11/03/2008 Bianca & Reese Make Wedding Plans

"Zach was in Kendall's hospital room. He placed a picture of Spike and Ian next to Kendall's bed. He told the nurse that Kendall would want to wake up to Spike and Ian's faces, because they were the true loves of her life.

Bianca said yes to Reese's marriage proposal. Reese was ecstatic as she kissed Bianca. Bianca assumed they would have their wedding ceremony in Europe, but Reese suggested that they get married in Pine Valley. Bianca explained that she imagined them walking down the aisle in a spectacular piece of architecture in Europe, not in the ballroom of the Pine Valley Inn. Reese felt that Bianca's family and friends needed a happy occasion to lift their spirits from the devastation of the tornado. Bianca reminded Reese that gay marriage was not legal in Pennsylvania. Reese said that they could have a commitment ceremony in Pine Valley and then a wedding ceremony in Europe afterwards. Bianca agreed and they kissed. Reese turned on French music and they slow danced. Then, Gabrielle started to cry, so Bianca went to the baby.

Zach returned home and saw Reese in the living room. He noticed that there was wine out and French music playing. He asked what was going on, so Reese announced that she and Bianca were celebrating their engagement. He smiled and congratulated Reese, but she could tell that Zach was consumed with sadness over Kendall. Zach admitted that he could not stop thinking about the day that the tornado hit. He explained that he had asked Kendall to have another child with him, but she refused. He then confessed that he really left the beach house to clear his mind, not just to get the ingredients for s'mores.

Bianca brought Gabrielle out of the bedroom to see Reese and Zach. The baby was fussy, so Bianca handed her to Zach. Reese was amazed by Zach's ability to soothe the baby. Then, Bianca and Reese informed Zach that they wanted him to be involved in Gabrielle's life. They suggested that he be called "Uncle Zach" until the baby got old enough for them to divulge his real role in her life. Zach agreed.

JR was at Tad and Krystal's home. Colby and Adam arrived to take JR to Babe's funeral. JR claimed that he did not want them at the cemetery, but Colby declared that he needed his family at the funeral. Adam told JR that he was grateful for his son's forgiveness and he hoped that JR would consider moving back to the mansion. Colby believed that Babe would want JR to be with his family, so JR went to the cemetery with them.

David was sitting in the dark at Wildwind with a gun pointed at his head. Krystal entered the estate and pleaded with him to put the gun down. He asked her to give him one reason why he should not end his life. She reminded him that she lost a daughter, too, but she was not going to end her life because of it. He stated that he lived in a world of darkness, but Babe was his only ray of light. He affirmed that Babe was his only reason for living, but he regretted not being closer to her when she was alive. Krystal urged him not to blame JR for his estranged relationship with Babe. He replied that he did not blame JR; he blamed Krystal instead, because she did not tell him that he had a daughter until Babe was a grown woman. Krystal yelled that it was David's fault that Babe kicked him out of her life, since his hatred for the Chandlers and the Martins outweighed his love for Babe. He asked why Krystal stooped so low as to marry Adam and Tad. She claimed that Tad was a great husband, but David did not believe it. He grabbed Krystal and asked her why she was spending time with him, instead of Tad. Just then, Tad entered the home and demanded that David leave his wife alone. Tad and Krystal left Wildwind.

David sat alone in the dark again as he recalled Krystal telling him that his failed relationship with Babe was his own fault. He screamed out, "No!"

Tad and Krystal were at the cemetery. Tad did not think that David was worthy of her time, even if he was grieving for their daughter. She reminded Tad that she had helped him in a similar way. He told her not to compare him to David, but she affirmed that David needed help, too.

JR, Colby, Adam, Tad, and Krystal paid their last respects to Babe before her coffin was lowered into the ground. David then showed up at the cemetery. David announced that he came to make peace because Babe would have wanted it that way. David further stated that Krystal made him realize that he should lead a good life and not harm others. David said that he was going to get a job at the Pine Valley Hospital, so he could care for the sick and make amends for his sins. No one, except Krystal, believed David's claims. David secretly vowed to Babe that he would make them all pay.

Rebecca fainted at the hospital, so Frankie and Angie ran tests on her. They were alarmed when they read the x-ray because it showed that Rebecca had an inoperable brain tumor. Angie broke the bad news to Natalia. Natalia started to cry, so Angie embraced her.

Randi visited Frankie at the hospital because he forgot to meet her for his birthday dinner. Frankie admitted that he resented Natalia for growing up with Jesse as a father. Frankie also divulged that he was angry at Jesse for leaving him and Angie for another family. She told him that he was lucky to have parents that loved him because she never had that while growing up in foster care. She encouraged him to be nice to Natalia because the situation was not her fault.

Annie and Ryan were at an old theater because the kidnapper told them to go there. They were disappointed when they did not see Emma. Soon after their arrival, the kidnapper appeared. In a disguised voice, he demanded that Annie leave with him, so he could take her to see Emma. Ryan did not want her to go, but she insisted. As the kidnapper left, he pulled out a gun and shot at Ryan.

Greenlee informed Jesse about Annie's gunshot wound and the kidnapper's demands. Jesse was annoyed that Ryan and Annie did not give him all of the details of the kidnapping. Then, Jesse received a call about shots being fired at an old theater.

Greenlee and Jesse rushed to the theater and found Ryan. Ryan told Jesse what happened to Annie. Then, Ryan received a phone call from Annie. Annie said that she was with Emma and that their daughter was alive."

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