04/09/2009 Spike Visits Ian

"JR took his father some paperwork detailing the latest changes at Chandler Enterprises. Adam looked out of the window, not even bothering to acknowledge JR's presence. JR called his father's name again until Adam turned around. Adam said he had spent a fortune on JR's custody case while Chandler Enterprises had suffered. JR said Adam had kept the company's poor revenues from him for too long. JR had resorted to laying off 500 workers, had automated the phone systems, and had streamlined warehouse production at Chandler Enterprises.

Colby was shocked by JR's drastic moves to keep Chandler Enterprises alive. JR said the company would have gone bankrupt without cutting expenses. Adam was not happy that his employees, many of whom had put in decades of service, were being let go without any severance pay. Adam said he would get that fixed, but JR thought severance pay was not in the company's budget. JR blamed his father for the company's downfall.

Erica interrupted JR's harsh scolding at Adam. She said Adam investing in her company was the best decision he had ever made. JR said Adam had invested in a "black hole company" run by Scott Chandler that had bled the company dry. Scott had started a production company specializing in medical videos, JR said. Adam claimed he had made the investment as a favor to Stuart. He did not want JR to pull the plug on Scott's company. Erica suggested JR listen to his father, considering Adam had just been released from the hospital.

Erica took Adam outside for a breath of fresh air. JR wondered why Adam was acting like a different person. Erica asked Adam why he was fighting so hard to keep Scott's company afloat. Adam said his whole world was falling apart, but he could at least fight for Scott. Erica wanted to take Adam back to the hospital, but Adam wanted to stay at home and protect Little Adam. Erica asked if Adam needed anything. He suggested she go upstairs with him, but Erica just laughed at Adam.

JR asked Erica if he knew the reasons Adam was acting strange. Erica said JR should be thanking Adam instead of questioning his behavior. Erica said Adam was JR's best chance to get Little Adam back. Adam told Colby he was going to take Little Adam to the pond and feed the ducks. Colby reminded Adam that his grandson was living with a foster family. Erica said Adam's medication made him confused sometimes.

Aidan stayed with Annie overnight. She woke up and told him that she had not had any nightmares or bad memories. Annie said she was still shocked that Richie had killed Tori, the little girl, when they had just been kids. Annie said the guilt of thinking she had killed Tori was gone. Annie saw a poster for Tori's disappearance on Aidan's computer screen.

Aidan said that Tori's family wanted answers about Tori. Annie blamed herself for not giving Tori's family closure, but Aidan said it was not Annie's fault that she had pushed the memories of Tori's death deep in her mind to survive.

Annie wondered if Emma has pushed down her own feelings to deal with Annie's breakdown. Annie said she should have been there for Emma. Annie was worried that Emma would feel like Annie's breakdown was Emma's fault. Annie wanted to see Emma, but Aidan said Ryan had to give consent for the visit. Aidan offered to ask Ryan for the favor but doubted Ryan would agree to it.

Erica went to pick Ryan up at his house, but Ryan thought their business meeting in Philadelphia was the next day. Erica said she wanted to get to Philadelphia earlier to go over business strategy, but Ryan knew she just wanted him away from Kendall. Erica claimed the trip was simply business and had nothing to do with her personal feelings towards Ryan's relationship with Kendall.

A nanny took Emma home after Emma had hit another girl on the bus during a school field trip. The nanny said that the school had sent Emma home after Emma had refused to apologize. Ryan told Erica the business meeting in Philadelphia would have to go on without him.

After Erica left, Emma said another girl had called her "Crazy Emma" because her mother was crazy. Ryan explained that Annie was in a hospital to get better but would be home soon. Emma said she did not want Annie to return home because Annie would go to jail. Ryan asked if another classmate had told Emma that Annie would go to jail.

Emma said that she had seen the picture of Annie with her blood-stained wedding dress, holding a knife. She wanted to know if Annie had hurt someone. Ryan said Annie had gotten confused and had made some mistakes but was not a bad person. Emma asked Ryan if she was not seeing Annie because Annie would hurt her. Ryan said Annie loved Emma more than anything else. He told Emma she needed to tell him when kids picked on her at school.

Aidan stopped at Ryan's house. Ryan sent Emma upstairs. He told Aidan about Emma hitting a classmate who had been making fun of Annie. Aidan told Ryan that Ritchie had killed Annie's friend, Tori, when they had been kids and had made Annie believe she had done it. Aidan said that was the main reason Annie had killed Richie.

Aidan said Tori's murder had occurred when Annie had been seven. Aidan said Tori had seen Richie hitting Annie repeatedly. Richie had cracked Tori's skull with a baseball bat, put the bat in Annie's hand, and told Annie she had killed Tori. Aidan said Annie had finally had the breakthrough she needed to get better. Aidan asked Ryan to allow Emma to see Annie, but Ryan said no.

Aidan said Emma might feel responsible for Annie being gone. Ryan said he needed to protect Emma from Annie until Annie was completely well. Aidan asked Ryan to visit Annie himself to see how much progress Annie had made.

Ryan visited Annie. She was disappointed he had not taken Emma. Ryan said he had wanted to see for himself that Annie was feeling better. Annie said that despite her past, she was still Emma's mother.

Zach slept while Kendall watched over Ian at the hospital. When Kendall went to put a blanket over Zach, he woke up. Zach said Ian was doing well. Kendall suggested Zach go home and rest, but he wanted to stay with Ian.

Kendall recounted how she had felt waking up from the coma. She had felt uneasy knowing Josh was gone, Gabrielle was born, and Kendall had a new heart. Kendall said she felt like everyone had moved on without her, except Zach. He had always been by her side while taking care of the children and running the casino. Kendall thanked Zach for everything he did for her.

Zach decided to take a break while Kendall looked after Ian. Kendall told Ian that he was a strong child. She apologized for not being there for Ian but promised to be by his side until he went home. Zach went home and looked at the divorce papers.

A nanny took Spike out, and Zach put the papers away. The nanny said that Spike wanted to know when Ian was returning home. Zach told Spike that Ian had had a heart problem, but it had gotten fixed. Zach decided to take Spike to the hospital to visit Ian.

JR met with an attorney to discuss Chandler Enterprises. Scott showed up and punched JR in the face."

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