06/02/2009 Marissa Calls Krystal To Help David

"Colby read Scott an article on the front page of the newspaper. The article reported that Kendall was released on bail, but would stand trial for Stuart's death. Colby was appalled that Kendall was released. It did not bother Scott, because he blamed himself for Stuart's murder, not Kendall. Scott wished that he never brought the heart valve to Pine Valley.

Erica entered the restaurant in the Yacht Club. Erica was unpleasantly surprised to see Liza seated at a table. Liza announced that she had a room at the club. Erica suggested that Liza relocate to the Pine Valley Inn, but Liza refused. Erica warned Liza never to slap her again, or she would have Liza arrested. Just then, Jack approached the two women. Erica asked Jack to dine with her, but Jack already had breakfast plans with Liza.

Jack sat with Liza and questioned her about the night of Stuart's murder. She claimed that it was not her intention to hurt Kendall, but Jack was skeptical. She reminded him that she recanted her statement against Kendall. Jack laughed and commented that she was "blowing smoke up his skirt." He knew that, if Liza were called to testify, she would not perjure herself for Kendall's sake. Jack was certain that Liza would tell the judge she saw Kendall pointing a gun at Stuart.

Erica was annoyed with Jack because he ate with Liza. Jack explained that he needed to question Liza because she would be a witness at Kendall's trial. Erica stated that Liza was the killer, not Kendall. Jack urged Erica to stay out of Kendall's mess. Erica affirmed that she would not give up until her daughter was vindicated.

Jesse visited Zach in prison. Zach said that he wished to recant his confession, and Jesse was pleased. Zach wanted to be released so he could find the real killer. Jesse told Zach to stay out of his investigation.

The district attorney met with Zach. The lawyer questioned Zach about the night of Stuart's murder. Zach admitted that he saw Kendall with a gun, but he adamantly stated that Kendall did not kill Stuart. The lawyer assumed that Zach was covering for Kendall again. Zach attested that Kendall was not a killer, but the lawyer disagreed. Zach was then released from prison.

Kendall was in Ian's hospital room. Ryan went to see her and asked how Ian was feeling. She happily stated that Ian had slept through the night. Ryan hoped that she got rest, too, but she did not care about her sleep, because Ian's well-being was more important to her. Ryan promised to catch the killer, so Kendall could stay with Ian. He then apologized for telling the police that he saw her at the mansion. She told him not to feel guilty. She reminded him that Liza was to blame.

Ryan could tell that Kendall was furious with Liza. Kendall blurted out that Liza had slept with Zach. Ryan wondered why Kendall cared. Kendall explained that she did not care if Zach moved on; however, it made Kendall feel sick to think that Zach was the father of Liza's baby. Ryan thought that was impossible because Liza was at least seven months pregnant, which would mean that Zach had slept with Liza when Kendall was in a coma. Kendall noted that Zach had a penchant for fathering children behind her back. Ryan urged Kendall to ask Zach if he was the father. She did not want to interrogate Zach, especially after he went to jail to protect her.

Ryan met with Jack to discuss Kendall's case. Ryan offered to lie on the stand, if it could get Kendall acquitted. Jack warned Ryan not lie, because it could make things worse for Kendall. Ryan swore to find the real killer. Jack urged Ryan not to do anything stupid, but he noted that finding the true killer would get Kendall off the hook.

Colby and Pete had lunch at the Yacht Club together. They discussed their dysfunctional families. Colby commented that it was weird to see her mother and father in the same room. Colby found it even odder to witness her parents getting along. Pete said that, although his mother and father fought a lot, they still had a connection.

Colby felt torn between her mother and father. Also, Colby felt betrayed by her mother. Pete felt that Liza realized she had made a mistake and wanted to rectify things with Colby. He suggested that Colby give her mother a second chance. She valued his advice and he was flattered. He hinted that they, too, could have a connection, like his parents. She told him to give it up and he replied, "Never."

Zach went to the hospital and ran into Liza. Liza explained that she recanted her statement against Kendall. Zach told Liza that he would not reveal her secret. She asked if there was anything she could do for him. He coldly replied, "You've done enough."

Zach went into Ian's hospital room. Kendall was glad to see Zach out of jail. Zach looked at his son and noticed that he looked bigger and stronger. Zach stated that Ian needed his mother. Zach swore to find the killer, so Kendall would not be jailed. She worried that he might not find the killer. She also feared that he would have to testify against her. Then, Ryan entered the room and announced that he had a plan. Ryan declared that Zach would not have to testify against Kendall if Zach and Kendall remarried.

Erica was determined to search Liza's suite to find evidence against her. So, Erica told an employee that she forgot the key to her room in order to break into Liza's room. Erica asked the employee to unlock the room and, since the employee was a huge fan of Erica, she let Erica into the room without question. Erica opened Liza's drawers and looked at her papers. Suddenly, the door opened and Colby entered the room. Colby exclaimed, "What the hell are you doing?"

Marissa went to Wildwind to see Krystal; instead, she found David drunk and belligerent. David told Marissa that Krystal left him. He stated that he would do anything to see Krystal walk through the door. He proceeded to ramble on and on about Stuart's death. He stated that Adam was supposed to die, not Stuart. He said that Stuart's death was a mistake as he pointed his hand like a gun.

Marissa was unnerved by David's behavior, so she called Krystal. Marissa explained that David was drunk and crazed. Krystal said that David was no longer her problem and hung up.

David threw a bottle of liquor against the wall as Krystal entered the home. He was happy to see her, but she revealed that she went there to make sure Marissa was fine. Krystal then apologized to Marissa and told the girl to leave. After Marissa left, Krystal said that she'd had enough of David's self-pity. She stated that David was to blame for his problems, no one else.

David inquired where she was living and she said nothing. He realized that she went to Tad's and he became enraged. He grabbed Krystal and told her that she would not leave him for Tad. He clutched her hand and tried to force her wedding ring back onto her finger. She yelled that he was hurting her, but he did not relent.

Marissa went to the mansion to see Scott. She told him about her encounter with David. She said that David was out of his mind and would not stop talking about Stuart's death. She thought that David killed Stuart.

Scott entered Wildwind and saw David manhandling Krystal. Scott ran to David and punched him in the face."

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