03/23/2009 Erica Is Questioned

"Frankie and Randi were in a playful mood as they chased each other around the apartment. They were kissing when someone knocked at the door. It was Angie; she was in full wedding mode.

Angie announced that she had booked ConFusion for the reception, the following week. Randi seemed pleasantly surprised by the news, but Frankie was disgruntled. He was hesitant to have a big wedding. Angie insisted that every girl dreamed of a wedding with church bells and bouquets.

Angie and Randi shooed Frankie out of the apartment before they sat down to go over the wedding plans. Randi put on her wedding gown to show Angie how it looked. The dress was simple and elegant; Angie was impressed by Randi's selection. Unfortunately, the dress needed to be hemmed. Angie noticed that Randi had grown quiet.

Randi admitted that she had always envied girls who had close relationships with their mothers; Randi never have one with her own mother. Angie was deeply moved by the confession. Angie offered to be Randi's mother if she needed one. Randi welled up with tears as she embraced Angie.

When Angie took another look at the gown, Randi revealed that she had no idea how to sew. Randi did not have a sewing kit in the house. Angie smiled as she volunteered to go to the store to purchase the necessary items to alter the wedding gown. Angie also offered to buy a wedding veil for the dress.

Frankie walked into a hospital room, to check on a patient, only to discover that the patient wasn't there. However, Brot was in the room mopping the floor. Frankie realized he was on the wrong floor when he glanced down at the patient's file. Brot laughed at Frankie's mistake. Frankie admitted that he was flummoxed because Randi and his mother were busy planning a big wedding.

Brot was surprised to hear that Frankie was getting married. Frankie beamed with joy as he confirmed that he was engaged to Randi. Brot was happy for his friend. Frankie thanked Brot for his advice, which led to Frankie working things out with Randi. He asked Brot to be his best man. Brot was honored to accept the offer.

Later, Frankie ran into Jesse. Frankie admitted that he was worried that Randi would be swept up in Angie's wedding plans. Jesse explained that weddings were Angie's passion. Jesse promised to talk to Angie. He urged Frankie to focus on doing what was right for him and Randi.

Randi wandered around in her apartment, dressed in her wedding gown, while she waited for Angie to return. Frankie burst into the apartment while Randi pretended she was walking down the aisle. Randi tried to duck behind the couch so that Frankie wouldn't see in the wedding dress. Frankie tried to appease Randi by closing his eyes, but then he threw Randi over his shoulder. Randi shrieked as Frankie carried her out of the apartment.

Angie returned to an empty apartment. Jesse entered while Angie walked around calling out for Randi. Angie asked him where Randi was. Jesse replied, "The kids ran for their lives."

Frankie and Randi stood before a justice of the peace. Randi wanted to know if he could marry her and Frankie right away.

At the police station, David was anxious to learn if Erica had revealed where Adam had taken Little A. He ordered Jay, his attorney, to join Erica's interrogation. Jay explained that he wasn't authorized to question police suspects. Annoyed, David took matters into his own hands; he stormed into Jesse's office.

Jesse didn't appreciate David's antics; he ordered David out of the room. David refused to comply. Erica maintained that she had no idea were Adam and Little A were. David and Krystal didn't believe Erica. Jesse threw the Haywards out of his office. After David and Krystal were gone, Erica turned to Jackson. She told Jack that she wanted to have a private word with Jesse. Jack advised against it, but Erica ignored the warning.

When Erica and Jesse were alone, Erica talked about Jesse's past. She reminded Jesse that Angie's father, Les Baxter, had tried to arrange for Frankie to be adopted because he had believed that Jesse and Angie weren't fit to be parents. Jesse didn't see the point of Erica's stroll down Memory Lane. Erica explained that David was every bit as toxic as Les Baxter had been.

Jack was waiting for Erica when she left Jesse's office. He didn't try to mask his irritation. Jack suggested that the next time Erica was in trouble, she call someone else. Erica could do little more than watch Jack walk away.

Erica pulled JR aside. She asked him if he knew what the significance of the day was. JR said that it was Little A's birthday. Erica reminded JR that it was also Miranda's birthday. She told JR that she couldn't celebrate the day with Miranda, but there was no reason for JR to be away from his son. Erica slipped a piece of paper into JR's hand. JR looked down at the paper then thanked Erica.

Krystal stepped from behind a corner moments after Erica and JR walked away.

Jesse pulled David into his office. He warned David to keep his distance from Erica. David was furious because Jesse was protecting Erica. In retaliation, David snidely brought up Frankie's recent ethical violations at the hospital. Jesse threw David up against the wall; Jesse didn't appreciate being threatened.

Later, David was handcuffed to a desk in the police station. Krystal didn't understand why David had been detained. Jesse reminded Krystal and Jay that David was under investigation for putting JR in the hospital. Jesse offered to have David formally charged then transferred to a holding cell. After Jesse walked away, David ordered Jay to call Judge Salke so that he could arrange for David's release.

Krystal told David that she had seen Erica slip JR a note. David was certain that Erica had arranged for JR to visit Little A.

At the hospital, Reese was thrilled when she learned that her vision would return to normal within a few days. Zach offered to secure Reese a room at the hotel, but she declined the offer. Reese told Zach that she would stop leaning on him; it was time for Reese to stand on her own two feet. Reese believed that it was the best way for her to win Bianca back. Reese suggested that Zach stop using the excuse of helping Reese to hide from his problems with Kendall.

Kendall walked into Fusion to find Ryan working. She opened up to Ryan about her talk with Erica the night before, but she sensed that Ryan wasn't listening. Ryan admitted that he had no idea where he stood with Kendall. Kendall told Ryan that she loved him; he was the father of her child. Ryan wanted to know if Kendall felt more than friendship for him, but Kendall shied away from answering. Ryan told Kendall that she needed to figure out what she wanted; he promised to honor whatever decision she made.

Later, Kendall felt stifled in the office. She told Ryan that she needed to step out for some fresh air. Kendall made it as far as the elevator. When the doors slid open, Reese stepped off of the elevator. Kendall immediately realized that Reese's vision had returned. Reese explained that she wanted to talk about Zach.

Reese assured Kendall that she and Zach were merely friends; Reese reminded Kendall that she was a lesbian. Kendall pointed out that Reese's homosexuality had not stopped Reese from "sucking Zach's face." Reese ignored the taunt. She told Kendall that she hoped Kendall could find it in her to forgive Zach. Reese said that she planned to do whatever it took to save her marriage to Bianca. Reese suggested that Kendall consider doing the same. Kendall made it clear that she didn't appreciate the advice.

Reese bumped into Erica as Erica arrived at Fusion. Erica didn't hide her disdain for Reese. Reese refused to back down from Erica; she vowed that one day Reese would be Erica's daughter in-law. Reese explained that she was no longer burdened by the shame that Reese's mother had made her feel. Erica hoped that was true, but she didn't see how it would help Reese regain Bianca's trust.

As Reese walked away, Kendall blamed Reese for "tanking" her marriage to Zach. Erica told Kendall that Reese had nothing to do with Kendall's failed marriage. Erica pointed out that Kendall would be with Zach if that were what Kendall truly wanted. Ryan tried to point out all of Zach's faults, but Erica stopped him. She reminded Ryan that Kendall's marriage did not concern him. Ryan stormed off. Erica stopped Kendall from following Ryan.

At the casino, Zach looked at a picture of Myrtle. Meanwhile a past conversation with Myrtle played in his head. During the heart-to-heart talk, Myrtle reminded Zach that he was in charge of his own destiny. Myrtle reassured Zach that he could never hurt Kendall because it was something that he consciously chose not to do.

A short time later, Aidan arrived at the casino. Zach revealed that he knew Ryan and Kendall had shared a room during their stay in Connecticut. Zach wanted to know why Aidan had kept it from Zach. Zach also wondered why Aidan would protect Ryan.

Aidan insisted that he had kept quiet to protect Kendall, not Ryan. Aidan claimed that what happened between Ryan and Kendall behind closed doors was none of his business. Zach disagreed; Aidan had been hired to keep an eye on Ryan. Aidan clarified that he had only agreed to spy on Ryan's business interests, not Ryan's personal life.

JR went to an undisclosed location. After an unknown woman welcomed JR inside, Little A came running out of a back room. Little A was delighted to see his father. Later, Erica arrived. JR asked her where Adam was. Erica admitted that she had bad news for JR.

David was released from custody. He demanded that abuse charges be filed against Jesse. Judge Salke warned David not to get carried away; David's position was weak. David asked to speak privately with the judge. David threatened to reveal that Judge Salke was addicted to cocaine, which led to an accidental overdose. Had it not been for David, a world-renowned surgeon, the judge would have died. David agreed to keep the damaging secret out of the tabloids in exchange for Judge Salke's cooperation. David wanted the judge to arrange for kidnapping charges to be filed against Adam and JR.

Ryan went to the casino to talk to Aidan. Ryan told Aidan that he was ready to go up against Zach. Ryan wanted to put everything on the line, winner take all.

Kendall's thoughts were centered on her earlier conversations, with Reese and Erica, about Zach. She was surprised when she looked up to see Zach walk into Fusion. Kendall smiled as Zach approached. She told him that she had been tempted to call him the night before; she was glad that he had stopped by Fusion. At that moment a rustling noise drew Kendall's attention to Zach's hands. She realized that he held an envelope. When Kendall asked about the envelope, she was stunned to learn that it contained a petition for divorce."

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