07/01/2016 Henry Visits Randi

"Ryan accused Henry of twisting Tad's words to make Kendall look guilty. Henry accused Ryan of maliciously using his ex-wife to try to get his ex-lover off the hook. Zach then entered Henry's office.

Henry noted that Kendall was a force of nature because she had two men working together to save her, even though they clearly hated each other. Zach and Ryan both affirmed Kendall's innocence, but Henry was not convinced. Henry handed Ryan a summons and told Ryan he was served. Henry planned to call Ryan as a witness at Kendall's trial. Henry also revealed that he planned to use Tad as a witness.

Ryan explained to Zach that Tad thought he saw Annie on the terrace on the night of the murder. Ryan further explained that Henry got Tad to change his testimony to say that it might have been Kendall on the terrace instead. Zach was annoyed and told Ryan to stay away from Henry. Ryan snidely noted that he did not take orders from Zach. Zach felt that Ryan made things worse for Kendall.

Erica went to see Aidan. Aidan had bugged the mansion and was listening to Annie's conversations. Erica wanted Annie to implicate herself in the murder, so Kendall would be exonerated. Erica and Aidan listened to Annie and realized that she was talking to Kendall. Erica was concerned because she did not want Kendall to be alone with Annie.

Annie was furious with Kendall because she knew Kendall suspected her of killing Stuart. Kendall admitted that she thought Annie was guilty. Annie proclaimed her innocence and accused Kendall of the crime. Annie assumed that Kendall was desperate enough for revenge after she thought Ian had died. Kendall wanted Annie behind bars because it would be best for everyone. Annie stated that she was sick of "losing." She warned Kendall to steer clear of her.

Adam arrived at home and asked what was going on between Annie and Kendall. Just then, Erica entered the mansion. Annie explained that Kendall was unrightfully accusing her of murder. Adam wanted to call the police. Erica said that she would tell the cops that Annie threatened Kendall. Adam asked how Erica knew that, since she just arrived. Erica claimed that she could hear Annie yelling from outside the mansion. Then, Kendall and Erica left. Annie thanked Adam for his support and they hugged.

Annie looked at the spot on the floor where Stuart died. She recalled Stuart's face as he was shot. She then went on the terrace and remembered seeing a gun on the floor. Meanwhile, Aidan was secretly watching Annie. He then revealed himself and asked her to confess to the murder. She professed her innocence. Aidan assumed that Annie killed Stuart and then used Adam as her alibi. Aidan commended her cleverness. She said he was wrong and screamed, so security would come. Aidan ran off.

Adam heard Annie's scream and asked what happened. She said that Aidan was on the property. She explained that Aidan accused her of murder, just like Ryan, Erica, and Kendall. Adam told her not to worry because he would make sure Annie had no more unexpected visitors. She divulged that she was having nightmares. He told her that she could rest easy because she would be sleeping with him.

Erica and Kendall went to see Ryan at his penthouse. They explained to him that Kendall had a run-in with Annie. Ryan explained to them what happened when Henry interrogated Tad. Kendall felt that her situation was hopeless, unless they found enough dirt on Henry.

Kendall left the penthouse and Erica stayed. Erica said that they could use Emma to get to Annie. Ryan was reluctant because he did not wish to get Emma involved. Erica feared that Kendall would go to jail. He promised Erica that he would not let Kendall go to prison. He held Erica's hand and asked if she trusted him. She replied, "I trust you with my daughter's life."

Kendall went to see Zach at the casino to tell him about her conversation with Annie. Zach urged Kendall to stop taking matters into her own hands because she made things worse.

Kendall asked Tad to meet her at the casino. She admonished Tad for telling Henry he saw her at the mansion. Tad reminded her that he did see her in the foyer and on the terrace. She urged Tad not to reveal that information in court. Jesse approached them and asked what they were discussing.

Henry went to the casino to see Madison. Henry snidely asked, "Did you lose the house yet?" She replied, "It's none of your business, considering I bought the house." He looked annoyed and told her to stop talking to Zach. She asked if he was worried that Zach might find dirt on him. Henry was not concerned. She warned him that Zach might find out about his upcoming trip to Washington, DC. Henry claimed that his trip was innocuous and that he was going there to "blow off some steam." She did not believe him.

Zach went to the casino. Madison saw him and brought him a drink. She was upset with her husband and revealed that he did not love her. She said that a mystery woman had broken Henry's heart. She stated that he was incapable of opening up to her because of that woman. She continued that Henry was leaving for a weekend getaway in D.C. to "blow off some steam." She insinuated that Henry would meet with prostitutes. Zach wondered if that bothered Madison. She said the hookers did not upset her, but she was desperate to know who the mystery woman was. She assumed that Zach would follow Henry. She asked Zach to tell her if he saw Henry with a woman of interest.

Randi visited Frankie in the hospital. They were making out in a hospital bed when Natalia stopped by. Natalia joked that her eyes were blinded by the sight. Natalia announced that she was going to move out of their apartment because she felt the newlyweds needed privacy. Frankie thanked his sister for the gesture.

Randi and Natalia went to their apartment. Randi helped Natalia pack her belongings up. Randi wondered if Natalia would move in with Jesse and Angie. Natalia said no because Jesse and Angie were always making out around the house. Randi hoped that she and Frankie would always be in love, like Jesse and Angie. Natalia confided in Randi that Jesse was having a hard time lately due to Henry. Natalia stated that Henry belittled Jesse every chance he could. Natalia then started to leave to get more packing supplies. Randi asked Natalia to bring Frankie chili cheese fries from BJ's.

Henry entered Randi's apartment and saw her packing a box. He was excited because he assumed that she was leaving her husband. She affirmed that she loved Frankie and had no plans to leave him. Henry asked her to go to D.C. with him, but she refused.

Randi scolded Henry for prosecuting Kendall. She explained that Kendall was her boss and that Kendall gave her a chance when no one else would. Randi then threatened to tell the press that Henry let her evade prostitution charges in exchange for sex. He warned her not to mess with him; otherwise, he would take it out on Jesse. He then noted that Randi could persuade him to ease up on Jesse and Kendall, if she went to D.C. with him.

Henry left Randi's apartment. Meanwhile, Zach had followed Henry to the apartment. Zach knocked on Randi's door. Randi was surprised to see Zach.

Amanda and Jake were at ConFusion eating lunch. Amanda told Jake, "Tell me who my baby is with." Jake looked uneasy and refused. She wondered why he would not divulge the location of her child. He reminded her that, before the baby was born, she told him never to tell her where the child was, even if she asked. Amanda changed her mind, however, and explained that she needed to know that her baby was doing well.

Jake told Amanda to close her eyes. He then described a fake life that her baby was living. He said that the baby lived in a small home, nestled in the countryside. He stated that the child's adoptive parents' were a teacher and a veterinarian. He claimed that the parents were waiting for a child and received the perfect baby, thanks to Amanda. She thanked Jake for telling her, but she was very emotional. She went to the restroom to compose herself. Meanwhile, Tad was at the restaurant eavesdropping on the conversation.

Tad revealed himself to Jake. Tad warned his brother that feeding Amanda fantasies would not fix her broken heart. Tad encouraged Jake to tell Amanda the truth. Jake assured Tad that he had everything under control. Tad feared that Jake's plan would backfire.

Amanda returned to the table and noticed Tad and Jake in a heated discussion. She asked what they were talking about. Jake pretended that Tad was telling him about Liza's baby keeping him up all night. Tad commented that the baby was very loud. Then, Tad left.

Amanda asked to hear more about the baby, even if it was a fantasy. Jake said that he wanted to discuss a different type of fantasy, one that involved whipped cream on Amanda. A waitress approached them and asked if they wanted to order. Amanda ordered a sundae, to go.

Amanda and Jake returned home. They got into bed and kissed. She thanked him for making her laugh. He said it was his job. They kissed more."

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