03/19/2009 Tori Disappears

"Krystal looked for David at the hospital, but Angie said she had not seen him. Angie said David did not even bother to show up for a staff meeting.

David poured a clear liquid into JR's drink while alone in the living room. He ducked behind the door as JR, who was leaving a message on Adam's voicemail, walked into the room. JR updated his father about David's warrant to have the home searched. He thanked his father for everything and took a sip of the drink that David had spiked.

David finally showed up at the hospital. Krystal was waiting for him. She said that David had not picked up her calls. David said he turned his phone off during the staff meeting, but Krystal told him that she knew he missed the meeting. Krystal demanded to know what David was hiding.

David said he did not like Krystal questioning his every move and not trusting him. David said he gave up his paternal rights to Amanda's child for Krystal. Krystal said she lost Jenny because of her relationship with David. David said Krystal's losing Jenny was a decision by the court system. David said that their marriage would not survive if Krystal didn't trust him. Krystal did not want a divorce, but David was not sure of any other solution. David snapped that Krystal should go back to Tad.

Colby came home and found JR's drink spilled on the floor. She found JR unconscious on the floor behind the couch. An ambulance took JR to the hospital. David started to treat JR, but Colby told David to leave her brother alone. Angie said David could face a malpractice suit based on his personal relationship with JR. David stepped back and allowed Angie to work on JR.

David told Krystal he guessed JR had alcohol poisoning. Krystal accused David of drugging JR. David said he needed to take control of the situation to get Little Adam back. David said JR was not going to die. In the meantime, David told Krystal to figure out if he or JR was more important to her. Krystal and Colby learned from Angie that JR was poisoned. Angie told Krystal that David was probably the person who poisoned JR. Colby immediately called Adam to let him know that David poisoned JR.

Zach was with Reese when she woke up from her surgery. Reese sensed that Zach was upset, but he said nothing was wrong. Reese figured Zach was thinking about Kendall. Zach said authorities found Greenlee a few miles from where she went over the cliff. Angie went to check on Reese. She said Reese's bandages over her eyes would come off in 24 hours. Angie said Reese needed her rest, so Zach left.

Annie wrote in her journal that she did not know herself well unless Aidan was around. Tori snuck up behind Annie and teased her for writing such romantic things about Aidan. Annie brushed Tori's hair as Tori went on about how lucky Annie was to find such a great guy. Tori said that finding Aidan must have been a relief, considering all the problems that had plagued her life. Annie wondered how Tori knew so much about her past. Tori said she found a lot of information about Annie through the Internet. Annie finished Tori's hair and makeup.

Ryan asked Aidan what exactly he saw. Aidan remembered walking in on Ryan and Kendall sleeping after they had made love. Aidan said he went to Connecticut, just like Kendall and Ryan, to find out if the human remains belonged to Greenlee. Aidan said he saw Ryan and Kendall come out of the morgue holding each other. Ryan said Greenlee's engagement ring was given to him before he went into the morgue. Ryan said he knew the ring belonged to Greenlee because it was custom designed for her. Aidan said Ryan never even saw what was left of Greenlee.

Ryan asked Aidan if Zach was paying him to spy on Kendall. Aidan said he was strictly working security for Zach. Plus, Aidan said Zach would have to be crazy to think Ryan and Kendall were having an affair, considering Greenlee was not even in her coffin yet. Zach noticed the tension between Aidan and Ryan. After Ryan was gone, Zach asked Aidan what happened between him and Ryan. Aidan said Ryan was not happy that Aidan went to the morgue to identify Greenlee's body. Zach said he was not paying Aidan to tell Ryan about his day trips.

At Fusion, Kendall looked sadly at the posters splattered with Greenlee's face. Jackson came in and asked Kendall for more details about her trip to Connecticut. Kendall said DNA results would confirm the body found in Connecticut was Greenlee. Kendall said she and Greenlee made a great team at Fusion, but Kendall felt like their connection was completely gone. Jackson said he knew that Greenlee's spirit was still with them and Ryan. Jackson and Kendall packed up Greenlee's belongings.

Ryan went to see Kendall at Fusion. Jackson thanked Kendall and Ryan for identifying Greenlee at the morgue. Jackson said it was too hard for him to do it. He gave Ryan a CD that said, "To Ryan, from Greenlee, in the event of my death." Jackson said he found the CD in Greenlee's safety deposit box. Jackson said Greenlee made him a CD, too. Kendall invited Jackson to her home for dinner, but Jackson declined. Jackson said Greenlee would want Kendall and Ryan together running Fusion.

After Jackson left Fusion, Ryan immediately felt guilty for sleeping with Kendall. He said they cheapened Greenlee's memory. Kendall refused to listen to Ryan being so hard on himself, and left. Ryan put in the CD that Greenlee made for him. In the video, Greenlee told Ryan how excited she was about their wedding. But if Greenlee did not make it to the wedding, she wanted Ryan to know how much she loved him. Greenlee told Ryan to be happy with his life, even if it meant loving someone else after she was gone.

Aidan went to visit Annie. Annie wanted to introduce Aidan to her new friend, Tori, but Tori was gone when they went in the room. Annie said Tori was a volunteer trying to get her psychology major. Aidan wanted to know if Tori had asked Annie about her personal life. He asked Annie to be cautious about what she said to Tori or any other stranger. After Aidan left, Annie found Tori again. Annie said Tori could meet Aidan another time. Tori said that it was only a matter of time before Aidan let Annie down. Annie said Tori was bad news and went to her room.

Kendall found Zach reading to Spike and Ian at home. The babysitter took the boys to bed. While Zach went to get some wine, Ryan stopped by and apologized for being mean to Kendall. Zach came upstairs and saw Ryan kissing Kendall."

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