07/02/2009 Zach Asks Randi About Henry

"Adam told Annie that Aidan would not be bothering her again. Annie said that she felt like people were always after her, which was causing her to have nightmares. Adam said that he had not slept well since Stuart died. Adam said that he only felt good near Annie because she was with him the night Stuart died. Adam suggested they sleep in the same room, but not in the same bed, to see if it would help them sleep better. Adam asked Annie to tell him again what happened the night Stuart died so the memories might come back to him.

Annie told Adam that, on the night of the murder, she found him in the mansion's downstairs corridor. He was confused, so she took him upstairs. Annie said she was with Adam when Stuart was shot. But Annie remembered dropping a gun on the floor. Annie told Adam that she was telling him the truth. Adam said he believed her. Annie told Adam he would be fine and kissed him.

Bodyguards burst through the door with Aidan in their arms. The guards said that they caught Aidan outside listening to a device that had been planted in the home. The guards found the device under a coffee table. Aidan said that, because he loved her, he defended Annie while everyone thought she was crazy. Aidan said he planted the device to find out what really happened the night Stuart was killed. Adam wanted to press charges, but Annie told the guards to let Aidan go. The guards escorted Aidan outside.

Erica said she was worried about losing Kendall to a prison sentence. Ryan promised Erica that he would keep Kendall safe. Erica thanked Ryan for looking after Kendall. Ryan told Erica that he wondered if he would fail Emma as a father. Erica said it was not Ryan's fault that Greenlee died. She said that Annie would pay for all her crimes, even if Adam were falling for Annie's act.

Ryan asked Erica more about her relationship with Adam. Erica said it could be love if she did not hate him so much. Ryan said Erica deserved to be with a good man, but Erica said she did not mind being single. Erica got up to leave. Ryan wrapped a shawl around Erica and let her out the door.

Henry went to look for Jesse at the hospital, but instead, found Frankie practicing his hand exercises. Frankie said that Jesse was out working on the Chandler case. "Finally," Henry muttered. Frankie asked Henry what he meant by his snide remark. Henry said that it seemed Jesse was preoccupied with Frankie, but Henry was glad Jesse was back at work. Henry also said he was happy Frankie was feeling better. Frankie credited his recovery to his family and wife.

Henry said Frankie was lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Henry said he had been married for a few years, and quickly learned that it was impossible to know a person completely. Henry said he knew his wife was hiding secrets, but Frankie said he and Randi shared everything.

Zach asked Randi how she knew Henry. Randi said Henry went to the apartment looking for Jesse, but Zach did not believe her. Randi admitted that she knew Henry when she was a prostitute, but Henry was not a paying customer. Randi said Henry loved her, but she did not think they belonged together, so she had walked away from him.

Zach asked why Henry returned to Randi. Randi said Henry wanted them to start over. Randi thought she could help Kendall and Jesse by warming up to Henry, but Zach said Henry was dangerous. He told Randi to stay away from Henry.

Tad told Kendall he saw her twice on the night he was shot. As Jesse walked up, Kendall asked Tad to keep quiet. Jesse wanted to know what Kendall wanted Tad to hide. Kendall said that Henry was so determined to convict her that he was trying to get her friends to testify against her.

Jesse said he tried to keep the blame off Kendall, but he was going to have to testify. Kendall said Ryan saw Annie acting strange in the same place Stuart was killed, making it obvious that she killed him. Jesse said they could not arrest Annie without proof. Tad said he and Ryan tried to talk to Henry, but it only made Kendall look guiltier.

Jesse told Kendall and Tad that they should have gone to him with their suspicions about Annie. Tad visualized himself telling Henry that he saw Kendall running away from the Chandler mansion shortly after Stuart was shot. Next, Kendall imagined Jesse telling the jury that she had lied to him about the night Stuart died. Kendall told Jesse and Tad that she was going to be convicted unless they could prove otherwise.

Jesse went to check on Frankie at the hospital. He and Henry exchanged words out in the hall. Henry said it would be a pleasure to watch Kendall's friends get on the stand and make her look guilty. Jesse said Annie was also in the house the night Stuart died, but Henry reminded him that Annie was not a suspect. Jesse said Tad remembered a few details from that night. Henry said Tad's memories were sketchy and not enough to prosecute Annie.

Randi saw Jesse and Henry talking at the hospital. Henry said he was taking a few days off, and Jesse left. Henry told Randi where he would be staying if she decided to spend the weekend with him. Randi checked on Frankie, who said he felt bad for Kendall and her family. Frankie said it would take a miracle to keep Kendall out of jail. Randi told Frankie she needed to go out of town for a few days to handle a Fusion conference.

Randi went to Henry's hotel room. Randi asked Henry to leave Jesse and Kendall alone. Henry said he would grant Randi's wish if she spent the night with him.

Kendall went to see Ryan, but ran into Erica, who was leaving. Kendall envisioned her mother telling the jury that she heard Kendall admit to wanting Adam dead. Kendall hugged her mother and went inside to see Ryan. Kendall saw the subpoena paperwork at his home. Ryan said he would lie on the stand, but Kendall was against the idea.

Kendall visualized Ryan on the stand describing Kendall's strange behavior after Stuart was shot. Ryan said he still had time to prove Annie shot Stuart. Kendall said she was not guilty of murdering Stuart, but felt guilty for turning her back on Zach and the children to explore a relationship with Ryan. Ryan said he blamed Kendall for nothing. She hugged him and left.

Erica went to see Zach at the casino. She told him Kendall was upset about something. Erica said that Annie killed Stuart. Aidan went to the casino. He told Erica that security had busted him. Erica said they needed to find another way to nail Annie.

Zach went to get Kendall at Ryan's house, but Ryan said Kendall was already gone. Zach went to look for Kendall alone.

Kendall went home and looked at herself in a mirror. Kendall imagined defending herself on the stand. Rachel brought out Spike and Ian to Kendall. Kendall took them in her arms and said she had something important to tell them.

Erica snuck into Adam's house and an alarm sounded. Guards found Erica in the living room. Adam and the guards went to turn off the alarm, while Annie waited with Erica. Erica apologized for disturbing Annie's sleep.

Annie said she and Adam were not sleeping. They were looking at the gardens from his bedroom. Erica locked the door so she and Annie could speak undisturbed. Erica told Annie that she would not let her get away with framing Kendall. Annie angrily grabbed Erica's neck and started choking her.

Ryan and Zach tried to find Kendall, but she was not at home and ignored phone calls."

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