03/27/2009 Krystal Agrees With JR

"JR worried about a poor showing in the courtroom, but Colby and Tad stated otherwise. They told JR that he would walk away with custody of his son, but JR noted that a win for him would happen only if David didn't pull any of his dirty tricks. Erica walked in at that moment and guaranteed that there would be a fair and impartial hearing. Then, before JR headed off to the courthouse, she passed along Adam's message that he was confident his son would win.

David told Krystal that he was worried that things wouldn't go their way at the hearing, but Krystal told him that despite his attempts at manipulation, the facts regarding the dangers at the Chandler house remained the same. David wondered aloud why he always played dirty when he wanted something. She told him that no one in town had earned the right to cast the first stone, and listed several examples of her own wrongdoings. She then said that she was confident that the judge would see that they were the right family for their grandson. David admitted that he knew what to do -- trust the facts.

Zach greeted the day and informed Myrtle's picture that he'd lost his family and his company. Meanwhile, across town, after she retrieved the morning paper, Kendall winced as Ryan came up behind her and delivered a kiss to her neck. She turned to him after she read the headlines and asked if he was responsible for the hostile takeover of Cambias Industries. With barely a missed beat, Ryan confessed to the deed, and she asked why he didn't tell her.

Ryan insisted that what he did was above board, but Kendall was aggravated because Ryan had taken everything that Zach had worked so hard for. Ryan told her that Zach hadn't fallen to his knees in despair when he found out, but Kendall said that it wasn't in Zach's nature to let others in on his pain.

Ryan told Kendall that if she was so worried about Zach, she should go to him, but Kendall was unsure of what to do with regard to her feelings for both men. Ryan told her that he had passed the test of the voicemail she left, so she needed to make a decision about whom she wanted to be with. Kendall told Ryan that her choice was irrelevant, as Zach had ultimate control. She revealed that Zach could never be completely happy, and because of Ryan's actions, Zach got exactly what he wanted -- to be miserable.

Kendall then finally admitted that she wanted a life with Ryan where he loved her and comforted her when needed. She said that for the first time in a while, she had hope. Ryan told her that what she dreamed of could become reality, and sealed that hope with a kiss.

Brot and Taylor ran into Angie at the hospital and found out that Frankie and Randi's honeymoon had been cancelled. When Angie pointed out that the newlyweds would have to wait until Frankie returned from his tour of duty before they could try to go away again, Brot got an idea. He asked Angie to keep the couple busy at her place, and whisked Taylor off to help him with his plan.

Tad arrived at the courthouse and was able to talk a bit about the upcoming custody hearing with Jesse. Tad said that he hoped the judge would allow Little Adam to stay with his father. Jesse told him not to worry, as the little boy was in good hands.

Natalia read a story to Little Adam until he turned away from her and admitted that he missed his mom. Natalia told him that she missed hers, too, and was able to make him feel better as she related to his feelings of loss.

JR thanked Erica for all she had done to make sure that he had a fair custody hearing. Colby wondered about Erica's motivation, given that she hadn't really liked JR over the years. She thought that perhaps Erica was in love with Adam again, but Erica declined to go that far. She left the two Chandler kids to wonder just what she felt about their father, and when she left, Colby told her brother that she wanted Erica to stick around.

Brot and Taylor showed up at Frankie and Randi's place with decorations, and reminisced about romantic days they shared while in Iraq. Brot then described a truly romantic scene on a deserted beach and said that they would share that moment on their honeymoon. Taylor asked if he had just proposed to her. Brot said that he wanted to be the best man he could be before he proposed to her again - one that came to her without doubts. She told him that she was doubt-free, but he pointed out that he still had more work to do. They then started to finalize the decorations in preparation for the newlyweds' arrival to their island paradise.

Angie went home and, while Natalia played with Little A, Frankie and Randi celebrated their wedding with a little face time in the kitchen. Natalia asked if the young couple had plans for children, and Angie said that although she loved children, she was not ready to be called Grandma. A short time later, before she headed out the door, Angie told Natalia to give Frankie and Randi some alone time. Once Angie was gone, Natalia took her young charge into his room to play. Randi asked about having kids, and when she admitted that she wanted a few, Frankie jokingly told her he wanted a basketball team.

All of the parties showed up for the custody hearing and, predictably, David tried to shake JR's composure with low blows. JR was unmoved and, before they all moved into the courtroom, said he had nothing to hide. JR had the opportunity to speak first, but when he talked about the wisdom and compassion that he wanted to pass on to his son from Babe, David was unable to resist. David stood up and lambasted JR for several of his misdeeds.

The judge demanded that David take his seat and said she wouldn't tolerate any further outbursts. When JR concluded, the judge asked Krystal, as Babe's mother, to offer some words. Krystal stood, and agreed with everything that JR had said.

Although David was momentarily panicked, Krystal redeemed herself in his eyes when she said that despite the love JR had shared with Babe, she didn't believe that life in the Chandler house was the best environment for her grandson. After she sat, the judge grudgingly allowed David some additional words.

David wove a heartfelt tale, which drove JR to call his bluff. JR recalled the Thanksgiving when Babe had denounced her father's worth and told David that she wished he would disappear. JR went so far as to call David a coward that only held his daughter after she died. That pushed David over the edge and he physically attacked JR.

After order was returned to the court, the judge was ready to make her ruling, barring other witnesses. Tad asked to speak and, although David's lawyer tried to prevent it, the judge stated that she would hear all sides. Tad pointed out that David's words about the provision of a stable and loving home were ludicrous, given that he had taken Krystal to bed while she was still married, and then got her addicted to medication, all in the wake of Babe's death. He said that although he believed that David felt something for Little A, revenge and payback pushed David to go for what he wanted.

David again spoke out of turn and tried to address all of Tad's issues. At the end, he pleaded with the judge to allow him and Krystal the privilege of raising their grandson in the way that Babe would have wanted.

The judge stated that, although she had no doubt about the love felt for Little Adam from both sides of the case, she couldn't recommend that temporary custody be placed with either party. She noted the little boy's foster location was a good home, and ruled that Little Adam stay there until permanent custody could be determined.

Zach continued to ask Myrtle's picture why he'd single-handedly blown up his perfect life. The questions were met with silence until a knock at the door interrupted the one-sided dialogue. Zach demanded that the visitor leave but, resistant, Erica opened the door and refused to do as he asked. She told him to do something to save his marriage, but, lost in his own misery, he told her that his relationship with Kendall was over. He then said that he got what he deserved and he no longer had a reason to get up in the morning.

Reese burst on to the scene at that moment and insisted that his children were all the reason he needed. Even though they had both hurt the women they loved, Reese told him that Kendall knew he was a great father and that, if nothing else, he needed to fight for his kids.

Erica managed to impart some nice words to Reese after they'd finished their talk with Zach. Reese said that she only told Zach what he already knew, and that she wouldn't let what she and Zach had done stop her from fighting for her family. Erica told her that it wouldn't be an easy fight, but Reese said that although she might not be able to win Bianca back, she was determined to prove that she was worthy to be a mother to Miranda and Gabrielle.

Frankie and Randi arrived home and were pleasantly surprised at all of the work Taylor and Brot had put into decorating their place. The former soldiers made Frankie carry his new bride over the threshold and then quietly excused themselves as the spirit of the islands wrapped itself around the lovebirds.

As Taylor dropped Brot off at the hospital, she confessed that she'd found her engagement ring in his pocket when she did the laundry. She admitted that she was confused as to why they hadn't gotten engaged again, and asked if his feelings had changed. Brot was quick to disagree and instead said that in all fairness, he needed to figure out the reason why his life had been spared before he asked her to be his wife.

Ryan and Kendall went to the casino and Ryan proceeded to tell the staff that, although they would continue to operate as they had been, eventually the employees would need to step up in their responsibilities. Zach walked in and Kendall asked why he had shown up. Zach asked Ryan to play a game of Texas Hold 'Em, with the prize being the thing that Zach loved the most in the world."

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