04/06/2009 Krystal Encourages David To Do The Surgery

"Zach and Kendall watched as Ian was taken to surgery. Zach reassured Kendall that she had made the right decision when she had consented to Ian's operation. Kendall sensed that Ryan was standing behind her. She turned to look at Ryan but didn't say anything. Ryan went to the waiting lounge while Zach and Kendall walked into Ian's room. Kendall promised Zach that Ian would return home then excused herself.

Alone, Zach prayed to Myrtle's spirit. He asked Myrtle to watch over Ian. Zach believed that Ian deserved a longer life than the one he had lived so far.

In the waiting lounge, Ryan gave Kendall the card that Spike had made for his little brother. Kendall welled up with tears as she read the homemade card. Kendall's mood soured when Reese walked into the waiting lounge. Kendall demanded to know what Reese was doing at the hospital.

Reese explained that she had stopped by to check on Ian. Kendall accused Reese of wanting to see how Zach, not Ian, was doing. Kendall also claimed that Reese wanted to score points with Bianca. Reese denied the unflattering allegations. Eventually, Zach walked into the lounge. He was forced to intervene when Ryan and Kendall continued to question Reese's motivations for being at the hospital.

Kendall and Zach returned to Ian's room to await news of their son's surgery. Ryan turned to Reese and asked why Reese had not left town with Zach after she had seduced him. Reese countered by asking Ryan why he remained at the hospital when it was obvious that Kendall had no intention of returning to Ryan.

In Ian's hospital room, Zach told Kendall that she had to stop blaming Reese for the breakdown of their marriage. Kendall admitted that she had been running from their marriage since she had discovered that Zach had fathered Gabby.

Before David was scheduled to operate, Krystal talked to him. David admitted that Ian's crisis had taken an emotional toll on him because Ian was a child. Krystal offered David words of encouragement. David confided that he performed a ritual before each surgery. David checked his pulse, focusing on his heartbeat, to remind him of the power he would face when he entered the operating room. Krystal offered to perform the ritual with David.

At the Chandler mansion, the police questioned JR and Colby. The police had found Adam's car. The car had been involved in a single car accident, but Adam had not been found at the scene. The unofficial interrogation was interrupted when JR received a phone call. JR claimed that Adam had called to let his family know that he was unharmed. Adam had ended the call before JR could ask any questions.

After the police left, JR admitted that he had lied about the phone call in order to throw the police off of Adam's trail. Colby was upset because they had no idea where Adam was or if he'd been hurt in the accident. Tad believed he knew where Adam had gone because the car had been found near Zach's casino.

Erica walked into her suite at the casino and found Adam waiting for her. After they shared a passionate kiss, Erica pulled away. Erica demanded to know what Adam was doing in Pine Valley. Adam explained that the doctors had not been able to find anything wrong with him, so Adam had decided to leave the hospital. Erica was suspicious; she was certain that Adam was hiding something from her.

Adam admitted that he had recently suffered from memory lapses. He showed her a bruise on his forehead then explained that he had wrecked his car. Adam admitted that he had no recollection of the minutes leading up to the crash. Adam feared that David would use Adam's recent memory problems to have Adam declared incompetent.

Adam asked Erica for help; he wanted to hide in her suite. Erica explained that she would be happy to do what she could for Adam, but she had to focus on Ian at that moment. Adam was stunned when Erica told him about Ian's heart troubles. Adam urged Erica to return to the hospital so that she could be with her grandson.

Adam and Erica stopped short when Adam opened the door to the suite; JR and Tad were standing on the other side, prepared to knock. Erica departed, leaving JR and Tad alone with Adam.

Tad decided to try to get the charges against Adam dropped. After Tad left, JR showed Adam the picture of Charlotte that Adam had supposedly drawn. Adam insisted that he had drawn the picture of Erica while he had passed himself off as Stuart. The lie about Charlotte being the subject of the picture had been intentional on Adam's part. It had been an attempt to convince everyone that he was Stuart.

Adam deftly changed the subject to Little A. Adam wanted to find out where Little A was staying. JR informed his father that Little A was in good hands, but JR refused to disclose any additional information.

Colby was furious when Krystal showed up at the Chandler mansion. Colby blamed David and Krystal for driving Adam over the edge. Colby told Krystal that Adam had wrapped his car around a tree. Colby slammed the door in Krystal's face while Krystal tried to absorb the shocking news about Adam.

Pete, shovel in hand, volunteered to help bury David for Colby if Colby decided to kill the dastardly doctor. Colby assured Pete that she didn't have any plans for David's demise, but she appreciated Pete's loyalty. Colby was frustrated because JR had not shown her the same allegiance. Colby explained that when she had asked her brother where Adam was, JR had refused to tell her. JR had worried that Colby would unintentionally lead the police straight to their father.

Krystal went back to the hospital to tell David that Adam had returned to town. David was concerned when he noticed Krystal grimace in pain, but she brushed it off as nothing more than a stitch in her side.

Krystal admitted that she was worried that Adam had been hurt in the car accident. David didn't share Krystal's concern. David was livid because the police had not notified him of Adam's reappearance in Pine Valley. David tracked down Jesse, who happened to be at the hospital. Jesse reminded David that he did not answer to David.

Tad waited for David to leave before he broached the subject of Adam. Tad was confident that Jesse could find a way to get the charges against Adam dismissed. As incentive, Tad pointed out that it would drive David crazy to be thwarted.

David went to Ian's room to inform the family that they had successfully repaired the tear in Ian's aortic valve. David warned Kendall and Zach that the next 24 hours were crucial, but David was confident that Ian would pull through. Zach asked David what Ian's odds for recovery were. David responded that Ian's chances were better than 50 percent.

Erica returned to her suite at the casino. Before she entered her room, Erica overheard JR and Adam discuss keeping Fusion afloat. After JR left, Erica admitted that she'd heard Adam and JR talking about Fusion. Erica was grateful that Adam had confidence in her as a businesswoman. She informed Adam that she fully expected Adam to fall on the sword for her if it were ever time for that. Adam promised that he would be happy to do so for Erica.

At the sanitarium, Annie introduced Aidan to Tori. Annie became quite agitated when Aidan insisted that Tori didn't exist. Several orderlies were forced to restrain Annie.

A short time later, Annie's therapist, Dr. Burke, went to Annie's room to talk to Aidan. Dr. Burke informed Aidan that Annie had been sedated. However, the doctor wanted to know what had set Annie off. Instead of answering the question, Aidan asked if Dr. Burke intended to divulge the information to the district attorney. Dr. Burke explained that the D.A. had to be kept informed of Annie's treatment; it was a condition of her institutionalization.

Aidan claimed that he had no idea what had caused Annie to have an emotional outburst. Dr. Burke asked Aidan who Tori was. Dr. Burke insisted that it was important for him to know in order to properly treat Annie.

Aidan opted to lie to the doctor; Aidan claimed he had no idea who Tori was. Aidan suggested that Tori might be a patient or someone Annie had worked with in the past. When Annie was taken back to her room, Dr. Burke made another attempt to learn the identity of Tori. While Aidan hovered behind the doctor, Annie denied any knowledge of Tori.

After Dr. Burke left, Aidan asked Annie to think of Tori as a little girl rather than a grown woman. Aidan explained that he had found an article in a newspaper about a girl named Tori Atherton who had disappeared around Annie's seventh birthday.

Annie suddenly had a vision of herself, as a child, standing over the body of a little girl. In the vision, Annie was crying. Annie looked up at Aidan with an expression of horror. She told Aidan that Tori had been her friend. Annie then confessed to killing Tori."

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