05/11/2009 The Valve Fails

"Opal was alarmed when she saw Annie standing on Ryan's penthouse balcony. Aidan insisted that he didn't see anyone. Opal turned a look of disbelief on Aidan. When she returned her gaze to the balcony, Annie was gone. Opal was rattled by the incident, so she seemed unaware that Aidan had steered them both out of the apartment. She couldn't understand why her vision of Annie had been different from the last one.

At last, Opal realized that Aidan had been inside the apartment without Ryan's permission. Aidan admitted that he had broken into the apartment to find pictures of Emma for Annie. He implored Opal not to tell Ryan. Opal promised to be quiet as long as she didn't suspect any trouble. Aidan had little choice but to accept Opal's stipulation.

After Opal left, Aidan returned to Ryan's apartment. Annie was inside. She was delighted to see Aidan. Aidan asked Annie what she was doing in Pine Valley. Annie explained that she had to see Emma. Aidan was convinced that Annie had taken a dangerous risk. He urged Annie to leave town immediately.

Annie refused to budge until she saw Emma. Aidan grabbed Annie's hand, then her purse, as he started to drag her out of the apartment. Annie tried to snatch the purse away from Aidan. As the purse fell to the floor, it's contents spilled out. Among the items on the floor was a gun. Aidan was stunned when he noticed the weapon.

Annie insisted that she had brought the gun for protection. Aidan reminded Annie of the consequences if she had been caught with a gun. Aidan was more determined than ever to get Annie to safety before the authorities caught up with her. Annie finally agreed to leave with Aidan. In their haste to gather up Annie's belongings and her purse, Annie's wallet was left behind. In the hallway, Annie and Aidan slipped into the stairwell when they heard the elevator doors open.

In the back alley, Annie changed her mind about leaving. Aidan tried to stop her from entering the building again. In the struggle Aidan tumbled down a flight of stairs. Annie was momentarily stunned, but then raced to Aidan's side.

Aidan came to slowly; he quickly realized that his shoulder had been dislocated. Annie decided to pop the dislocated shoulder back into place herself. Afterwards, Annie informed him that she would call the shots from that point on. Her first decision was to see Emma. Annie sprinted into the building before Aidan could stop her.

At the hospital, Zach called out Ian's name. Kendall rushed into the room moments later. Zach explained that Ian did not look well. Zach insisted that the doctors examine Ian.

Jake raced into the room. Jake checked Ian out, but did not find anything wrong. Zach was certain that Jake had missed something. He demanded that Jake re-examine Ian. When Jake didn't find anything wrong with Ian, Zach ordered Jake to call David.

At the Chandler mansion, JR gave a toast to the success of the heart valve. During the speech, JR acknowledged Dr. Chappell's contribution. Afterwards, David pulled JR aside. David reminded JR that he owed the heart valve success to David because David had fixed the faulty heart valve.

Marissa approached David during the party to offer him hors d'oeuvres from a tray she had been serving from. Marissa didn't hide her displeasure with David over the bargain he had struck with Adam. She accused David of using children. Krystal overheard the argument. Krystal defended David's actions. Before he stormed off, David accused Marissa of not knowing what she was talking about.

Marissa admitted to Krystal that she had once thought highly of David. Krystal tried to explain how much Little A meant to David, but Marissa didn't think that David's love for his grandson justified David's actions.

David was annoyed when Jake called to ask if David had reviewed Ian's latest vital signs, which Jake had sent to David's PDA. David confirmed that the readings appeared normal. Jake implored David to return to the hospital to check on Ian. David said that he would be there later. Zach was furious when Jake relayed the message from David. Zach asked Kendall to keep an eye on their son, then left the hospital.

After JR's toast, Erica asked Adam if he had suffered another seizure. Adam insisted that he was fine, but Erica didn't believe him. Gayle stood nearby and quickly intervened. She suggested that Adam get some rest. Adam pounced on the excuse to walk away from Erica.

Adam retired to the sofa. When JR joined his father, he too seemed concerned about Adam's health. Adam changed the subject to avoid JR's uncomfortable questions. JR walked off in a fit of fury at the reminder of the lengths to which Adam had gone in order to have the Chandler heart valve implanted in Ian.

Adam went to Little A's room to warn his grandson to beware of David. Adam told Little A that David wanted to take Little A away from his family. Gayle eavesdropped on the conversation. After Adam returned to the party, Gayle sought out David. She told David about Adam's visit with Little A.

Opal arrived at the party, looking for Ryan. When Erica told Opal that Ryan had gone to the hospital to check on Kendall, Opal called Ryan on his cell phone.

Ryan ran into Angie at the hospital. Angie told Ryan about Frankie's injury. Ryan felt bad for Frankie's situation. He asked if Frankie would be home soon. Angie hoped so.

After Angie received a page, Ryan's cell phone rang. It was Opal. She told him that she had another vision of Annie, but the new one had been different. Opal was fairly certain that she had seen the real Annie standing on Ryan's balcony. Opal begged Ryan to go home to check out the penthouse.

When Ryan arrived home, he noticed that his front door was unlocked. Ryan looked around the penthouse, but didn't find anything amiss. A frantic called from Kendall sent Ryan rushing out of the door.

Opal was shaken after she had another terrifying vision in Adam's living room. In Opal's vision, the drapes were drenched in blood.

Krystal was ready to leave the party, but David wanted to visit Little A first. Krystal suggested that David not test their new liberal visitation arrangement. David asked Krystal whose side she was on. Krystal responded that she was on his side, but David ignored her. Moments later, in Little A's room, David tried to make plans with his grandson. Little A didn't seem interested in spending time with David. When David tried to ask Little A what was wrong, Little A ran off to play with Emma.

In the hallway, David told Gayle that he blamed Adam for Little A's reaction. David stormed downstairs to confront Adam. Before David could get out more than a couple of words, Zach marched into the party. Zach ordered David to check on Ian.

Erica stopped Gayle outside of the children's playroom. Erica complimented Gayle on her stunning bone structure, then asked if Gayle had ever modeled. Gayle smiled at the compliment. Gayle revealed that her only career had been as a nurse. Erica used Gayle's reply as a springboard to slyly question Gayle about David. Erica shrewdly studied her, as Gayle waxed poetic about David. Later, Erica spied on Gayle as Gayle talked to Little A about what a wonderful man David was.

Scott walked into Dr. Chappell's hotel room. He found the doctor hanging from the ceiling, a victim of an apparent suicide. After Scott called 9-1-1, he called JR. JR arrived shortly after Jesse arrived on the scene.

As Jesse questioned JR and Scott, JR revealed a possible motive for the doctor's suicide. JR told Jesse that Dr. Chappell had sold the rights to the heart valve before the doctor had realized it's true worth. JR asked if Jesse could keep it out of the paper. Jesse explained that Dr. Chappell was Jesse's priority, not JR's public image.

After Jesse left, Scott admitted that he was offended by JR's callous attitude toward the doctor. JR pointed out that he couldn't protect Dr. Chappell, but he could protect Chandler Enterprises. JR reminded Scott that David had fixed the heart valve, so they just had to hope that the repair held and Ian made a full recovery.

As the party drew to a close, Marissa found Krystal in the living room studying a picture of Babe. Marissa apologized for her earlier outburst about David. Krystal assured Marissa that she didn't harbor any ill will. Krystal understood that Marissa had stood up for what she had believed in. Marissa noticed the picture of Babe that Krystal held.

Krystal confessed that she missed Babe dearly. Marissa empathized with Krystal's grief. She pointed out that Krystal had much to be thankful for, including all the people in Krystal's life who loved her. Marissa counted herself among those who loved Krystal. Krystal didn't say anything; instead, Krystal ran out of the mansion.

Krystal went to Babe's graveside. Krystal sat on a bench as she spoke to her daughter. She told Babe that she missed her smiles, hugs, and, most of all, Babe's advice. Krystal confessed that she had messed up and was unable to make it right. Marissa had followed Krystal to Babe's grave and overheard Krystal's last words. Marissa asked what Krystal had done.

Jake realized something was wrong with Ian moments before the alarms went off. Luckily, David was on hand to examine Ian. David suspected that Ian had a mild arrhythmia and possible edema. As more alarms went off, David ordered Jake to administer additional medications to Ian.

At the hospital, in the hallway, Zach threatened to kill Adam if anything happened to Ian. Zach entered Ian's room. He demanded to know what was happening to his son. Jake and David ordered both Zach and Kendall to exit the room, so that the doctors could focus on their patient.

After Zach and Kendall left, Jake asked David if he knew what had prompted Ian's difficulties. David admitted that he had found a problem with the heart valve during the operation. David had repaired it, but feared that the patch had failed. David believed that a backflow of blood had compromised Ian's heart.

In the hallway, Adam ran into Jesse. Jesse explained that he was at the hospital investigating Dr. Chappell's suicide. Jesse noticed that Adam seemed genuinely surprised by the news. Jesse wondered why JR and Scott had not told Adam about the doctor's demise. JR and Scott remained sheepishly silent. Kendall, Zach, and Ryan overheard the shocking revelation about the doctor.

Before anyone could respond, David and Jake walked out of Ian's room to update the family on the child's condition. David confirmed that Zach had been correct; Ian's heart was in crisis. David suggested that Zach ask Adam what the problem with the heart valve was. All eyes turned to Adam."

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