10/30/2008 Babe's Funeral

"Krystal pored through Babe's baby photos before heading to Babe's funeral. JR walked into the room and said they would say goodbye to Babe together. Little Adam came downstairs as Krystal and Tad went to get dressed for the funeral. Little Adam asked when Babe was coming home from heaven. JR said Babe was not coming home, but she was watching over them with the other angels in heaven.

Pete met Colby at her home before the funeral. Adam told them he wanted to attend Babe's funeral, but Colby thought it was a bad idea. She said Adam would stay home if he had any respect for JR. Colby added that Adam didn't even like Babe. Adam said he would not cause any problems at the funeral. He gave Colby stuffed animals for Little Adam to hold onto at the funeral. She said Adam could go and give Little Adam the gifts himself.

Amanda brought flowers to Taylor at the hospital before going to Babe's funeral. Taylor threw the flowers on the floor and demanded Amanda get out of her room.

Annie, Greenlee, and Ryan anxiously awaited another phone call from Emma's kidnapper. Greenlee told Ryan and Annie they needed to get help from the police. Annie reminded Greenlee that the kidnapper would kill Emma if police were involved. The kidnapper called Ryan and told him where to drop off the $10 million ransom. Ryan wanted to know where to find Emma. The kidnapper said Ryan would get instructions about Emma after dropping off the money. Ryan suggested they put a tracking device with the money to follow the kidnapper. After Ryan left, Annie accused Greenlee of wanting Emma dead to get closer to Ryan. Greenlee decided to wait for Ryan in the hall. Annie grabbed a duffel bag and snuck out of the house. Ryan returned with the tracking device, but immediately went after Annie after discovering she was gone.

Bianca hugged David when he came to check on Kendall. David told Zach that Kendall's chances of waking up soon were slim. He said Kendall had sustained severe head trauma and her prior head injuries also decreased the chances of a full recovery. Bianca followed David outside of Kendall's room. She scolded him for being so mean to Zach while Kendall was suffering. Bianca told David that if Babe were in Kendall's position, he would have been much kinder. Bianca said she would see David at Babe's funeral, but David was not going. He said it was just an opportunity for the Chandlers to put on another one of their shows.

Bianca left the hospital to feed her new baby before Babe's funeral. Zach told Joe that the staff needed to keep a close eye on Kendall after a specialist performed another surgery on her. Jake told Zach that Kendall would have bled to death without his help. Also, Jake reminded Zach that Taylor might never walk again after Zach accidentally pushed her down the stairs. Jake told his father that he could resign from the hospital. Joe said Jake could feel sorry for himself or help Taylor get back on her feet. Zach apologized to Taylor and offered to pay all her medical expenses. Taylor said she didn't need Zach's money to make his conscience clear. Even seeing Jake did not cheer Taylor up. Jake said Taylor needed to fight, but she wanted to give up.

Babe's family and friends gathered together for her funeral. Adam handed the stuffed animals to Little Adam. Stuart said that Babe always knew how to brighten his days. He presented a painting of Babe to Krystal. Krystal said Babe showed her the true meaning of love. JR told the audience that Babe taught him to be a better man. JR scooped Little Adam up in his arms, walked him to Babe's casket, and let Little Adam say goodbye to his mother.

David and a realtor went to look at property for David to lease. He decided to take the old Wildwind estate that was once home to Maria and Edmund Grey. He took a few swigs of alcohol as others remembered Babe at her funeral. David pulled a gun out of his medical bag.

After the funeral, Bianca went to Zach's home with her baby. A little girl, dressed as a pink puppy, showed up at the door for Halloween. The little girl lifted up her mask and Bianca saw Miranda was the trick-or-treater standing before her. Reese stepped out of the bushes and hugged Bianca. Bianca introduced the baby to Reese. Reese held the baby in her arms as Zach walked in. Reese thanked Zach for taking care of Bianca and the baby.

Pete took Colby home after the funeral. She told him that Babe's funeral made her realize how short life could be. She ran up to Pete and kissed him. Pete pulled away. He said that she needed a friend, not a boyfriend, more than anything.

Krystal and Tad took Little Adam home. JR said he would meet them at the cemetery. Once alone, JR opened the casket to look at Babe. He slipped a wedding band on his hand and pronounced wedding vows to her. Then, he slipped a band on her finger and almost shut the casket, but then David showed up. David told JR he needed to say goodbye to Babe, too. David took a bottle of booze out of his jacket and handed it to JR. JR broke it against Babe's coffin and held the sharp glass against David's throat. JR said he would not let David bring him down.

Annie took the bag to the kidnapper's location alone. She went inside the apartment and a gun went off."

- Soap Central