10/29/2008 Erica Asks David To Operate On Kendall

"Adam and JR were startled to find David playing with Little Adam in the backyard of the Chandler mansion. JR calmly told his son to get cookies in the kitchen to get him away from David. After the boy was gone, JR warned David to stay away from his son. David laughed and announced that he was suing for full custody of Little Adam. Adam and JR were appalled by the idea of David raising Little Adam. David stated that he had a right to his grandson. JR affirmed that no judge would ever give David custody, but David disagreed. Adam told David to leave his home or he would have his security team "permanently remove" David. David slyly smiled and left.

Krystal saw David leaving the mansion and inquired why he was there. Adam and JR relayed to Krystal that David planned on suing for custody of Little Adam. She was shocked, but worried that David might be able to win custody. JR felt that no judge would grant David a child. She reminded JR that he was a drug-abusing alcoholic with a violent record, but David was never charged with many of the crimes he committed. She feared that David looked better on paper than JR, so a judge might give Little Adam to his grandfather. Adam yelled at Krystal because he thought that her concerns were irrational. Adam and JR both thought up schemes to thwart David's plans. Krystal suggested that they work as a united front to ward off David. JR agreed to work with his father for Little Adam's sake; however, JR refused to stay at the mansion. Adam was disappointed that JR decided to stay with Krystal and Tad instead of him.

Zach and Bianca rushed to the hospital after Greenlee called them to report that Kendall's heart had stopped. Zach, Bianca, Greenlee, and Erica listened as Joe explained Kendall's condition. Joe said that the coma was putting stress on Kendall's heart. Kendall needed to undergo heart surgery as soon as possible. Erica told Joe to proceed with the surgery, but Joe said that their top-notch heart surgeon was not available due to the tornado. Joe offered to have another surgeon do the surgery. Erica insisted on having the best surgeon for her daughter and she announced that she had a plan.

David went to the funeral home to visit Babe. David spoke to his dead daughter about Little Adam. He gushed about how much the boy grew since he last saw him. David said that he wanted to make up for lost time with Little Adam. He promised Babe that he would care for Little Adam and give him a great life. He wished that he knew Babe when she was a little girl, so he could tell Little Adam stories about his mother. He resented Krystal for not telling him that he had a daughter until Babe was an adult. He swore that he would take Little Adam on vacations and do all of the things with his grandson that he should have done with Babe.

Erica found David in the funeral home. She told him that Kendall was in danger and needed his help. He was annoyed that she ruined his private moment with Babe. Erica asked him to perform heart surgery on Kendall. He reminded her that he was grieving for his daughter. Erica said that she understood David's grief and she begged him to help Kendall, so she would not have to grieve her daughter as well. He asked what she would do to return the favor. She realized that he needed something and she agreed to help him in any way that she could.

Krystal arrived at the hospital to visit Opal. As Krystal walked to Opal's room, she saw David checking on Kendall. Krystal asked David why he did not leave town. He told her that he was Kendall's surgeon. Krystal urged him to leave town, but he was adamant on staying so he could sue for custody of Little Adam.

Krystal found Erica and inquired how David became Kendall's surgeon. Erica explained that Kendall needed the best surgeon, which was David. Krystal assumed that Erica promised David something in return. Erica told Krystal to worry about her own family and to mind her own business.

Joe was assuring Zach and Bianca that the surgeon he had on staff would be able to help Kendall. Just then, Erica and David entered the room. Erica revealed that David was going to perform the surgery. Joe was against the idea because he thought that David should not be allowed to practice medicine. Erica did not care about David' indiscretions, because she knew he was a great surgeon. Zach uneasily consented to having David as the surgeon.

Bianca tried to console David about Babe's death. She said that she was sorry for his loss. He somberly thanked her and walked away. Zach then grabbed David. Zach warned David not to mess with Kendall. David slyly stated that after he saved Kendall's life, Zach and Kendall were going to owe him.

Zach sat with Kendall as Bianca tried to comfort him. Zach worried that Kendall's heart stopped beating because he left the hospital. Bianca assured him that it was not his fault. She further stated that Kendall would have wanted him to go home to see their kids. Zach admitted that they had been fighting for months. Bianca claimed that Kendall told her she was happy with their marriage, but she was lying. Bianca then recalled her encounter with Kendall before the tornado hit. Bianca remembered Kendall saying that her marriage to Zach was in trouble.

David went into the operating room. He looked at Kendall and laughed as he stated that her life was in his hands.

Ryan and Annie arrived at the hotel room that the kidnapper told them to go to. When they arrived, they found Aidan in the room. Aidan said that by the time he got there, the kidnapper was gone. But, the kidnapper left a laptop. They opened the laptop and saw a video of Emma playing. Then, a request for ten million dollars flashed across the screen. Aidan began to suggest different ways to handle the situation, but Ryan refused any help from Aidan.

Aidan went to see Greenlee. He told her that Ryan was being stubborn and would not accept his help. Greenlee said that she would talk to Ryan.

Ryan and Annie were at their penthouse trying to free up their funds to pay the kidnapper. Ryan could only get two million dollars immediately. She suggested that they ask Zach or Erica for a loan, but Ryan did not want to bother them while they were dealing with Kendall. Then, Greenlee arrived. Annie asked Greenlee if they could have eight million dollars, and she agreed.

Annie fell asleep on the couch while Ryan and Greenlee went to the bank. When Ryan and Greenlee returned, they went onto the balcony to talk, so they would not wake Annie. Ryan said that he wanted peace for everyone in Pine Valley, especially them. Annie woke up and looked annoyed when she noticed Ryan and Greenlee on the balcony together."

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