02/02/2009 Kathy Is Missing

"David told Erica that he understood what it felt like to lose a child. Nevertheless, he assured her that she had made the right decision because Josh's heart saved Kendall's life. Erica was grateful that David successfully performed the transplant, but she knew he would ask for something in return. She was right; he wanted her to help him gain custody of Little Adam, but she refused. She stated that, even though the Chandlers were dysfunctional, it was not right to tear Little Adam away from his family. David looked annoyed, but he noted that he could not stay mad at Erica for long. She gave him a friendly kiss.

Kendall assumed that Gabrielle's donor was "perfect." Bianca, Reese, and Zach looked sheepish, so Kendall inquired if something was wrong. Bianca admitted that Zach was the donor. Kendall was stunned. Zach asked to be alone with his wife.

Kendall felt foolish because she finally wanted to give Zach a daughter, but her sister had given him one already. He stated that Gabrielle was not his daughter. He explained that he was merely the donor and Bianca and Reese were the baby's true parents. Kendall asked why he did not tell her. He said that he did not know Bianca was pregnant until she came to Pine Valley. He further stated that he had wanted to help Bianca, so he donated. Kendall claimed that she was fine with the situation.

Kendall requested a visit with her sons. Zach brought Spike and Ian to see their mother. Kendall was extremely happy to see her boys. Then, she asked to meet Gabrielle. Zach, Bianca, and Reese brought Gabrielle into Kendall's room. Kendall commented that the baby was gorgeous.

Erica visited with Kendall. Erica was relieved that Kendall handled the news about Gabrielle tactfully. Erica stated that there was a new Kane woman in the family. Kendall told her mother to "shut up" and state how she really felt. Erica admitted that she was not fond of Reese because Reese had lied to Bianca. Erica encouraged Kendall to keep an eye on Reese when Reese was with Zach. Kendall looked concerned.

David checked on Kendall. She inquired about her health and he stated that she was on her way to a full recovery. He warned her to steer clear of stressful situations. He then stated that a transplant, especially one from a sibling, could cause psychological issues. He wondered how she was coping. She said that she missed Josh. She further stated that Josh was a twisted man, and she worried about carrying his twisted heart. David urged her to think of the heart as her own, not as Josh's. She asked him how Babe reacted when he came back to town. He looked sad and told Kendall that she had asked enough questions for the day.

Reese told Zach to forget about the conversation they had before they went to the hospital. Zach assured Reese that they did not do anything wrong. She agreed and stated that they did not act on any feelings they had for each other. Meanwhile, Erica watched with a suspicious look on her face as Zach and Reese talked.

Bianca went to see Kendall. Bianca apologized for not telling Kendall about Gabrielle sooner. Bianca explained that she came to Pine Valley to talk to Kendall, but the tornado hit before she could say anything. Bianca was elated that Kendall could be at her wedding, but Bianca was regretful that Kendall missed the christening. Kendall assumed that Zach was the godfather. Bianca replied that Zach was the godfather and she wanted Kendall to be the godmother. Kendall said nothing.

Tad could not find Kathy. He frantically looked all over the house, but the little girl was nowhere to be found. Tad called Jesse and Angie for help. Jesse feared that someone had taken the child. Tad immediately accused David of taking Kathy and stormed off. Jesse followed Tad to make sure he did not do anything stupid.

Tad went to the hospital and grabbed David. Jesse restrained Tad as he asked David about Kathy's whereabouts. David swore that he did not kidnap Tad's child, but Tad was skeptical. David said that he was at the hospital all day because Kendall had awoken from her coma. David assumed that Kathy ran away from Tad, like all the other women in his life. Jesse did not think that David abducted Kathy, so he escorted Tad out of the hospital.

Krystal went to Tad's house and she was surprised to see Angie was there. Angie revealed that Kathy was missing. Angie implied that David took the child, and Krystal defended David. Angie called Krystal weak for leaving Tad to be with David. Krystal retorted that Angie was weak because she let her husband's ex-lover move into her home.

Tad and Jesse arrived at Tad's home to find Krystal and Angie arguing. Jesse questioned Tad and Krystal about the last time they saw Kathy. Tad and Krystal remembered that they had a big fight and assumed that Kathy heard it. Tad and Krystal blamed each other for Kathy's disappearance.

JR and Colby were at ConFusion discussing Amanda's pregnancy when Adam approached them. JR and Colby quickly ended the conversation because JR did not want Adam to know that Amanda was pregnant. Then, Pete entered the bar. Colby looked upset and admitted that they were no longer friends.

Adam grabbed Pete by the collar. Colby saw Adam and ran to Pete's side. Adam was enraged because he thought that Pete got Colby pregnant. Colby swore that she was not pregnant. Adam said that he overheard Colby and JR mention a pregnancy. Colby stated that they were not referring to her. Adam then noticed JR and Amanda talking privately in a corner of the bar.

Adam assumed that Amanda was pregnant, so he interrogated JR about the pregnancy. At first, JR denied it, but he realized that his efforts were futile. JR revealed that Amanda planned to give the child up for adoption, which angered Adam. Adam wanted to take the baby from Amanda, but JR warned his father to mind his own business.

Amanda found Kathy wandering around the marina, so she brought the girl to her yacht. Kathy begged Amanda not to call Tad. Kathy explained that she overheard Krystal say she was going to take Jenny and disappear. Kathy also heard her father state that nothing was more important to him than Jenny. Kathy said that she wanted a mommy that would not leave her. Amanda comforted the child until she fell asleep. JR went to the yacht and was surprised to see Kathy. Amanda explained what had happened. Amanda affirmed that her time with Kathy made her decide to keep the baby. JR was happy."

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