01/19/2009 Kendall's Heart Fails

"Jake went to visit Amanda on her yacht; however, JR greeted Jake and refused to let him see Amanda. Jake said that Amanda was sick, so he wanted to see how she was. JR claimed she was fine and told Jake to leave. JR did not want Jake around Amanda because he had been very rude to her in the past. Jake asked JR to let Amanda know that he'd stopped by, and JR agreed.

Amanda secretly took a pregnancy test in her bathroom. She was distraught when the test was positive. JR checked on her, and she pretended that she was sick from the flu shot. JR told her that Jake had stopped to see her. She said that she did not want any visitors because of her illness. JR understood and left the yacht.

Amanda went to the hospital and saw Jake in the hallway. Jake confronted her about the check he'd found in David's house. Jake wondered why David had paid her a large sum of money. At first, Amanda made excuses, but she finally admitted that David had paid her to get JR drunk. She further revealed that she'd slept with David, as well.

Then, Amanda fainted, and Jake caught her. Jake had a doctor look her over. The doctor ran a few tests and confirmed that she was pregnant. She did not want anyone to know that she was with child; however, when Jake checked on her, he assumed she was pregnant. He inquired who the father was, but she was not sure. Amanda recalled having sex with David and JR.

David saw Jake in the hospital and reminded Jake that he was no longer a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Jake warned David that he was not done fighting for his job. Angie approached Jake to tell him that she'd had David's pills analyzed. Angie revealed that the pills contained numerous drugs that were not approved by the FDA.

Jake was pleased with Angie's detective work, but Jesse was not. Jesse had been listening to their conversation and wondered what Angie was up to. She explained that David was inappropriately drugging Krystal. Jesse did not want to know how Angie had gotten David's pills because he feared she had done it illegally.

Adam arrived home and found Colby and Little Adam playing with the boy's toy car. Adam hugged his grandson and sent him to bed. Colby was concerned about JR's drinking. Adam was more concerned with David. Adam worried that David would ruin the Chandler family, like he'd ruined the Martin family.

JR returned home, and Adam chastised him for drinking. They argued until Colby pleaded with them to stop. She urged them to make peace with each other, especially for Little Adam's sake. Adam said that he wanted JR to get sober so David could not take Little Adam away.

JR assured Adam that David would never get custody of his son, but Adam was not as confident. Adam reminded JR that Krystal's child had been taken from her due to her relationship with David. Adam feared that David had a hand in JR's drinking, but JR disagreed. Adam urged JR to get sober so they could protect Little Adam from David together.

Colby begged her brother to make amends with Adam and quit drinking. He told her to shut up and leave him alone. JR felt that Adam wanted to control him and Little Adam, which, in JR's opinion, made Adam just as bad as David. She affirmed that Adam sincerely wished to help JR. Meanwhile, Adam destroyed the toy car that David had bought for Little Adam.

Erica pleaded with Josh to put his gun down and let Reese go, but he refused. Erica urged him to stop the violence, in honor of Kendall. Josh cried and said that Kendall was the best person he knew. Then, Reese pushed Josh, so Zach could have a clear shot at Josh. Both Zach and Josh aimed their guns at each other, but only Josh was injured. Josh fell to the floor in pain.

Erica ran to Josh's side. As Josh bled profusely, he told Erica that he loved her and Kendall. He wished that he and Kendall could both get second chances. The paramedics arrived, and Zach demanded that they keep Josh alive because he needed Josh's heart.

Greenlee went to the hospital to visit Kendall. She was horrified as she watched David resuscitate Kendall. David informed Greenlee that Kendall's organs were failing. Greenlee begged him to keep Kendall alive so Zach, Erica, and Bianca could see her.

Greenlee sat next to Kendall and held her hand. Greenlee told Kendall that she was right about Ryan. Greenlee urged her friend to wake up, so Kendall could gloat. Greenlee also encouraged Kendall to fight for herself, just like she'd fought for Zach, Erica, Bianca, Spike, and Ian.

The paramedics rushed Josh into the hospital. Zach reiterated that he wanted Josh's heart. Erica wondered why, so Zach explained that he wanted Kendall to receive her brother's heart. Erica was upset that she had to sacrifice one child to save another.

Zach found David and told him about Josh's condition. David agreed to perform the heart transplant if Josh was a match for Kendall.

Angie told Erica that Josh no longer had brain activity. Erica was sad that her son was braindead. David informed Erica that he needed her permission to move forward with the transplant. Erica agreed to give Josh's heart to Kendall, so David ran preliminary tests.

Reese assured Zach that Josh and Kendall would be a match. Zack asked Reese how she was doing. She cried over the shock of being held hostage.

David announced that Josh's heart was a good match for Kendall. Zach was elated. He sat by Kendall's side and told her that there was still hope.

Erica sat by Josh's side. She was devastated by the situation. She told her son that she would give anything to let him have a second chance. She wished that he would get his second chance through Kendall, by donating his heart. She also wished that she'd gotten to know her son better, while he had been alive.

Erica walked Josh to the operating room. At the same time, Zach walked Kendall to the operating room. Both Erica and Zach looked concerned as their loved ones headed for surgery."

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