11/21/2008 Ryan Confronts Annie

"At Wildwind, David leaned in to kiss Krystal, but she pulled back at the last moment. Krystal quickly got up from the sofa and prepared to leave. She told David that she needed to be with Tad, not David. David didn't agree. He told Krystal that he was the only person who could give her what she needed because he grieved as deeply for their daughter as she did. Krystal appeared uncertain for a moment, but then turned and walked out of the door. Alone, David pulled out pictures of Babe and sat down.

In their bedroom, Tad apologized to Krystal. Krystal began talking about the pain of losing her child. Tad tried to offer Krystal hope by telling her that one day the moments of profound loss would lessen, but she could not find comfort in Tad's words. She asked him to kiss her. When Tad gave her a gentle loving kiss, Krystal wasn't satisfied. She wanted passion from Tad. They kissed again and fell back on the bed. After they made love, Tad cradled Kystal in his arms while she slept. He appeared reflective. Meanwhile, Krystal dreamt of waking up and asking Tad to make love to her again. When she turned to him, she found David in her bed instead. Krystal came awake with a start and sat up in bed.

At Fusion, JR was infuriated when he realized that Amanda was wearing one of Babe's dresses. In his rage, he began ripping the dress from Amanda's body while she fought him off. He asked Amanda if she planned to dye her hair blonde next. Erica walked in on the scene and immediately ordered JR to take his hands off of Amanda. Disgusted with JR's behavior, Erica demanded to know what had gotten into him. She asked if he had been drinking or taking drugs. JR denied being under the influence and tried explaining what had happened. When Erica mentioned Babe, JR's temper flared again. He warned Erica never to mention Babe's name to him and stormed out of Fusion. Alone with Amanda, Erica tried to ascertain if JR had violated her. When Erica suggested calling Jesse, Amanda tried to explain that she had provoked JR, but Erica didn't listen. Instead, Erica offered Amanda one of her dry-cleaned dresses to change into. After Amanda went to change clothes, Erica called Randi and arranged a staff meeting.

Greenlee, Ryan, Annie, and Emma arrived with Aidan at the hospital. While Angie took Emma to a nearby examination room, Annie turned to Ryan and hugged him. She was delighted that everything was okay. Ryan looked down at her and reminded Annie that Aidan could die.

As Aidan was settled in, Jackson caught Greenlee up on what had transpired since she had left town. He told her about Kendall's transfer to a facility in Canada before he dropped the bombshell that Erica had taken over Fusion. Greenlee was stunned. Before she left the hospital, Ryan spoke to Greenlee about Annie. Greenlee asked Ryan if he suspected that Annie had set Di up. Ryan felt certain that Annie had been the mastermind behind the kidnapping, and vowed that she would not get away with it.

Erica introduced Elizabeth and Joanna to Pete, Amanda, and Randi during a staff meeting. She told the Fusion staff that the two young women would be her eyes and ears at the company. Erica then introduced her personal assistant, Val, to everyone. After the introductions were made, Erica announced that they were going to launch a new Face of Fusion campaign. She surprised everyone by offering the coveted position to Randi. Amanda didn't think Randi would accept because she had turned down the offer in the past. Randi, however, accepted the honor and thanked Erica for the opportunity. Greenlee walked in at that moment and made it clear that she intended to run Fusion herself. Erica and Greenlee took their argument into a private office. While the Fusion staff listened at the door, Erica told Greenlee that she had Kendall's proxy and controlled fifty percent of the company. Erica went on to say that while Greenlee had been off on her adventure with Ryan, Erica had saved the company from financial ruin. Erica said that she had no intention of going anywhere, and suggested that Greenlee deal with it.

When Amanda and Randi were alone, Amanda took a moment to ask Randi if she was afraid her past would return to haunt her if she became the new spokesperson for Fusion. Randi was confident that none of her ex-clients would risk exposing her for fear of exposing themselves. She also doubted anyone would recognize her from her days as a prostitute. Randi insisted that she was in a better place than she had been, and she wanted the opportunity to shine.

JR walked into the living room at the Chandler mansion and asked his father where the alcohol was hidden. Adam immediately realized that JR was distraught and agitated. He encouraged JR to talk to him. JR poured out his grief over losing Babe. When he asked his father why he had brought them back to Pine Valley, Adam didn't have any words of comfort to ease JR's pain. JR walked out of the room after accusing Adam of being responsible for Babe's death. A short time later, Erica slammed into the mansion and demanded to speak to JR. Adam was speechless when Erica accused JR of nearly raping one of her employees. Adam immediately fetched JR back to the living room. JR denied that he had intended to sexually assault Amanda. He told them that Amanda had been wearing one of Babe's dresses and he had become upset. Adam immediately suspected Amanda of trickery, and warned JR to stay away from the young woman.

Amanda returned to Wildwind and threw Babe's dress at David when he answered the door. She told him, in no uncertain terms, that she was through torturing JR. When he realized that the dress was torn, David wanted to know what had happened, but Amanda didn't supply any details. She reiterated that she was finished with David's games, and started to leave. David grabbed Amanda's arm to stop her. In a menacing tone, he told Amanda that we would not be denied his grandson when he was close to attaining everything that he wanted.

Jesse walked into his apartment and found Rebecca inside. Rebecca told Jesse that Angie had invited her to stay with them and she had agreed for Natalia's sake. She felt that their daughter would be able to handle her mother's passing better if she was with her father. Worried that Jesse felt she was intruding, Rebecca offered to leave. Jesse declined the offer and assured her that they would make it work. When Angie arrived home a short time later, Jesse thanked his wife for her generosity. Angie explained that she didn't want Rebecca to die alone. Jesse said that Rebecca wasn't alone. Later, the three were gathered together while Angie prepared dinner. As they talked, Rebecca mentioned Jesse's high blood pressure. Angie was surprised to learn of it and seemed bothered that she hadn't known. Rebecca and Jesse said nothing when Angie tossed the salt in the garbage. The tension increased as the three settled down for dinner. After a touching grace, during which Jesse and Rebecca sang Angie's praises, Jesse and Rebecca appeared to fall back into old patterns as they reminisced about their daughter's eating habits. Angie became increasingly uncomfortable, but neither seemed to pick up on it. Finally, Angie could take no more of it and stood up. She made a feeble excuse about having to return to work and dashed out the door before anyone could stop her.

Jesse felt that Angie needed some time to herself and decided not to follow her. Rebecca took the opportunity alone with Jesse to confess that she had known she was dying when she had pushed Jesse to return to Angie. Jesse was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe that Rebecca had made such a sacrifice while grappling with a terminal illness alone. She went on to reveal that she had put his contact information and a letter in a lockbox for Natalia. She intended for Natalia to read it after she had died but Natalia had found the box and opened it. It was what had led Natalia to Pine Valley. While Jesse let it all sink in, Rebecca told him that she thought he was where he belonged with Angie.

Greenlee retuned to the hospital and got an update about Aidan's condition from Jake. Aidan required life-saving surgery, but there weren't any guarantees that Aidan would survive. His condition remained grim. Jake wanted Greenlee to sign papers authorizing the surgery, but Greenlee hesitated. She explained that her marriage was over, and she worried that she might not be the right person to make decisions for Aidan. Jake stressed the necessity of the surgery, until Greenlee relented and asked for the papers. She was startled when Aidan suddenly spoke up and told Greenlee not to sign the consent forms.

After Angie gave Emma the all clear, Ryan packed up Emma and Annie and took them back to his place. Annie was elated that Ryan appeared to want his family back. When Emma asked about Di, Ryan and Annie were forced to explain things to her so that she would understand that Di was gone. Emma seemed to accept the sad news and, before long, was curled up on her dad's shoulder, fast asleep, while he rocked her. Annie asked Ryan if he had been sincere about his desire for Annie and Emma to move in with him. Ryan cryptically said that he just wanted to focus on the future. Annie took that to mean "yes," and glowed with joy.

A smile of complete satisfaction crossed Annie's lips when Ryan took Emma to her bedroom. She was unaware that Ryan watched her. When Ryan returned to the living room, Annie was positively euphoric and was waiting for Ryan with wine. Ryan took a glass and toasted to Emma. Then he looked deep into Annie's eyes, leaned in close as if he were about to kiss her, and told her that he knew she had set Di up. Annie's smile slipped and her expression turned to confusion. When she realized that Ryan was serious Annie tried to pretend that she had no idea what he was talking about. Ryan didn't buy it. He accused her of planning the kidnapping and asked her where the money was.

Annie dropped all pretense and angrily asked Ryan why she should tell him anything. She knew that he intended to have her arrested and take Emma away from her. Ryan didn't deny it, which put Annie in a desperate situation. She reached for her purse and pulled out a gun. Ryan stopped short when she pointed the gun at him and threatened to shoot him."

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