12/18/2008 Zach Tells Bianca The Truth

"Bianca told her mother that she had discovered Reese was once engaged to a man. Erica said she did not want Bianca to mistrust Reese. Bianca said Reese told her she never really loved anyone before they met.

Zach apologized for being rude to Reese. He said it was not fair to take his frustrations out on her. Reese accepted Zach's apology. Reese suggested Zach visit Kendall, but Zach said it would not help him feel any better. Kendall would not be able to see or hear him. Reese said Zach could tell her all the things he wanted Kendall to hear. Zach spilled all of his emotions to Reese. Erica spied them hugging, and Zach leaving to see his children. She stepped out of the corner and asked Reese to design her new penthouse. Reese gladly accepted the offer, but knew Erica wanted to say more to her. Erica said that she knew Reese was once engaged to a man. Finding out the news so late in Bianca and Reese's relationship troubled Erica. Reese bluntly told Erica her relationship with Bianca was not Erica's concern. Erica said she just wanted Bianca to be happy.

Once Zach was home, Bianca told him she knew he and Reese were keeping a secret from her. Bianca showed Zach a Christmas picture with Reese aimlessly staring at Zach. Reese sensed tension between Zach and Bianca when she arrived home. Bianca said she thought Zach and Reese were keeping secrets. Reese said she wanted Zach to tell Bianca the truth. Zach said Kendall's heart problem had worsened and she was dying. Reese embraced Bianca as she sobbed. Erica called Zach to tell him Myrtle had died.

Jake asked Taylor where she thought Brot went. Taylor was not sure. Jake said he hoped Brot would not serve any time in jail, so Taylor could help him get through the rough times. Taylor thanked Jake for being such an understanding friend to her. Jake said Taylor was worth the wait, if needed. Taylor said she was sure Brot was not coming back to Pine Valley.

Adam caught JR as he let Little Adam play outside. Adam said he wanted to get Little Adam an electronic car with the child's name painted on the side. But Adam found someone had already ordered one for Little Adam at the toy store. JR said he did not order Little Adam an electrical car, so he assumed David bought the gift.

David was disappointed that Amanda stopped JR from drinking again. Amanda claimed JR would have seen through her charade. But David accused Amanda of developing feelings for JR. After Amanda left, David called Joe at the hospital to thank him for something special. David told Joe that Jake would no longer lose his medical license because of Joe's decision. Angie overheard David talking to Joe. She was not surprised that David did not bother to ask Joe about his daughter's surgery. David said Angie should be careful how she treated the new hospital chief of staff. He ordered Angie to have Joe's desk cleaned out promptly. David stopped Jake in the hall to tell him his surgical privileges had been suspended. Jake said that decision was up to Joe. David announced that he was the new chief of staff. Angie and Jake assumed David got his new title by doing something sneaky and devious.

Amanda saw JR and Little Adam building a snowman in the yard. Amanda asked JR how Little Adam was handling Babe's death. JR said his son missed Babe, but was adjusting well. JR said he wanted to take Little Adam to the mountains to get away from the family drama.

Frankie and Randi anxiously awaited Erica's announcement that Randi was the new face of Fusion on television. But they did not see the news the new couple were expecting. Erica announced a nationwide search for the new face of Fusion. Randi said something must have happened to make Erica change her mind about their campaign. Randi tracked Erica down at the Chandler mansion to find out why she was being replaced. Erica said pornographic videos of Randi showed up on the Internet. She apologized for cutting Randi out, but said Fusion could not handle more bad press. Randi stormed out of the house as Krystal dropped by to see Little Adam. Krystal figured JR mentioned her relationship with David to Adam, so she told Adam he could let her have it. Adam claimed he had no reason to come down hard on Krystal. He said it was only natural for Krystal and David to share a bond over Babe's death. But Adam believed David was using Krystal to build a closer relationship with Little Adam.

Krystal went to see David, who announced his new position as chief of staff. David said Joe simply felt it was time to step down. Krystal congratulated David on his accomplishment. David brought out the personalized electronic car he bought for Little Adam. He asked Krystal to give the car to Little Adam as a present from her. David turned on some soft music and danced with Krystal. He leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed him away and ran out the door. Krystal spun out of the driveway. Suddenly, David heard a loud crash.

Brot came to Frankie's house to hide out for a little bit. Brot said he and Taylor made no progress on their renewed relationship. Frankie said he hated that Brot had turned into a coward, always running away from his problems. Frankie asked Brot if he would have the guts to at least say goodbye to Taylor before leaving. Brot listened to Frankie. He went back to Taylor to say a few last words. Brot said he tried to make their new relationship work, but he was unable to be the person Taylor once loved. Taylor said she would not let Brot run away from her again. Brot turned himself in to a U.S. Army official at the hospital.

Randi went back to her apartment with Frankie. She told him about the video footage Erica discovered. Randi assumed Fletcher must have been taping the sessions with her clients and distributed the footage on the Internet. Randi told Frankie to go ahead and dump her, but he promised to stand by her side."

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