second thoughts as Tad carefully placed Trevor on a step in the alley. Tad assured Taylor that Trevor would be fine because they would be a mere fifteen feet away from the baby. Moments after they hid, Tad and Taylor heard approaching footsteps. At the same time, Tad's cell phone rang. It was Amanda; she was frantic because Opal was stuck at the hospital. Tad was horrified as he realized that someone else had found Trevor.

A glance in the alley confirmed the worst: Trevor was gone."

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