01/13/2009 David Hires A Lawyer For Krystal

"Once he was washed and dressed, David found Krystal sitting alone in the parlor. He asked her ow she was feeling and told her that she should have waken him up sooner. Krystal said she had trouble sleeping. She wondered if David regretted letting Tad dump her at his house. David said he was happy Tad had left Krystal with him, but wanted to know what he could do to make her feel better. Krystal asked David if he would let Jenny move in with them. David thought moving Jenny out of her stable home was not wise. But he agreed to let her live with him and Krystal.

Tad got Kathy ready for school, kissed her, and watched her get on the bus. Jesse came by to ask why Tad had a restraining order placed against Krystal. Tad said Krystal slept with David while he was in Africa. Jesse found the news hard to swallow. Tad said Krystal admitted the affair to him. Jesse wished Tad would have called him sooner, but Tad hoped to fix the situation on his own. Jesse encouraged Tad to resolve the issues with Krystal, but Tad said their marriage was over.

Greenlee visited Ryan, who was helping Emma get ready for school. Emma immediately wanted to know when she was getting her flower girl dress. Greenlee said they would need to go shopping for the dress soon. Emma asked Ryan if Annie was coming to the wedding. Ryan said Annie was too sick to attend the wedding. Before going to school, Emma suggested they send Annie pictures from the wedding. Jackson came by to tell Ryan and Greenlee that Bianca was in a minor car accident, but recovering at the hospital. Also, he dropped off the divorce papers for Ryan and Greenlee. Annie's signature was not needed for Ryan's paperwork because she had been declared mentally incompetent. But Greenlee would need Aidan's signature.

Annie dreamed that she was at Ryan's home looking for her "daddy." She found Ryan lying on the floor in a pool of blood near a knife. Annie woke up and immediately called out for her father. Dr. Sinclair watched the video footage of Aidan and Annie together. Aidan was busy asking an unnamed man to sneak him into Annie's room. The man refused to help Aidan any further. Aidan offered him more money, buthis "in" still turned him down. Aidan scurried away when he saw Dr. Sinclair coming. Dr. Sinclair told the man she wanted to see Aidan immediately. Aidan received a call from Greenlee about the divorce papers. She said the papers needed to be signed soon. Aidan asked her why signing the papers was so urgent. Greenlee explained that she and Ryan were getting married. Aidan hung up the phone.

Angie told Frankie that she was not able to get any new information from Joe about his retirement. They agreed there was more to the story, but meanwhile, would try to dodge David as much as possible. After Angie went to check on a patient, Frankie heard his coworkers making demeaning remarks about Randi's Internet pornography video. Frankie asked his coworkers what they were looking at. The coworkers said it was just a friend's blog. Frankie took away the cell phone to get a closer look at Randi's video. He threatened to report the interns to hospital officials. Frankie grabbed one of the interns and pushed him against a wall until David intervened. The intern admitted they were looking at Randi's video. David told them to reread their hospital manual before returning back to work. As for Frankie, David warned him to be on his best behavior.

Krystal tried to open Tad's door, but he had changed the locks. She knocked until he answered the door. Tad gave her the restraining order as Jesse looked on in the foyer. Krystal begged Tad not to keep her away from Jenny. Tad said he would not let Krystal take Jenny to David's home. Krystal tried to barge her way in, but Tad pushed her outside. Jesse told Krystal and Tad to stop fighting as Jenny started crying. Jesse told Krystal that she had to leave or else he would arrest her. Krystal asked Tad to at least let her hold Jenny, but Tad refused. Krystal called out Jenny's name as Jesse helped her outside.

Krystal went to David to explain about Tad's restraining order. Angie saw Krystal hugging David and went to see what was wrong. Krystal explained about the restraining order before David ushered her away. Angie went to check on Tad after hearing the news. She agreed that David was not the greatest man, but Krystal was a victim. Angie urged Tad to fight for Krystal. But Tad felt it was too late to save Krystal from David's wrath.

David had an attorney, Jay Stark, come by his house to speak to Krystal. Krystal asked the attorney if Tad was able to get full custody of Jenny. Jay said it would be a hard case to win because witnesses would testify that Krystal left Jenny alone to spend nights with David. The lawyer told Krystal they would be in touch and David walked him to the door. Jay whispered that he hated lying to Krystal when he knew the worst-case scenario would likely be a joint custody agreement with Tad. David said he was paying Jay a substantial amount of money so Krystal would believe the lie. David returned to a crushed Krystal and promised her that she would not lose Jenny.

Dr. Sinclair went to see Annie, who was rocking back and forth in her bed. Dr. Sinclair asked "Emma" how she was feeling. Annie said she was not Emma. She did not understand where she was or why she was there. Dr. Sinclair asked Annie what her name was. Annie said she was Annie Lavery, and demanded to see her husband. The doctor explained that Annie was being treated at Oak Haven. Annie said she was not crazy, but Dr. Sinclair insisted that Annie was not well and she hurt people. Annie remembered her dream that Ryan had been stabbed. Annie thought she had killed Ryan, but the doctor said Ryan was alive. Annie asked to see Aidan, but referred to him as Mr. Stone. Dr. Sinclair asked for Mr. Stone's real name, but Annie said it was a secret. Nurses gave Annie a sedative to calm her down.

Aidan went to Ryan's house to sign the divorce papers. Greenlee was surprised to see him. Aidan asked Ryan how Annie was doing. Ryan said Annie was placed in maximum security at Oak Haven after escaping and coming after Greenlee. Aidan said Annie was where she needed to be to get help. But Aidan suggested that Ryan locked Annie up so he would not have to deal with her anymore. Also, it made their divorce much smoother because Annie was not given a choice in ending the marriage, Aidan added. Ryan left Greenlee and Aidan alone to deal with the divorce papers. Aidan signed the papers and headed back to Oak Haven to meet with Dr. Sinclair. Meanwhile, Aidan slinked back into the hospital where he was promptly confronted by Dr. Sinclair. She asked where he'd been before demanding to know what his real name was and why he was so interested in Annie Lavery. Meanwhile, Annie had another dream in which Ryan was killed. This time, though, she also saw Greenlee in the dream and deduced that Greenlee had killed Ryan. Annie then vowed that she had to stop Greenlee.

Randi had dinner prepared for Frankie at home. She prepared to go scout a photo location, but Frankie was not listening to her. Instead, he decided to look at Randi's video footage. Randi thought Frankie did not care about her past. Frankie said it was hard to deal with his coworkers drooling over her having sex with a stranger. Randi grabbed her coat and walked out of the apartment. She decided to have a drink at a bar, but grabbed the attention of a complete stranger. The man asked Randi how much it would cost to spend an evening with her. Randi told the man that her body was famous now, so it'd be pretty expensive -- at least a thousand dollars for the night. When she did, the man produced a badge and told her that she was under arrest."

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