08/10/2009 Zach Refuses To Visit Kendall

"At the hospital, Marissa smiled when she opened her eyes to see JR at her bedside. As JR reached for Marissa's hand, Scott walked in. Scott left, unnoticed, after he had witnessed the tender moment between JR and Marissa. In the hallway, David was furious when Scott told him that JR was with Marissa. As Scott walked away, Krystal stopped David from entering Marissa's room.

Krystal cautioned David not to create a scene. She was certain that Marissa would resent David's interference in her relationship with JR. David vowed that he wouldn't lose another daughter to JR. Krystal reminded David that Marissa was a grown woman who was capable of making her own choices. Krystal insisted that JR was not the monster that David had made him out to be. Krystal didn't want David to make the same mistake with Marissa that he had made with Babe.

JR apologized to Marissa for behaving like a jerk just before Kendall's sentencing. After JR and Marissa had mended fences, JR decided to call Colby to check on Little A. In the hallway, JR encountered David and Krystal. He told them that Marissa was awake, but cautioned them not to agitate her. David reminded JR that he was a doctor and didn't need JR's warning.

In Marissa's room, David confessed that he had felt the same fear for Marissa that he had felt when Leora had died. Marissa's brush with death had affected David profoundly. David regretted how he had treated Marissa; he promised that he would be a better father. Marissa was moved by her father's words until he mentioned JR. When David begged Marissa to stay away from JR, she turned her head. Marissa refused to look at David while he warned her that she would end up just like Babe if she continued to see JR.

JR was irritated when Krystal waylaid him outside of Marissa's room. Krystal told JR that David was with Marissa. JR confessed that he couldn't believe that Babe and Marissa were a part of David. He immediately apologized to Krystal when he realized that the comment had been insensitive. When JR began talking about the similarities between the sisters, Krystal admitted that she liked to focus on their differences. One of the differences between the twins was that Babe had been impulsive, while Marissa tended to be methodical, like David. JR refused to accept that Marissa and David had anything in common. Krystal argued that JR didn't know the softer side of David the way that she did.

After David left Marissa's room, Krystal went in to see her daughter. Marissa was in tears because of her father's unreasonable request. Marissa confided that she had been frightened by David's intensity and determination. Marissa was upset because she had recognized the same traits in herself. Krystal assured her daughter they were flaws in David, but not in Marissa.

David pulled JR aside; he agreed to stay away from Little A if JR promised to keep his distance from Marissa. David claimed that Marissa was all that he had left.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Adam waited to see Joe. JR grew concerned when he spotted his father. Adam assured JR that he was fine. According to Adam, he was there for a routine follow-up exam. When Joe approached them, JR tried to linger, but Adam managed to shoo his son away.

After Joe concluded his examination, he invited Adam to get dressed. Joe closed the curtain and then stepped out of the room. When Joe was called away for an emergency, he asked David to finish up with Adam. While Adam stood behind the curtain, he decided to reveal the true reason for his visit. Adam explained that he had recently become engaged to a younger woman. He was unaware that David, not Joe, stood in the room.

Adam wondered if Joe could prescribe something to help Adam with his sexual stamina. David chuckled as he wrote out a prescription and then opened the curtain to hand it to Adam. Adam was livid when he realized that he had inadvertently confided his private fears to David. David ignored Adam's rant. He warned Adam that the medication could have serious side effects given Adam's medical history. Despite his distrust, Adam took the prescription.

Ryan confronted Annie at the Chandler mansion. Ryan was furious because Annie had contacted Emma. Annie accused Ryan of overreacting; she had simply left a message on Ryan's answering machine. Ryan reminded Annie that the judge had stipulated that Annie wasn't to have any contact with Emma. Annie didn't understand why Ryan was upset. She claimed that she had merely called to share the wonderful news of her impending marriage to Adam.

Ryan promised to send Adam his condolences; he considered Adam an idiot for marrying Annie. Annie resented Ryan's comments, so she threatened to fight Ryan for custody of Emma. Ryan couldn't believe that Annie would put Emma through a custody battle after the recent fiasco with A.D.A. Willis. Scott walked in while Annie and Ryan argued. Annie smiled victoriously when Scott ordered Ryan to leave.

Later, Scott returned to the living room with a glass of water for Annie. Annie thanked Scott for his support during her argument with Ryan. Annie claimed that Ryan had gone ballistic because she wanted Emma to be a flower girl at the wedding. When Scott wondered where Adam was, Annie revealed that Adam was working.

Annie changed the subject to ask why Scott wasn't at the hospital with Marissa. Scott admitted that he didn't think Marissa wanted him there. Annie disagreed; she thought that Marissa would be grateful because of Scott's heroic actions following the shooting. Annie was certain that Marissa would want to thank Scott. She encouraged Scott to return to the hospital, so his would be the first face that Marissa saw when she opened her eyes.

Scott revealed that JR had beaten him to it. Annie suggested that JR was fixated on Marissa because she was Babe's sister. Scott admitted that Marissa appeared to be attracted to JR. Annie assured Scott that it probably stemmed from Marissa's desire to get to know more about Babe. Eventually, Annie persuaded Scott to visit Marissa. Before Scott left, Annie asked Scott for a hug. Adam was taken aback when he walked in to find Annie in Scott's arms.

Annie explained that Scott had rescued her from an ugly confrontation with Ryan. Scott questioned Adam about Adam's business meeting. Adam seemed to be caught off-guard, but quickly recovered. Adam claimed that he had met the accountant at the Yacht Club for lunch and that the meeting had been a success. After Scott left, Annie invited Adam to go swimming. Adam mumbled an excuse then quickly fled the living room. In the foyer, Adam looked at the prescription slip that David had given to him.

Marissa was delighted when Scott stopped by to visit her. Scott smiled as he confessed that he'd been thinking of doing "this" from the moment he had met her. Before Marissa could ask what Scott had meant, he leaned down and kissed her. At the same time, David approached Marissa's room.

At the Slater residence, Erica was stunned when Zach informed her that he had fired Rachel. Zach insisted that the boys needed their father more than a nanny. Erica's concern turned to disbelief when Zach declined her offer to watch the children while he went to visit Kendall. Zach informed Erica that he intended to honor Kendall's request to stay away. Zach urged Erica to leave. As he opened the door, they were surprised to see Liza standing on the doorstep.

After Erica left, Liza followed Zach into the living room. She claimed that she wanted to discuss Kendall's appeal. Zach didn't believe Liza; he accused her of attempting to distract him from his problems. Liza shot back that Zach was trying to hide behind his sons out of fear. Zach admitted that he was afraid, but he didn't think that Liza could understand. Liza disagreed; she lived in fear of David discovering that he was Stuart's father.

Erica went to Ryan's apartment to plead for his assistance. Erica wanted Ryan to talk to Zach because she was worried about her son-in-law. Ryan explained that he couldn't force Zach to visit Kendall if Zach didn't want to. Erica reminded Ryan that he had a stake in what happened to Zach because of Spike. A short time later, Ryan pounded on Zach's front door, demanding to see his son.

Ryan pushed his way into Zach's home the moment that Zach opened the door. Ryan went to check on Spike. After he found Spike sound asleep in bed, Ryan returned to the living room. Ryan assured Zach that he wanted Spike to remain with Ian, but he was concerned about Zach's sudden change of heart about Kendall. Zach insisted that he was honoring Kendall's wishes and that he would continue to do so. Zach invited Ryan to visit Spike whenever he wanted; however, he asked that Ryan call ahead the next time. Ryan agreed and then left.

When Ryan returned home, he told Emma that she wouldn't have to talk to a judge because Kendall had confessed. Ryan apologized for not believing Emma sooner. When Ryan admitted that everyone had been wrong to doubt Emma, she reminded Ryan that Annie had believed her. Before Ryan could respond, Emma ran to her room, shut the door, and then retrieved the hidden cell phone.

Annie was happy to hear from Emma. After Emma assured her mother that no one knew that she had the phone, Emma told Annie that she didn't have to talk to a judge. Annie confirmed Ryan's story. Emma asked, "Does that mean I don't have to lie to daddy now that Kendall went away?"

Erica bumped into Liza at the state penitentiary. While they waited for Kendall, Erica demanded to know why Kendall had been placed in solitary confinement. Liza reminded Erica that Kendall had attempted to escape. Moments later, a guard informed Erica that Kendall had refused to see her visitors. Erica jotted a brief note for Kendall and then asked the guard to deliver it. Erica was confident that Kendall would want to see her after she had read the note.

Kendall stood in a sparsely furnished room. When she heard the door open, she turned just as Zach entered. Kendall ran into Zach's arms as he welcomed her home."

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