10/31/2008 Reese Proposes

"As Zach looked on, Bianca reunited with Reese and Miranda, and the latter two had the opportunity to meet the newest addition to the family. All of the adults agreed that the baby needed a name, and Reese offered one that she had thought of on the flight - Dylan. Bianca seemed less than enthused even though she tried to be supportive. Reese, who saw right through the effort, asked for her girlfriend's suggestion. Bianca shared the name Gabrielle and, much to her delight, Reese approved. Bianca then took her oldest child back to bed, which allowed Reese to ask what the birth had been like. Zach confessed that in the moment, his fear made him forget a lot of his training, but that things went smoothly enough and Gabrielle had emerged almost effortlessly. Bianca returned then, so Zach decided that he would head back to the hospital. After he left, the two women agreed how hard it was to see this man they cared about in so much pain.

They kicked back on the couch for a moment and Reese voiced that she wouldn't have known what to do if it had been Bianca that had gotten so severely hurt. Bianca quieted her fears and told her to focus on the fact that she'd gotten through okay. Then Reese asked if they should pack their things and head over to a suite at the Valley Inn so that they wouldn't be in Zach's hair, but Bianca said that they shouldn't leave Zach alone. Reese was worried that their entire family underfoot would be too much to handle, but Bianca easily convinced her that support from his family was exactly what Zach needed.

Reese then decided that the time was right for a surprise and gave Bianca a large envelope. When she opened it, Bianca found all of the plans and drawings for a new house. She realized that the house was the result of the "difficult client" Reese had been working with. Reese delivered surprise number two when she revealed that the house had already been built. Bianca was overcome with emotion, as no one had ever done anything of that magnitude for her. To top it all off, Reese then presented Bianca with a gift that she had planned to give her the moment their daughter entered the world. She took Bianca on a brief trip down memory lane and explained just how long she'd been in love. As Bianca sat entranced by Reese's words, she finally heard the ones she'd been waiting for when Reese asked if Bianca would marry her. As the tears flowed from both of their eyes, Bianca accepted and they sealed it with a kiss.

At the funeral home, JR held a broken bottle's jagged edge to David's throat, and confronted the doctor with his suspicions that his offer of alcohol was something that could be used against JR in a custody battle. David claimed to have forgotten that detail, but JR knew better. He threatened to end David's life at that moment, and the doctor dared the young man to follow through. JR decided that he was man enough not to give David the satisfaction, and David called him a coward. JR denied that claim and said that he still had his son to live for. David reminded him that he had plans to take custody of Little A, and JR angrily warned David against even considering it. He then told David that his main problem with JR was that he had been able to prove himself to Babe where David had failed. JR itemized David's failures and said that his ruined relationships with his daughter and ex-wife, Anna, topped the list. He sealed his rant of humiliation with a prediction that if David were allowed a relationship with Little A, he would end up destroying that, as well.

Krystal arrived in the chapel and broke the tension by urging JR to go home, as his son really needed him. He asked if Krystal planned to go with him, but she told him that she needed to stay and talk to David. JR was unsure if that was the right thing to do, but Krystal assured him that she would be fine. When the young man vacated the premises, David dryly asked if she'd come to him with another suggestion about leaving town. When Krystal confirmed that the sooner he left town, the better, he told her that he would be gone before she knew it. He then thanked her for the gift of a daughter that she gave to him, and turned to say a final goodbye to the second child he'd been forced to bury.

Ryan and Greenlee arrived at the shady apartment where they had been ordered to deliver the money. Ryan demanded that Greenlee stay in the hall while he checked out the situation inside. Once he entered the place and turned on the light, he was alarmed at what he saw before him. He rushed over to an unconscious Annie, who slowly returned to consciousness as he found and checked a bullet wound in her arm. Greenlee came in from the hall as he grabbed a rag and tried to wrap it tightly enough to stop the bleeding. Annie tried to tell them what had happened as she winced weakly from the pain, and soon after, Ryan took off to try to find the perpetrator. Annie then appeared to take on much more strength when she bellowed that Greenlee shouldn't call the police until Emma was found, and knocked Greenlee's phone out of her hand. Greenlee lashed out at Annie, said that she had destroyed their only chance of getting help, and told her that she would go to the police if Ryan didn't return soon. Annie berated Greenlee for only caring about Ryan and informed her that even though Ryan was infatuated with her, the loves of his life would always be his children.

Ryan returned in short order and revealed that he had found the mask the assailant had been wearing, as well as motorcycle tracks headed east. Annie immediately broke down and wailed that they needed to find their daughter. They attempted to rush out and do just that, but Annie's knees buckled and Ryan was barely able to keep her from collapsing to the floor. When he picked her up and insisted that they were going to the hospital, Annie offered no resistance.

Jesse asked Frankie for an update on his daughter, but his son harshly told him to check with the doctor assigned to Natalia's case, and stormed off. Jesse then headed to Natalia's room and was surprised to find his wife within, bonding not only with the patient, but also with Rebecca - Natalia's mother. He hesitantly asked when she had arrived, but his shock over finding out that she had arrived a day earlier paled in comparison to how taken aback he was when Angie told him that she and Rebecca had been getting to know each other. Jesse was still uncomfortable with the situation and tried to ease the tension by refocusing on his daughter. Angie told him that Natalia had recovered nicely and would be released before the end of the day. Natalia piped up and reminded her father that he and Rebecca needed to talk before Natalia and Rebecca left town. Rebecca interrupted and apologized that their presence had caused such emotional pain, and then assured them that she wasn't depressed. Natalia called her mother out as a liar.

Rebecca swore that she was fine and that she knew what she had gotten into when she got involved with Jesse. She noted that she was grateful for the chance to visit Pine Valley, as she got to meet Angie, but then said that she had accepted what had to be. She said she needed to find out the status of Natalia's discharge papers and went to the nearest medical station. She started to ask for the information she sought, but quickly saw Frankie's last name on his badge, and introduced herself. Frankie's friendly demeanor changed when he found out who the woman was. Before he walked away, he apologized and told her that he was unable to help her.

JR returned to the mansion, found his son, and assured him that although Babe couldn't be with them, she would have wanted them to carry on the traditions of Halloween. JR then noticed that Babe hadn't been able to finish sewing her son's costume, so he promised Little A that, with some help from Tad, they would finish it so that they could do what Babe would have wanted. A short time later, after Tad had done a poor job of finishing off the costume, Little A, Kathy, and Jenny were ready to trick-or-treating. JR donned a clown nose and, after Tad hugged him and told him that Babe would have been proud of him, JR and the children took off to canvas the neighborhood.

Tad went to the funeral home and found his wife at she sat quietly near Babe's casket. She told him that David had left only moments before and assured him that he had no need to worry. She told him that David had thanked her, and that, although she knew David loved his daughter, she didn't know how much until that moment.

Zach got to the hospital and encountered Father Clarence in Kendall's room. After he ascertained that the priest had come to the wrong room, he barely blinked an eye when the man seemed to know what had gone on before with Zach and Kendall. Zach easily blamed the doctors for Kendall's state but Father Clarence remarked that the tornado might have had something to do with it. When Zach made the assertion that Kendall's coma was an act of God, he admitted that an entity that continued to push until there was no choice but to give in didn't seem like a god to him. Rather, he pointed out, it seemed like something his father would have done, and he noted that he would never kneel for anyone like that again. Unruffled, the priest reminded Zach that he needed to have faith that the higher power listened, and would provide.

Zach visited the hospital chapel and thought back on his proposal and marriage to Kendall, then kneeled down in an attempt to pray. As he sent silent words out, Kendall began to show signs of consciousness when she moved her finger.

Jesse caught up with Frankie in the hall and was immediately assaulted by his son's angry words. He didn't have an opportunity to try to explain himself before Frankie unleashed his feelings over Jesse cheating on both him and Angie for twenty years, and had been the father he'd had to grow up without to someone else. Angie came out into the hall and tried to get her son to calm down, but for her efforts, she only got disdain. Frankie, who couldn't believe that his mother could be so understanding, simply told his father that Jessee and his actions were disgusting, and then walked away.

Frankie reported that Annie had been lucky that the gunshot avoided the major arteries when it passed through her arm, and then informed her that he was obligated to report all gunshot wounds to the police. Ryan told him that it happened accidentally and Annie begged them not to contact the police. Ryan caved in with the belief they could no longer do things alone, so Greenlee offered to get in touch with Jesse. Frankie said that his father was in the hospital, so Greenlee took off to find him. Once Frankie exited the room, Ryan's phone rang and he found the kidnapper on the other end. Ryan cut to the chase and demanded that since the kidnapper had the money, he should return Emma. The kidnapper warned Ryan that he needed to pay close attention, as he would only give directions once.

Angie and Jesse walked into a waiting room as she told him that she would talk to their son and get him to apologize. Jesse indicated that it wasn't necessary, because he wondered, as his son did, why she wasn't more upset about Rebecca's arrival. Angie told him that in their time apart, she had been with other men and married to one, and that the only difference was that she believed him to be dead. She went on to say that Rebecca had helped her to understand that Jesse had lied to protect them, and was able to relate the hard times that Jesse went through while he was away. She told him that she had been through all of the hard emotions and truly understood why Jesse had done things the way he had. In addition, she recognized that if it weren't for Rebecca, Jesse might not have made it home to her and Frankie.

After he returned to Wildwind, David continued to drown his sorrows with alcohol. He was shaken out of his stupor when Babe appeared to him and told him that she was happy where she was because she would rid herself of all the pain she'd felt while alive. She told him that he would be happy where she was, as well, because they would be together, and held her hand out to him. He instinctively reached back, but before their hands could touch, she disappeared. To lose her again was almost too much to bear, and David succumbed to his tears.

Rebecca busied herself as she packed Natalia's things when she insisted that what Natalia attributed to her mother's depression was really deflected anger over Jesse's departure from their family. Natalia refused to let her mother pull a shrink routine on her, and asserted that despite her mother's brave face, they would return home and the cycle of depression would start again. Angie came in at the tail end and, nervous, Rebecca said that she wanted to get Natalia checked out so that they could get back on the road. However, when she asked Angie to see about expediting the process, she grew weak and collapsed at her daughter's bedside.

JR returned home with the kids after they completed their rounds of the neighborhood houses while across town, David loaded his gun and contemplated using it to join his daughter. Krystal showed up and begged him not to go through with it.

Greenlee found Jesse, but when they arrived back at Annie's room, they found that Ryan and his estranged wife had disappeared from the scene."

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