04/21/2009 Krystal & Adam Have A Secret

"Scott met with Dr. Chappell at the yacht club to discuss the heart valve they were both developing. Dr. Chappell was apprehensive to receive funding from the Chandlers. The doctor felt that the Chandlers only cared about money, instead of helping others. Just then, Erica entered the club. The doctor was awed to see Erica in person, so Scoot revealed that Erica was helping Adam with the deal.

Erica sat down with Scott and Dr. Chappell. The doctor was immediately enamored with Erica and asked her to call him Jeffrey. Erica assured Jeffrey that he was making the right decision by going into business with the Chandlers.

JR entered the yacht club and saw Erica, Jeffrey, and Scott. JR inquired about their meeting. Scott and Erica informed JR that Chandler Enterprises was investing in the heart valve. JR looked annoyed as Erica and Jeffrey left the club together.

JR told Scott that he did not want to invest in the project, mostly because JR did not trust Scott's motives. Scott felt bad for JR because he was not capable of trusting anyone. Scott reminded JR that, if the heart valve were a success, it would not only save lives, but also make millions for the company. JR was still unenthused. Scott accused JR of being jealous that Scott was responsible for the product that would save their family's company.

Krystal went to see Adam at his mansion. Krystal was furious as she asked Adam, "Why didn't you tell me they were dead?" He slyly smiled. She demanded more information from him and he handed her a piece of paper. She said that he owed her because she betrayed her husband for him. Adam noted that the secret they shared made her passionate.

David secretly broke into the mansion and eavesdropped on Adam and Krystal. David revealed himself and demanded to know the secret that Adam and Krystal were hiding. Krystal claimed that there was no secret, but Adam disagreed. Adam proceeded to announce that he and Krystal had an affair. Krystal looked distraught and stormed out.

David told Adam that he did not believe Krystal cheated on him, especially with a man she hated. Adam noted that there was a fine line between love and hate. David warned that Adam made a mistake by crossing him.

Erica and Jeffrey arrived at the mansion. Jeffrey realized that David was the doctor that had wanted to see his designs. Jeffrey told David that he would never get his hands on the designs. Adam stated that he liked Jeffrey. David advised Jeffrey to think twice before going into business with the Chandlers, because their company was about to go "belly up."

Jeffrey presented his ideas on the heart valve to Adam. Adam was very impressed and agreed to invest in the venture. Then, JR and Scott arrived. JR and Scott fought over whether or not Adam should get involved in the project. JR told Adam that he would be making another bad investment, like he did with Fusion. Erica affirmed that Adam's investment would pay off. Scott protested that the heart valve could save the company.

As JR and Scott fought, Adam's vision became blurry. Erica noticed that Adam did not look good. She told JR and Scott to stop fighting because it was upsetting Adam. Adam regained his sight and snidely told Erica to stop acting like his nursemaid.

After JR and Scott left, Erica asked Adam how he was feeling. Adam claimed that he was fine, but Erica disagreed. She assumed that he had a seizure. She handed him his medication and urged him to take it. She noted that he would not get better without the pills, so he swallowed them.

David went to the yacht club. He pulled a prescription bottle out of his pocket. The label read, "Adam Chandler Sr."

Krystal went to a sleazy massage parlor called "Pure Ecstasy." She asked the owner if she could see Marissa. The owner explained that Marissa was with a client. Krystal pretended to go to the restroom when she was really searching for Marissa.

Krystal entered a room and found Marissa massaging a sweaty man. Marissa was shocked to see Krystal. Marissa and Krystal went to another room to talk. Marissa explained that her parents died in a car accident. Krystal was sad because she was very good friends with Marissa's mother.

Krystal mentioned that she lost her daughter, Babe. Marissa wished that she could have met Babe. Krystal told Marissa that she did not have to work in a seedy place. Marissa said that she needed the money. Marissa further stated that she was a legitimate masseuse, even though she did not have a license.

The owner of the massage parlor was aggravated with Marissa because she made him lose a client. Krystal grabbed the owner and told him to leave Marissa alone. The owner then fired Marissa. Marissa was distraught and told Krystal to stay away from her. Then, the police entered the parlor and announced that it was a raid.

Brot was in his hotel room practicing his speech in the mirror when Taylor called him. He admitted that he was nervous to give his motivational speech. She was confident that everyone would love him. He asked her how she planned to spend her day. She claimed that she was about to go for a run at home, but she was secretly in Brot's hotel.

Brot spoke in front of an auditorium of veterans. He explained to them how he was injured in the war. He told them that it took a while, but he finally accepted that people loved him, despite his appearance. He encouraged the veterans to embrace their loved ones, instead of pushing them away. He then stated that the veterans should be proud because they served their country well. He thanked them for letting him speak.

Brot returned to his hotel with a big smile on his face. There was a knock on his door and he was shocked to see Taylor standing outside his room. She was elated that Brot delivered a great speech.

He looked disappointed and reminded her that he did not want her there. He wondered why she could not respect his wishes. He assumed that she did not have faith in him. She begged him not push her away, so he eased up. He invited her to spend the rest of the day with him.

Brot attended a round table discussion with veterans. He discussed his reaction to his face when he first saw the burns. Taylor looked on with pride. Then, Brot and Taylor had fun. They snowboarded, rock climbed, and kissed.

Annie called Emma's school and pretended to be Corinna. Annie stated that Emma would not be attending school because she was sick. Meanwhile, Ryan got Emma ready for school. Ryan then sent Emma to the bus, alone. When Emma left the penthouse, Annie approached her. Annie told Emma that they were going to have a picnic.

Jesse called Ryan to inform him that Annie had escaped from Oak Haven. Ryan realized that Annie kidnapped Emma, and he panicked. Jesse rushed to Ryan's penthouse. Jesse issued an Amber Alert on Emma.

Annie brought Emma to the park. Annie was sad to learn that she no longer knew what Emma's favorite foods were. Annie gave Emma a book that she had made. Then, Annie told Emma that she had to leave. Annie stated that she would always love Emma. Emma wanted to go with Annie, but Annie said that Emma needed to stay with Ryan.

Aidan went to see Ryan and Jesse. Ryan assumed that Aidan helped Annie escape and kidnap Emma. Aidan pretended that he did not know where Annie was. Jesse received a tip that Annie and Emma were in the park. Ryan opened the door to leave and found Emma outside. Emma explained that she said goodbye to her mother because her mother had to leave town. Ryan was relieved to see his daughter.

Annie and Aidan got their belongings together, so they could leave Pine Valley. However, before they could go, Ryan burst into their hotel room. Ryan pointed a gun at them and exclaimed, "You're going to jail!""

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