12/04/2008 Greenlee Visits Erica

"Jake told Frankie that Taylor needed to deal with Brot's return. Frankie said Brot had made it clear he didn't want Taylor back. Jake figured Brot was ignoring his feelings and wanted to run away to avoid Taylor. Frankie advised that Jake should be careful not to just hand Taylor over to Brot so easily.

Taylor asked Brot if he really loved her while they served together in Iraq. Brot simply responded with, "People feel things." Taylor refused to believe their love was nothing more than a fling. Plus, she wondered why Brot would have asked her to marry him if their relationship was not real. Taylor lost her engagement ring, and Brot told her he ordered another ring. He even described it to her in Iraq. But Brot said he never ordered another ring. The explosion happened before Brot could tell Taylor that he wanted to end their relationship. Taylor accused Brot of lying to her, but Brot stuck to his story. It was evident that Taylor loved Jake, so Brot thought it was best if they both moved on with their lives. Brot told Taylor goodbye and left. Jake came in to comfort Taylor, who was sobbing. Taylor said Brot never loved her, but Jake knew Brot was lying. Jake said Brot would not have come back to check on her if he didn't love her. Taylor felt uncomfortable talking about Brot to Jake. Jake said Taylor just needed to figure out whom she wanted to be with. Jake understood if Taylor didn't want to just walk away from Brot. Taylor said Brot wasn't interested in her help. But Jake thought Taylor was the only person who could save Brot.

Erica was impressed with Randi's photos for ConFusion. Randi was amazed that Erica could still run Fusion and New Beginnings from her hospital bed. Erica said she was proud of Randi. Next, she called Greenlee and asked her to come to the hospital. Erica wanted to gush about Randi's modeling and organize a Valentine's Day campaign. David came by to check on Erica. He complimented Randi on her photos before Randi left. Erica asked David if Kendall's condition had improved. David said Kendall was stable.

Erica took the opportunity to beg David to let her get out of the bed for a little while so she could visit Kendall. As Zach walked in, David said Erica needed to be a bit stronger first. Erica asked Zach to get her a wheelchair. David agreed to let Erica visit Kendall for 30 minutes. Erica took Kendall's hand and begged her to come home for Christmas. Outside Kendall's room, David told Zach that Kendall's heart was still having trouble functioning. He said it was only a matter of time before Kendall's body started shutting down. David was unsure how much longer Kendall would survive. Zach asked David not to tell anyone else about Kendall's condition.

Greenlee felt guilty about how her relationship with Ryan had hurt Annie and Aidan. Ryan said Annie was unstable before he and Greenlee realized their feelings for each other. Greenlee was sure the romance with Ryan contributed to Annie's meltdown. Greenlee said the primary focus needed to be on Emma's happiness. Ryan wanted to be a great father to Emma, while also being Greenlee's lover. Greenlee said they could not reignite their romance again.

Randi eagerly shared the news about her photos with Frankie at the hospital. Of course, he was not surprised Erica loved Randi's photos. Randi and Frankie decided to go ice-skating, but it seemed that Frankie's mind was elsewhere. Frankie told Randi he was worried about the situation with Taylor, Brot, and Jake.

Bianca and Reese read Miranda and Spike a bedtime story. Afterwards, Bianca went to check on Kendall. She ran into Zach, who said Erica was visiting Kendall. Bianca sensed Zach was upset, but Zach said he just wished a doctor, other than David, were caring for Kendall. Erica wheeled herself out of Kendall's room. She was not pleased to see Greenlee rifling through Fusion papers. Erica said Greenlee and Ryan finally got the romance they wanted, even though Erica had to get stabbed for it to happen. Greenlee said she and Ryan were not a couple. Ryan needed to focus on caring for Emma, she said. Erica admired Greenlee for misjudging her and Ryan's decision. Greenlee admitted that she had wrongly taken out her frustrations on Erica. Erica thanked Greenlee for spending so much time with Kendall.

Zach stopped Ryan in the hospital to apologize for not telling him that Annie had killed Richie. Ryan did not seem to have any hard feelings toward Zach about the issue. Ryan asked if he could visit Kendall. Zach had no problem with it, but said he would need Ryan to help more at the casino until Kendall recovered. Ryan said he did not have time for work. He needed to spend his energy and time caring for Emma and Spike. Ryan went to the roof and Greenlee joined him. Again, she told him their relationship was over.

Zach went home and stared at a burning fire in the fireplace. Reese sat beside him and immediately knew Zach was bothered by something regarding Kendall. Zach said everyone wanted Kendall to get well, but he was the only who knew Kendall's heart condition was worsening. Zach said he wanted to give everyone hope, but felt guilty about lying. Reese said Zach would make the right decision. Zach asked Reese to keep Kendall's worsening condition a secret."

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